Girl Forced to Perform Caesarean Section on Pregnant Aunt Who Was Refused Medical Attention

Girl Forced to Perform Caesarean Section on Pregnant Aunt Who Was Refused Medical Attention

In Douala City, Cameroon, 31 year old Monique Koumate, who was 7 months pregnant with twins, went into premature labor. Her husband rushed her to Hopital la Quintinie, but the staff refused to provide medical attention because she didn’t have enough money to pay for their services.

Seeing as her condition was deteriorating, the woman’s niece took it upon herself to try and save the twins’ lives by performing an improvised caesarean section. She cut open her aunt’s womb and delivered the babies. One was already dead, and while the other one was alive, after only 7 months in the womb and without proper after birth care, died shortly after. The woman herself also died later on, and the niece was reportedly charged with responsibility for her death.

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        1. Condoms are free world wide. All you gotta do is ask. But men tell them to not use them.
          A condom is like trying to breath fresh air with a painting mask.

          But there’s nothing like busting a nut inside a pussy without any restrains.

          1. You all suggest condoms, a vasectomy , birth control, etc. Yes because a third world country where a pregnant woman in distress doesnt even get care at a hospital because of lack of money can totally afford birth control (which they probably dont even offer in that country) and sure they can totally afford that vasectomy you mentioned. Sometimes i wonder if the people who comment on this website are really as fucking stupid as their comments make them seem. Half of you cant see the world past your own front door. It was simply by dumb luck you were born american or born in a first world country. Sure, there are too many people in this world to help and care about, but you dont have to be completely incompetent.

          2. I’m from a third world country. And they do offer birth control. Believe me. But it’s just the culture. Sex is better without a condom. Men lie and tell these women they will be together forever and probably have 3 other women pregnant at the same time. The education is there. You can’t shove it down people’s throat. They know how babies are made. It not rocket science.

      1. So we should just allow innocent babies to die because their parent’s are careless? I’m glad I live in the US where at least some of our taxes go to helping people–that’s what makes a country civilized

      2. Agreed. As a Nurse, I think it is the right thing to do and help this woman and her babies. But the Realist in me is, “meh” too bad. Can’t feed em’, don’t breed em’. No fucking loss.

        The Realist in me is stronger on this situation.

        Too bad, so sad. Great video!

      3. They can’t afford a hospital bill but all those people can afford phones to record this?! All of those people couldn’t raise enough funds to prevent this?! Owell….the cynic in me says those babies being born prematurely in that country wouldn’t have likely survived anyway….but still sad.

    1. I gotta give the niece props for being brave enough to try that. Though, considering she’s now being charged with the responsibility for her aunt’s death, as well as the deaths of the babies, she would’ve been better off just to drop the aunt off in the hospital waiting room and bail. Let them deal with it.

  1. In this case, she should of entered her vaginal cavity, break her water sack, and start pulling, while telling her to push. I am positive that it would have turned out better, with much less blood loss, and shock, or trauma for the babies, or for mom. πŸ™ Fucking MONEY,,,,, EVIL!!!

    1. It makes me wonder if the aunt told her to do the attempted c section because her babies were in the wrong position. Being at 7 months her babies were small enough for an easy delivery, mom wouldn’t have to push much, so I think the aunt knew they were in trouble.

    2. Just look as these fucking people. Do you honesty think common sense was the first thing on their cave man level mind. I am not stereotyping or discriminating, I am just going off their reaction to what is happening. It sickens me how slow the human species has evolved despite our ability to communicate, work together, and FUCKING THINK. Fucking waste of time and effort, and a fucking perfect planet. We won’t last another 100,000 years, that for fucking sure.

