FSA Fighter with Amputated Fingers and Chest Wounds

FSA Fighter with Amputated Fingers and Chest Wounds

This video is all kinds of weird. Child killing FSA fighter is getting his chest hair shaved with a scalpel as preparation for do it at home surgery while his hand is all kinds of creepy looking due to amputated fingers. There’s no knowing for sure what got him all butchered up, but he’s clearly not butchered up enough.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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14 thoughts on “FSA Fighter with Amputated Fingers and Chest Wounds”

  1. Something isn’t quite right here, and Mark may have come across something much more interesting than what it originally appears to be.

    Check the wedding ring. While some Muslims believe that a ring can be worn on the left or right hand, the fundamentalist Muslims do not permit this on the left (unclean) hand.

    But even more damning is that it is clearly a GOLD ring on a man’s hand which is absolutely forbidden in all sects of Islam.

    The person working on the subject is a westerner, and if this is an FSA terrorist, it sure does raise a lot of questions, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s not like Farheed and Achmed and company are just going to let Joe Brown the infadel doctor into their brotherhood.

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