Groin Full of Infection and Abscesses from Intravenous Drug Use Mishap

Large Incision on Thigh Beside Groin Area

Groin Full of Infection and Abscesses from Intravenous Drug Use Mishap

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @confusedalot, whose groin grew full of infection and abscesses after an intravenous drug use mishap:

I had a relapse a few weeks ago now and injected heroin in my groin when very drunk. I hit artery and fuck knows what else plus I missed my dig.

A few days later the pain started.

I waited about a week till I got to the point I could barely walk and went to the hospital drop in. They dismissed everything I said, didn’t believe me and didn’t give a fuck. I told them what I thought was wrong, told them what I did and how much pain I was in and how it didn’t feel like a normal miss and infection / abscess. I told them I was genuinely scared and felt they were sending me home to die.

So they gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. It got worse and worse for the next 10 days – which is how long I was told to take the antibiotics, by fucking Dr’s I might add.

On the 10th day my bollocks and wiener were fat with infection, my right thigh was twice the size of the left and I was in agony. I got another ambulance and they took me to the same hospital again, this time to accident and emergency, not the drop in fuck Nutts.

They took one look, sent me for an MRI, my artery had hemorrhaged inside my leg and it was fucking massive. Plus full of infection and abscesses. They then got me transferred to another hospital what specializes in veins and arteries. I got there on the Monday.

I waited for surgery all day Tuesday but there had been an incident so wasn’t going to get my operation. They were going to tie off my artery. So I was just about to eat my hospital tea Tuesday night when my artery ruptured squirting blood several feet out my groin. The pain was insane, I didn’t think I’d be awake with so much pain.

A nurse ran in and put a towel on it to stop the blood but fuck me did it hurt, squashing all my abscesses etc. Then my hands curled up due to lack of oxygen to my brain so if I was at home I’d not be able to phone for an ambulance I’d be dead. Then all the staff came through to stare at the dying junky but I thought I was dying so I wasn’t arsed. My blood pressure at this time was 56 over 20. Hearing that scared me a lot. I had to wait 20 mins for the theater to be prepped, longest 20mins of my life.

I was begging to be knocked out and was trying not to scream too much.

Eventually I got to theater and was given fentanyl which I didn’t feel at all. Then I woke up and I was still alive. Considering how I thought I didn’t care if I died I was surprised by how much I shat myself when it looked like it was happening.

I woke up with a big wound, artery tied off, abscess popped. Then over the past few days my left neck artery has been hurting and my chest when I breath which is due to me having an infection in my heart.

It was the scariest experience in my life. And most painful. Now I honestly feel like I have been given a second chance and I am never going to do anything that will be bad for my heart again. Its still early days and it could still go tits up but I feel like a new man and I’m going to be tea total for the foreseeable future.

I’ve learnt from my mistakes finally. It was nearly too late but someone was looking out for me I believe.

I have never felt pain like that before and even now as I only have the one artery feeding my leg it’s in agony. I still have an open wound in my upper thigh that needs packing every 48 hours. That will be difficult, getting to my Dr’s surgery every 2 days.

So that’s been my week!

Thanks a lot for sharing the pics and your experience with us, @confusedalot. I wish you all the best on your way to recovery both from the surgeries and the drug addiction:

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    2. You may have made you’re mistakes but what those doctors did to you by dismissing you as some dimented druggie is near criminal, and should be just that. Obviously if they had treated you the first time you were there, your outcome would have been much better. They literally nearly killed you with their passively judgemental negligence. Doctors like this are a menace to society.

