Fetus with Bloated Belly

Fetus with Bloated Belly

With this strangely disturbing pic of a fetus with bloated belly I’m gonna leave you on your own. I’m taking a much needed break from humans but I won’t be very long. My intention is to vanish for a week and then magically reappear again. There’s no internet where I’m going, but more than anything, there are no snobby women, no people chewing food with open mouth, no idling trucks, no fucking idiots walking around with coffee mugs in their hands early in the morning… It’s a place where backstabbing, egotism, falsehood, phoniness and duplicity do not exist.

Gnomes are really frisky and unpredictable. Try not to swear too much or they will eat your comments. I have a magic wand that can override their feistiness but can only use it when I’m on t3h interweb. If the site self combusts while I’m gone, make sure you save your thoughts cause we’ll have a lot to talk about. I’ll say “Hi” to the bears for you. If they’re waking up from hibernation, they’ll be hungry as all hell. Good times. I bought a really awesome sleeping bag. Looking forward to giving it a proper test run in this cold. I’ll be back before you can say “stoned, clubbed, gagged and beheaded Brazilian lost his flip flops but does double pointers”.

Don’t mourn. Drink to me instead, my friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

Great souls have wills; feeble ones have wishes.
— Chinese Proverb

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Enjoy your vacations, be back safe.
    Do not suicide, get murdered, get mutilated or get raped… We need you.
    I’ll be honest, we use you, you amuse us.
    So… be back safe and sound…

    1. aw that was sweet, you hope Mark returns safely… I’m so feeling the love today on bestgore.com. I hope he returns safely too but if he doesn’t I hope someone posts a gnarly pic of what happened on this site… oh the irony.

  2. I know they say girls are getting pregnant at a young age, but this is ridiculous.

    This is why you should always wear a condom when having sex with a pregnant woman… You never know ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You know I think of mark in the forest all alone scared getting mualed by mosqitos and then I think of this bloated red baby fetus boy and all that comes to mind is…
      Hast du etwas Zeit fรผr mich Dann singe ich ein Lied fรผr dich
      Von 99 Luftballons

    1. Meckel -Gruber syndrome is a genetic abnormality which is characterised by numerous cysts in the kidneys,more than the normal number of fingers and toes, part of the brain that protrudes through a skull defect, and underdeveloped lungs, amongst other things.

      1. most baby deformities are genetic, NOT caused by drugs! while most recreational drugs are not good for baby development (brain & birth size etc) they generally don’t cause deformities.

  3. The baby has more problems than just a bloated belly. Her hands curled like that is abnormal, possibly due to restricted blood flow during gestation. The abnormal amount of toes was already mentioned. The kid was doomed from the start, too many abnormalities. Does anyone have an explanation as to why this baby is so deformed? Some kind of syndrome?

      1. Its a genetic abnormality that occurs right at conception. Look it up. Drugs aren’t the cause of everyone’s problems. Have you looked up the deformations caused by drug and alcohol abuse in pregnant women? Because the symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse don’t look anything like this.

  4. That kid would make a nice looki’n float at the macy’s thansgiving day parade.They could call it the support abortion float!!! (P.S..I really hope I offended some christian and self rightous assholes with that one.)

  5. since its laying on a table, that means its no longer a fetus? it is only a fetus while in utero.
    Fetus: The unborn offspring from the end of the 8th week after conception (when the major structures have formed) until birth

      1. im sorry for judging, as i mostly do not do so…but i checked out your web site…now dont get me wrong i like to look at the dead and injured, mostly out of my fears of death and dying…but i really think you should maybe seek some help…dont take it the wrong way…but an infatuation with a serial killer is not a healthy thing…further more hating yourself caus you cant be with a dead serial killer is even less healthy…just thought you should know…i think most would agree with me.

    1. Against it? No. But abortion should always be the last option, not the first. A study I was reading did indicate that parents that make an offspring with these deformities are likely to have more like them. They rarely live, most are still born.

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