Girl Has Bullet Wedged Above Her Eye Extracted

Girl Has Bullet Wedged Above Her Eye Extracted

I don’t have any specifics about this video. It appears to show a young person, presumably a girl, with a bullet wedged above their left eye. Another person, presumably a doctor, extracts the bullets, though he’s a bit awkward doing that.

The video reminded me of that older video of a Russian soldier who was shot in the forehead, but instead of penetrating his brain, the bullet was stopped by his thick skull. He got it extracted with a pair of pliers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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26 thoughts on “Girl Has Bullet Wedged Above Her Eye Extracted”

  1. That bullet was already tumbling and was deformed when it hit her. It was some sort of handgun that fired it, methinks. It doesn’t look like a military rifle round.
    It was a ricochet or came through a wall or something before it found her, that’s why she is still alive.

    1. That was my thoughts on this situation as well,presumably a ricochet, I surmised that from the odd angle at which it must have tumbled into her,but ricochet or otherwise if it had been a bit more down maybe 5 inches give or take her eye or eye socket would be in bad shape,to say the least.

  2. Translation:

    Girl: *soft voice* “…made effect or am I going to feel pain?”
    Doctor: “You will not.”

    Girl: *soft voice* “I’m scared”
    Doctor: “Do not be.”

    Girl: *soft voice* “perforated?”; it can also be translated to ‘pierced’ as I’m not sure if it is correct to say perforated.
    Doctor: “No, the projectile has been removed”; projectile means bullet
    Girl: *soft voice* “Thank you”

    I like her voice 😛

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