      1. Thankyou. Yes this is exactly how I feel. I told them I was going through artery =wrong
        Said the artery felt like it had a bleb on it like on a bike tyre and was just under the skin instead of being deep=wrong
        I said it felt different than a normal miss/infection =wrong, said I wanted a scan to see what’s going on =no point, the list goes on. The amount of Dr’s and nurses who asked me why I took so long to get treatment was unreal. I told them I went 10 days ago and was sent home.
        I told the drop in wankers I was scared and thought they were sending me home to die. Luckily I was wrong there but only just. If the artery ruptured anywhere else I’d be dead. Nobody would want to get a strangers blood on their hands. That freaks me out, all the what ifs. I’m trying to be positive now but it’s still really bad

      1. I’ve only had coke a few times. Crack quite a lot of times. It’s very addictive, where I could have had say 1 dig of heroin a day and be satisfied, if I had a crack pipe before I’d even blown the smoke out I was thinking of how to get more. And if you have money in the bank that is all going to go. If I dont start it I don’t have to struggle to stop.
        I’d not like to have a cocaine problem. There’s no medication to help with it.
        I wish you the best of luck in stopping it mate, it will be very difficult. Total abstinence is needed really, same for me. If I get stoned I feel bad like I need some brown. If I drink its all I think about. If I had coke or crack I’d need it to come down. So I have to stay if everything. Which right now is easy, when I’m fully healed and mobile I may get tempted but I’m pretty confident I’ll be ok staying off everything.
        All the best mate and take one day at a time

  1. I can say I hope you get the help you need but You are gonna have to be responsible for all of the changes if you want to live….hope you choose life….get and stay clean….nobody will remember the real you if you die a junkie death….nothing about the way you lived….only how you died.
    Hope YOU can do it.
    Hard drugs are fuck’n death man.

    1. Ex heroin (21 years clean) I hope and pray this guy do what he says he’s gonna do. We already know there’s only 3 places junkies end up IE jails, institutions and death !
      With that being said it really bothers me how our emergency services treat addicts, I don’t know if this guy has a history of going to this particular ER (kinda sounds like it) but still they need to be held to a standard that all are equal when in for an emergency such as this. I remember about 30 years ago I ended up with a bad abscess in the shoulder from doing a muscle shot, after a week of excruciating pain and terribly swollen shoulder I ended up going to UW medical facility in Seattle wash, they were awesome and within 12 hrs I was in surgery ! I came home with a hole in my shoulder big enough to drop a tennis ball into. Fortunately I’m a very muscular guy, broad shoulders, so the removal of all the tissue didn’t do too much damage, jeeeesh- if I had been a skinny guy I can’t imagine what the outcome may of been…. needless to say it wasn’t enough to get clean and almost another 10 years of misery before King Co. narcotics raided my home and set me on the journey to recovery ! Hey – congrats on all your clean time brother….. Godspeed

      1. Nowadays it’s guys like you two that are at the worst risk if you were to relapse…they put things in heroin nowadays that will stop your heart cold.
        I lost a nephew to this insidious disease less than a year ago….last conversation I had with him was him swearing to me he was clean and me telling him that the situation was to serious for lies between us…wish that last day with him I had just enjoyed his company and accepted his comforting lie…now all that is left is the truth of it.

          1. @hb– I’m not sure it’s that bad is it? Iv drug users do have a much higher incidence of death but that is due to the lifestyle and the underground life illegal drugs force addicts into. Murder, infections, accidents, suicide, incarceration, homelessness and lack of support from others kills way more people than the actual drug does. For example heroin is rarely fatal as an overdose on its own. The problem emerges when it’s mixed with other depressant drugs such as benzos, alcohol or other opioids. Heroin is actually very non toxic and causes no damage to the body, other than addiction itself. Unlike alcohol that is also addictive, kills brain cells, causes dementia, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer not to mention a host of other problems like pancreatitis, accidents, malnutrition, drink driving etc

          2. @firstinline
            All I know is, every heroine user that I knew/know have horrible track marks, missing most of their teeth and have nasty skin.

            I guess it leads to a horrible junk food diet because they’re always eating candy bars and donuts.

            @janiel , Yep, they’re either all dead or rotting away.
            It’s sad because these were all cool people that I knew growing up and all but one are gone now.

          3. @hamburgerbob, there was only one girl I knew of that never shot up. She always snorted it, which I thought was weird because they usually graduate from snorting to shooting up at some point. She never did.

            And now that you mention it, I do think Heroin users prefer sugary snacks. I’m constantly seeing people with track marks at the grocery store buying loads of soda and candy.

