Giving Birth Video

Woman Giving Birth by Dana Schuz

Isn’t it funny that when life is lost, it often gets gory as hell. But ironically, when life is born, it’s also gory and painful. To keep up with the spirit of Christmas, the time of year when one of world’s most iconic persons was born, I offer you a giving birth video. I know this is way different from our “normal” content, but hey… it’s Christmas. Nobody gives a shit, but little variety can’t be that bad. So here we go.

Oddly enough, for the most part, YouTube mods don’t mind videos of women giving birth even though they often contain images of vaginas spread wide open and graphic content in form of blood pouring on the table. This particular giving birth video is silent and titled in some Arabic language so even if you were to search for giving birth videos, it may not come up. Perhaps that’s why it’s survived on YouTube for two and a half years. If the video doesn’t start properly, just move the slider a few seconds ahead. Sometimes it gets stuck at the beginning for me. It plays well otherwise.

Woman Giving Birth painting by Dana Schutz

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Giving Birth Video”

  1. Giving birth is not pretty. I had my first with no pain killers whatsoever. Nothing. Not even gas and air. I ended up with lots of stitches inside and out. It was not a pleasant experience. And I didn’t do it without painkillers b/c I am brave or anything. I just got help too late. Call it being stupid and having no idea what was coming.
    Oh and licky louie, the hole can snap back believe it or not. Plus there are keigel exercises. The body is amazing. 🙂

  2. It’s actually better to be cut than to tear. Easier and neater to repair. I tore. The second one they cut me so that I didn’t tear again. They cut as you are having a contraction, so you don’t feel it really. The contraction is enough pain to make you forget anything else.
    Childbirth is at the same time both disgusting and amazing.
    I still can’t believe I did it twice.

  3. Karma-
    I have a WHOLE new respect for moms now.
    I’ve seen birth videos before, but not this graphic.

    I think I actually felt Pain down there when I was watchin it.

    As far as the “hole snappin back”… Did you HAVE to use the term “snap?” makes it sound like has teeth or sumpin 😉

    Snappin back, exercises and even “stitchin it up” CAN’T return it to “pristine condition.” It will NEVER be the same. aaarrrrhggghghghghg

    hehehehhehe 😉

  4. Yeah but licky-louie, you guys are responsible for planting the little mine me’s in there so it’s your fault really that even when they do snap back it may not be in the pristine condition that the beloved hole once was. Hehehehe.

    But without a doubt natural, by that I mean NO PAINKILLERS whatsoever, childbirth has to be the most painful experience that you could live through. You think that you can’t take any more pain and then it gets worse.
    It feels like you are being split in two. And you feel really odd after it’s out of there too.

    I am glad that this was posted and some of you guys are brave enough to watch it. It’s the reality of birth.

    I feel so bad for those that go through it and end up with either a dead or deformed baby.

  5. Karma- Yep.. we plant the seeds… but it ain’t rape doll. both the man and the woman enjoy the “planting season.” it’s the harvest that the bitch. hehehehe

    I passed a huge turd once that hurt like hell, made me bleed too… does that count as giving birth?
    nahhhh guess not. 🙂

  6. Hey licky, I never said it was rape, it’s hopefully usually a joint decision, all I’m sayin’ is women have the fun of giving birth after that seed is planted by a guy.
    Not a complaint. Trust me we get the pain, but we also get the bonding thing.
    Anyway, don’t wanna get off topic with sugary crap. It’s nature at it’s finest.

  7. Licky, I know you love yanking, no probs. I love it too. Can’t beat a good old bit of stirring the pot, I love a good old banter.
    Now, if nature wasn’t so messy, then we wouldn’t have any of these gore sites would we? Well yeah maybe we would cos humans are stupid and make a mess anyway. 🙂

  8. I realize I haven’t been with a LOT of women.
    I realize I haven’t seen EVERYTHING.
    But… does it strike anyone else a little strange that the painting at the top of the page has the lady’s vagina up a little too high? or WAY too high?

    Looks like she has a hairy donut in her belly with a baby coming out of it.

    Dunno, maybe it’s just me. Maybe some of you guys that have been with LOTS of women have seen this before.

    Mabye some of you ladies have this anatomy yourselves.

    🙁 kinda gross to me.

    1. lol i’m so sorry for you. if i’m ever crazy enough to have kids, i’m getting a cesarian… between medical history in me and my family and vids like this… hell no. aint happening. Good luck with your baby though! i hope your vagina survives

  9. I love my mother, just a little more now.
    I applaud mothers, every-where.
    I’ve hit-on…I’ve groped pregnant ladies.
    I only hope every child-birth gets to be this entertaining.
    And, I’m sure she yelped like hell_no sound*sigh*

  10. Ya sure giving birth mite be a bit pain full for a few hours most of em get the ephederal almost right after they fart or get a cramp.I laugh when I here you have not felt pain untill you had a baby come on ladies its not that bad.Now having it natural I believe would be total torture,the reasone why I made these comments is because I had an ephidural when I had my back surgery and could not feel a thing you could of cut my legs off and O wouldnt of been able to feel it. Andyt

  11. LOL the comments above, do you guys really never seen a woman giving birth before??? It’s a natural thing and in most cases goes pretty smooth. In my country education-books with pics for little children are normal; as soon as i asked ”where do children come from” i got these and it was interesting but absolutely not shocking, neither for my little sister.
    Only the non educated will find something natural like giving birth shocking.

  12. I thought it was really kind of the nurse to give the woman some dignity when using the tissue. Birth aint pretty and this nurse prevented replay embarresment for the mother if she ever wanted to watch it back someday.

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