Fingers Chomped On During Fight Require Surgery

Fingers Chomped On During Fight Require Surgery

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @INCA6GAWD, who had his fingers chomped on during a fight:

Hey Best Gore!

I got one from the states here in FL! You keep me sane some days, so I owe you my own recent exclusive content.

This happened to me with a POS Brazillian kid. We got in a fight, long story short, he grabbed my right arm when I was beating the shit out of him, pulled my hand with both arms and chomped my finger.

He didn’t let go until I hit his head and eye with a rock next to me, then he ran. I drove my beamer to the hospital. He bit both fingers but damn bastard got good ole right pointer finger good. Took my nail. Had to get surgery for damn finger. Stitches and a fake metallic nail cause he broke my finger tip bone.

It’s been so hard to finger girls’ pussies and grab their full ass or tits. This asshole, I swear if I see him again I’ma bring a machete. Fuck a gun.

Thanks a lot for the pics and video. I hope your fingers get well soon. Can’t leave them pussies waiting:

Gallery of pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Fingers Chomped On During Fight Require Surgery”

    1. But you gotta admit fried chicken is pretty fucking good. — Whit guy.

      But what I don’t understand is how they afford fried chicken. The waffles are cheap, so that I understand. I know kool-aid is cheap, so they can bindge all they want. But fried chicken? Have you seen the prices KFC and Pop-eyes is wanting these days for a bucket?! How can they afford it?

      1. @insanim8er, I don’t know how anyone can afford a bucket these days. Add on some biscuits, coleslaw and fries and gravy and there goes the rent money. Maybe that’s what keeps them in the hood. If they stuck to bologna samiches like us white people then they would have money left for other things… like watermelon.

      2. Right? I’ve been saying this for a long time. A few months ago @Mr_Spock pointed out that they have $5.00 lunch deals that are quite popular. However, Mammy needs to feed 8 gran-babies. She can’t afford that. EBT + KFC = NO Bucket for Mammy.
        Where do they get their fried chicken?

  1. I love how you brought up a few tactics mentioned on bestgore ; using rocks, punching the fuck out of, future machete usage.. haha and all with a Brazilian. Were you wearing flip flops as well? Leaving the scene, you should have drove your beamer over him

    What was the fight over; who loves BestGore the most?

  2. I gotta say that your story sounds a bit fishy to me, much like ANY bitch’s pussy that would let those dirty-ass, long nails inside of her…P.S. them soft hands look like they’ve never seen a day of labor, much less a real fight in your life, haa

    1. Earlier on there was a video showing a lynching of a guy at a university. This video was removed and since then there have been no other posts. Well that’s how it’s been for me over the last 24 hours. Same for everyone else, I presume?

  3. The short and long story is this is BS…gotta Beamer but can’t afford nail clippers.
    Didn’t mention why some Brazilian kid and you would be interacting in the first place…was it drugs or a male prostitute thing ???
    See if you don’t give the why for all of it it is left up to the reader to guess why.

  4. So you drive a BMW but have gross ass nails, and brag about what you do with girls? This whole story sounds like you’re trying a little too hard. Internet dick swinging. Just keep it simple, cuz. “Some mook tried to bite my fingertips off while we were fighting because he was on the losing end of the stick.” Much more street cred that way…

  5. So how did the fight go INCA6GAWD? same thing happened to me once, after a few minutes it started stinging but i’d also been hit with an iron bar so i had more important injuries to worry about, everything got sown up and i think i had a hep b jab according to my medical records so apart from the brain damage it’s all good.

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