Fall Leads to Surgery and Pressure Ulcer

Fall Leads to Surgery and Pressure Ulcer

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, sandm4eternity, who not only suffered a nasty fall which required metal rods being screw to her tibia, but also developed a rather nasty pressure sore on her heel as a result of her incapacitation. In her own words:

Here are some photos from March when I fell on ice getting out of my vehicle. I snapped my tibia and fibula and ended up having surgery to place a rod in my tibia. I ended up with a pressure ulcer on my heel from the dr placing the cast too tight. My heel took eight months to heal and I didn’t walk for almost six months. Figured I’d share this little bit of gore I have.

Thanks a bunch for sharing. Our resident mouse knows your pain as well.

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  1. That looks really painful! I can’t believe all that happened from slipping on ice. I do that all the time but I’m gonna be more careful after seeing this. I hope you’re all healed up now. Thanks for the pictures 🙂

      1. Your weight has nothing to do with whether or not you slip on ice. Some people are clumsier than others no matter how big or small they are. If I’m wearing the wrong type of shoes and trying to walk on ice, I’m probably going to slip.

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    1. I would like to compliment Obs on his fine photo captioning skills. That there gallery, is one full of perfectly titled pics that explain exactly what needs to be explained. Well done Obs – we love you ( no homo)…….

    1. Indeed @stomper. She probably complained that her heel was hurting and they said you’ll be in pain for awhile, not even bothering to check on it. Kind of like my mother-in-law. She had complaints for a year and all the doc wanted to do was stick a scope up her ass. Turns out she had a huge hernia with a partial bowel obstruction from a previous surgery screw up they did. All it took was a CT scan to easily diagnose. Well, I could go on about medical screw ups I’ve seen – but I’ll leave it at best wishes and thank you for the pics @sandm4eternity!

      1. Could have been very serious for your mother in law, as @karmen said, not good at all.

        Had something similar when I dislocated my patella the first time. They put a full length pot / plaster cast on my leg, which caused severe muscle wastage, for which I then required extensive physio for to bring it back to the same strength and size as my left leg. Not life threatening obviously, but strenuous and time consuming, which could and should have been avoided.
        I suppose these stories of medical profession cock ups highlight the fallibility of humans, or rather, in some cases, pure negligence.

  2. Ouch indeed, this however is a fractured ankle. If you had broken the tibia in a more proximal (closer to the knee) locale, you’d have had a full tibial rod. Knee to ankle titanium rod driven in with a mallet. Spatter, gore, and as a radiographer, I get $45 an hour to witness and image that shit. I also see a lot of spine surgery, epic! Cheers

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