  2. Wow, what a great idea for the US to follow! Maybe if people had to have money just to get into the hospital for their deliveries we wouldn’t have millions of welfare babies to raise on our taxes πŸ˜‰

      1. @joesbitch2001 I can’t help thinking that your stupid comment was directed at me…? How’s about I just stay where I’m at, comfy and cozy in our first world country and u go to a third world country and suck some disease infested cocks & cunts so u can satisfy your guilty conscience then, DICKHEAD!! And as far as gas chambers, u should be the test DUMMY to make sure everything is up to code πŸ˜‰ muah

        1. My stupid comment? You’re the one endorsing things found in the poorest third world countries. In your ideal world, everyone makes smart choices, except that we live in reality. I’ll stay right here in the first world, happy that my tax dollars prevent me from having to see shit like this and knowing small children are spared the worst circumstances.

    1. That’s very smart, except that many people aren’t so responsible. So you’re advice then is let babies die and starve, kind of like collective punishment at it’s worst. Better yet, why don’t you advise your leaders to force undesirables into gas chambers. You heartless SOB

      1. I understand that… But for me I think it’s clips like this that make it all real. Like when I see a head in 10,000 pieces, my mind can’t comprehend what it is, so it’s like a special effect off a film kind of. But this video.. wow. Also that short video of the little boy from Syria that was released today, being rescued and taken to an ambulance after a bomb attack. It’s the way he sits there in silence, dazed. Looks at his bloody hands then stares into space again

    1. That would have helped for sure. Also, one of the bystanders could have grabbed the baby, the second that it came out, grab it by the ankles, to help clear it,s little through. Than SLAP,,,SLAP,,, two little slaps, with a mild shake to wake it up, and make it cry. If it does not respond, then quickly stick your finger down it,s tiny throat to clear mucus, then try again,, Slap, then usually they will take a huge breath of air, and start whaling. Then, on to # 2 & repeat steps! That poor lady, should not have been charged for trying to save 3 lives. The Fucks Wrong with them retards.

      1. Agreed. I don’t understand why no one helped as soon as the babies came out. Everyone stood there and the father laid on the ground, doing nothing. I guess common sense is not something that is in abundance there.

  3. Note to self: if you help, it can land you murder charges. It’s sad that the babies died and the stupidity falls on the neice, mother and father, and hospital staff. All of this could have been prevented. The neice helping to save lives actually ended up costing all their lives. I understand that the hospital didn’t want a bill to go unpaid but shit, those were babies.

  4. If we are going to point any fingers, can I blame the hospital, I mean come on people there’s a pregnant lady in labor infront of y’all and y’all aren’t going to help? So what if a little boy or girl gets hit by a car but their family doesn’t have enough money to pay for the bill? Will they just let them die?

  5. For me this is so saddening I almost don’t know what to say. I am so fortunate to have a job, medical insurance, and a plan for my kids future. Those people have nothing. The hospital staff should be ashamed of themselves and imprisoned. The poor kids there. And the mother. The Niece too. Could things have been done a million different ways by the parents? Sure! But in the end, those kids were blameless. This is the only video I have ever seen here that almost made me cry. I love my children so much, I can’t even fathom life without them. My babies! And those children in the video could have easily been mine under different circumstances. As humans we should all be deeply troubled and saddened by this. We need more empathy in this life. The world is FUCKED UP!!

    1. Agreed, I felt sad as well, i mean why can’t the staff just do it, who cares about money, saving two innocent baby and their mother and possibly avoid any other problems is what important, people these day have no heart whatsoever, those babies and mother and niece don’t deserves it, just because of a couple of incompetent greedy doctor who dare to call themselves doctor and educated!!!

  6. The people who refused to help were just plain fucked up! They gave the woman gloves and something sharp and said “There’s a spot outside you can take her.” I hope those actually responsible get really hurt sometime and are refused help. Let the infection and maggots help them the way they helped these people.

  7. News says actually the woman was already dead when she arrived at the hospital and sent to the morgue, only for the worker in the morgue to sent her back to hospital as he thought the babys might still be alive. Doctors refused to remove the babys so a relative took matters in her own hands

  8. Probably was refused care bc they didn’t have an available bed massive enough to fit and hold the fat ass safely to deliver the baby. That is NOT even close to being merely excess fat for carrying the baby. Morbidly obese carrying a baby with even more excess weight for the baby.

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