Fall Down the Stairs Results in Severed Biceps

Fall Down the Stairs Results in Severed Biceps

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member NomNom. The photos are from my estranged province of Alberta, from a small town only about 20 minutes from Edmonton. I’ll let NomNom explain what happened:

A close friend’s father took a tumble down some stairs and through a window in Bon Accord, Alberta. I have a couple of pics after surgery but I am still trying to get some pre-surgery. He ended up actually severing his bicep completely.

Thanks a lot NomNom for the pics. Looks like his forearm was damaged just as badly as the biceps. And it also looks like it’s his left hand that took all the beating. I don’t know how old your friend’s father is, but left hand is quite important… at least in my case :S

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26 thoughts on “Fall Down the Stairs Results in Severed Biceps”

      1. XD never really thought about guys having an issue such as this. And honestly I find it more than hilarious. And oddly a bit cute. Like the nerdy cashier at the market that I mutually harass just to see him turn a strange color of pink. Hahaha!

  1. Get well soon! I know alittle old lady that face planted 4 nites ago- a jew- but still man that was NASTY It mite be on fagbook but that was messed up btw “should” be ok, but i dont think so.

  2. Window glass shows no mercy when it meets flesh. I lost a chunk of meat from my right index finger second nuckle after sliding my hand through a pane window. It was so fast and relatively painless i wasn’t aware i was bleeding for some 2-3 mins. This guy scar will be a classic one. Follow up pics would be nice….

  3. It was my New Years resolution to join a gym so I could get big and scary. It took me till mid-July to do it but it’s working way better than I thought it would. I’d be very sad if I fucked up one of my arms right now.

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