Fournier’s Gangrene of the Scrotum (Video)

Fournier's Gangrene of the Scrotum (Video)

If you’re an owner of a healthy pair of balls, you’re gonna end up experiencing all sorts of uneasiness watching this video. Fournier’s Gangrene of the Scrotum, or Necrotizing Fasciitis as it’s sometimes called is an infection that turns male genitalia into a nasty mass of black tissue that could easily lead to death.

As its name would suggest, Fournier’s Gangrene was first described by a scientist of the same name. Jean Fournier observed Necrotizing Fasciitis of the scrotum in 1883 and since then it’s been a diagnosis no man would ever want to hear. Treatment of Fournier’s Gangrene of the Scrotum requires aggressive therapy. Having the penis and nutsack skinned still stands as primary treatment for the condition. Watch at your own risk.

Many thanks to RLS0812 for the video:

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      1. @Rotten you blabber-mouth look how many comments you’ve made! did you go back and comment on all the old posts? ha ha I won’t tell, I go back and look but no one really reads/answers anyway.

      1. If you try again, “and listen to what that MD is talking to you about at the ending of the video” (sorry, lame hindy-bindy impersonation there)

        It is worth it n my opinion.
        You, need to do whatever the fuck you want, ESPECIALLY if I take offense to it.

  1. Oh. My. God. What did he just keep telling himself “its fine..there’s nothing wrong…it’ll go away..” wtf??? Ouch! If I was that dude I would’ve told them to drug my ass knock me out or get me addicted to heroin real quick because I wouldn’t go through that shit awake.

          1. I have a good joke to guys…ok so this guy goes to the doctor right, and the doctor ask him why he’s there, asks him what the problem is, and the guy tells him doctor I got a real problem with my balls,one of my nutts is made of wood and the other nutt is made of metal and I was born like this, is that normal doc??? Doc says why no I’ve never heard of such a thing, does everything down there work the way it should? Guy says yes, no problems at all just the fact that one nutt is wooden and the other nutt is mettalic, doc says how strange…what about children do you have any children? The guy turns and looks at him and says yes two boys……..Robocop and pinocchio

  2. I haven’t watched this yet….I am kinda wondering what this will be, from the evisorated nutsack, and the beginning of the still video of a white guy with a BALLSACK THAT IS AS BLACK AS A TIRE.

    At least, THIS POOR BASTARD might represent the threshold to my 1000th comment.

    Wow, one of the greatest acomplishments in my life…..but realisticaly the thing to happen this year that I am MOST stoked about, in all seriousiness.

    Lets, see what happens…..

    at the end, the Dr. was decribing gangrene.

    (with dot-bindy accent)
    “after a few days, the skin is sluffed off, exposing the testicals in a shameless manor….”

    Dude, I don’t think this guy’s PRIDE is hurt as much as his FUCKING GO-BETWEENS that you just let breath their first breath of fresh open, poluted, nasty smog-filled Indian air.

    Pretty hardcore, but worth the tight butt-clenchery.

          1. Good to know that, but I’m pretty sure that nobody was assuming that.
            Although under the circumstances, better to be safe than considered a necromancing homosexual breakfast eater.

  4. Mark, i insisit you remove @dragonki’s gravatar immediately. nobody here wants to see some situation wannabe douchebags weak six pack. next, i hate fucking indian’s accent. why do they all sound the same when speaking english? i bet his last name is patel or singh. as for the nasty nut sack, i’m sure obnoxious bitch wants to get with that dude.

    1. Depends if my motive was to put a show on, or survive with an intact ballsack (rhyme)
      I would love to lie and say “I’d just let it fester” but I’m not a stupid fucking idiot (in person, just in writing) so yha, I’d watch my pride, and my finances, take a BIG FAT DING and get my ass to a Dr. and say

      Dude, CHECK THIS OUT!!

  5. There is no fucking way I’m gonna watch that shit, my imagination is already in overdrive and my balls are aching just thinking about it. Oh wait, that’s a different type of ache, oh well……….

    Excuse me for a sec, I’m off to have a bong.

      1. you twat… when did i say that i knew what it felt like to be kicked in the nuts??? try reading it properly before you make a fool of yourself, i said i would have to be put out…whether i have balls or not im not stupid enough to think its going to be painless…

        1. So there’s this little girl and this little boy, and they are both getting ready to take a bath, and they are standing there naked.
          She says “Oh wow, can I play with that?” looking at his tiny pecker
          He replies “NO! You already broke yours off”

    1. In dry gangrene the tissue dies primarily because of reduced blood supply eg frostbite. There is usually not an infection .

      In wet gangrene the tissue death is due to an infection, the most dangerous being gas gangrene in which a powerful toxin enters the bloodstream and damages organs. Also, if the necrotised infected tissue does not have a blood supply,the body cannot fight the infection.

  6. I stopped reading comments after reading about 15, so I don’t know if anyone said this yet: Gangrene is considered dangerous because the nerves eventually die. As long as you can still feel, it’s typically treatable. Unless it turns into sepsis. If it got to that point, it’s possible he couldn’t feel anything. At least not until they got to working on it. I didn’t wanna watch the video, figured it might gross me out and i like sex too much to be grossed out by my boyfriend’s “manhood”. It just depends on how it developed as well.

  7. Yeah. This is what taught me the hard way to never just search Google images for some random medical term you’ve overheard. I was under the impression that gangrene was gangrene. I had no idea that there are different types of gangrene. Welp, there are. And none of them are pretty, but out of all that rotten mess, Fournier’s Gangrene is like the end level boss of crotch rot. If you’re a glutton for punishment, go ahead and do a search for it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Mwahahaha.

    1. Oh yes, one more thing that might be of import: while it’s usually the elderly or the immuno-compromised individuals that develop it, it’s rare but completely possible to develop Fournier’s Gangrene through excessive masturbation. Good night.

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