Giant Blister Squirting Liquid Everywhere

Giant Blister Squirting Liquid Everywhere

Since you all loved the nasty ass tattoo and nasty ass maggot lips, how about another? This time, a giant ass blister squeezed and shooting a big stream of clear liquid. Then, the wrinkled, deflated skin peeled away. Don’t know exactly how the man acquired such a beast of a blister but it very well could have been a burn of some kind. I got one myself not too long ago from a bad burn that was big, but not like this. Enjoy.

Props to Best Gore member Kay for the video.

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          1. @Uli:
            Your comments are often like puzzles that puzzle me but this one, this comment, is in a league of it’s own……………

        1. Yes I agree. I would know as I am in a debate club and each week we travel somewhere new to do our business and our name is the Mass Debaters. Also, I would recognise a blister like that any where……..

  1. At least this one got propper treatment… But dont compare this to the maggot lips one. This one can happen to anyone, while that indian with the maggot on his dripping lips its just the proof that shit does melt. 😆

    1. Proper treatment is not to remove the liquid or ‘burst’ the blister, the fluid is a protectant for the raw skin under.
      The bubble will defeat on it’s own when the skin has got it’s protective membrane.
      Taking the liquid away and removing all the skin is a sure fire way of getting a serious infection such as gangrene.
      So much daily work and care has to be done to stop that getting injection, proper anti’s, proper cleaning before covering it, covering again with a waterproof membrane , which is then covered once more,
      The hand then can not go in any liquid, no showers, steam can get into wound that size.
      All that for wanting to look cool in a video. instead of let the body heal it self. Plus if and licensed medical of any level was present they should be found, and their license revoked worldwide. It’s idiots like this that think things are cool and to video it for this site, or any other. It’s a trend that is pushing hospitals beyond capacity all over the world. Take the new cams around HDpro is a great cam, but more are having accident showing off to mates or to upload it to tube. car cams are starting now to increase accident on the roads. Now I love this site and the content, I’ve been interested in death all my life, but being stupid for the sake of it if now even a Darwin . instead of making the video , just kill themselves instead, be one less, lets set a virus to wipe out China, make space for over population rest of the world.

  2. blisters like this form on the hand used to jerk off after a marathon session of viewing online porn. after blowing the initial load each successive nut bust requires greater effort to achieve demanding more furious rubbing and thus creation greater friction thus the heat blister on his hand. i suspect he’s a porn addict. i would know.

  3. I’d be squirting that thing all over my co-workers from 10 feet away everytime they’re not looking. When life hands you lemons, squirt lemon juice on all those who have wronged you.

    1. That reminds me of the extremely obnoxious and immature use of saline flushes at work by the younger male nurses for a bit. So many wet spots on scrubs in inappropriate places from that bullshit. It was funny the first time and that was it. Hospitals are depressing, you’ve got to lighten the mood somehow but there less annoying ways than that.

      1. Yes, wicked mama. I imagine that blister was from the handle of a pressure washing gun or brush pole. Hanging onto it for a whole busy shift would certainly do that to a wet, soft hand.

        Long ago, when I was much younger, an acquaintance of mine who went to a private school was involved in their version of Greek Games one spring. These games culminated with the two sides taking part in a big tug of war match. Well everyone on the one side but this poor sap agreed to let go at the same time and of course, he went flying. After the crash finished, the rope had blistered the shit out of his hands in this fashion. We laughed at him for a week until he finally stopped wearing the plastic bags. We even made fun of how hot his girlfriend’s breasts and ass cheeks must have been! Good times.

  4. Reminds me of the time when I had a plantar wart on my foot, The little prick felt as if I had a rock stabbing me on the sole of my foot, It took 5 sessions of blasting the motherfucker with liquid nitrogen until it swolled up into a large blister and it gave in when I was walking it popped releasing a liquid that was enough to fill the Hoover dam.

  5. I got a burn exactly like this as a child. My mother used to have a old washer in the basement and the water in our house got extremely hot. One day i was messing around behind it and pulled the hot water hose off the pipe, burning mt leg in the process. I got severe burns and had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. I think it was less for the burns and more for the fact that the docters were under the impression that my mother was abusive.

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