Giant Zit Popped by Doctor

Giant Zit Popped by Doctor

Yuck. The disgusting human body never ceases to amaze. Here is another poor sap with a pus-filled sack on her back. It’s not the worst one, by far, but they never get old to me. Goes good on your Ritz crackers.

38 thoughts on “Giant Zit Popped by Doctor”

  1. That was a tiny zit and hardly worth the bother, it would have fixed itself in due time.

    I do like how the body expels poison outwards though, be it puss via zits or booze via pore secretion.

    Our bodies really are self regulating, although not entirely adaptable.

      1. @Obli, can we have more posts regarding skin conditions, terminal illnesses and such. The human condition is a painful but fascinating subject.

        Everybody feels invincible until they are diagnosed with a problematic condition, such is life.

        A stark reminder can be very influential into how we choose to live our lives.

  2. this is common among North American human species where they consume a lot of artificial cheese, lab-made synthetic oil used to cook, using microwave that restructures of food cells, unnatural sun tanning, not showering daily, having lazy lifestyle and just being straight up Americunts.

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