        1. @rayf
          Fuck me mate, i had no idea it had turned out like this.
          I remember some years ago, when you told me about your nephews problems. At the time, you either had him living at the farm with you – or you were considering doing so.
          After your long absence from the site, and since you came back i havent asked how he was doing. Im sorry about that.
          And now you tell us this. Man, im really sorry. Also massive sympathy for your brother or sister [you never mentioned which it was]. Losing a child…. well, i can even imagine.
          I know that back then, you were doing everything you could to help. In that respect, he was very lucky…. many addicts are left with no-one.
          Its hard not to take all the lies to heart. But you knew the REAL kid… So I hope that this is the nephew who inhabits your memories pal.

          1. Nothing but good memories and love for the kid bro.
            Too long a story to tell here but that kid was loved.
            Thanks for remembering him.

      2. Junkies go to hospitals to attempt to get a hold of drugs for their addiction all of the time and hospital staff are well aware of it, not to mention junkie related injuries cost hospitals billions of dollars that they will never get paid back. This combined with junkies occupying time and space in the facility when other people who are not junkies need these emergency hospital services but have to compete with the junkies for it. These are well justified reasons for the hospital staff to treat junkies with contempt.

        1. Thats bullshit and you know it – you’re just trying to be ‘controversial’ and shocking just like main stream media. Yawn ! So predictable. I work in rural health care with even less beds available than city hospitals and I guarantee there’s NO competition for beds. Everyone who needs healthcare receives it for free in Oz – regardless……….maybe in Murcia it’s different and that wouldn’t surprise me considering you just throw drug users in jail and have the worlds biggest incarcerated population. Australia’s entire population is roughly the same, re amount of drug users locked up in ‘the land of the free’………

          1. It’s a matter of luck here in the USA when you find yourself in a medical emergency. You might get treated with cold contempt or with compassion. One thing for sure, if you don’t have medical insurance you’ll either declare bankruptcy or be stuck with an enormous debt.

        2. As I said before, the hospital I was in was full of people who have smoked and drank too much now their arteries are clogged and not working. They need artery bypass operations or limb removals. What do you say to that? I was the only junky in a ward of say 50 people, the rest were ex smokers and drinkers. As there drug of choice is legal they get treat differently by dopey fuckwitts like yourself.

          1. Excellent points!
            What about the 6oo lb. person who comes into the ER rotting in her own excrement because she hasn’t been able to use the toilet for the last fifteen years? What about the guy who rode his Harley stoned and w/out a helmet? What about some idiot with melanoma from all that time wasted in a tanning bed?

            To each their own disease.

            AND…yay for you for pulling through!!!!… When you really get tempted to use, look at those pics.

      3. I’ve been to hospital twice in the past 20years. Last time was an infected foot due to a miss, that’s also on here.
        I really don’t take the piss with emergency services. I’ve had lots of misses and infections I’ve dealt with myself whenever I could. Little craft knife and some tissues, easy. I’ve only ever gone to hospital when I’ve really needed to. If I was given a scan the first time I went I could have saved myself lots of pain and near death experience but they gave me 10 days antibiotics. Everything I said I thought was wrong turned out to be right, they didn’t believe anything. That’s scary, a heroin addict knowing more than Dr’s or nurses, whatever the dumb cunts were who saw me.
        I can hear my heart beat in my ears again, that did go away. FUCK

        1. Hey bro don’t pay any mind to these morons who have very little life experience but talk a big talk of knowledge and wisdom. As I said in my earlier post, studies have been conducted and it is proven that a majority of junkies/alcoholics possess a much higher IQ than your “Normy”, this is a FACT and can be found in any 12 step hall and or internet search…… I don’t have the answer as to why if us “so called junkies” have such a high IQ that we make the decision to fuck our lives up with hardcore drugs…. I have done much research and study on the subject and one theory is when we are in our spiritual form (before coming into our earthly bodies) we choose the circumstances and Karma that needs to be worked out from previous lives ! This might sound crazy to some folks but surprisingly early Christianity taught reincarnation and the Bible makes references to it in a few passages. The thing is the Catholic Church came along and destroyed Christianity as we know it, they invented the “Eternal hell fire” for mistakes made in this very short life ! There is no way I will believe for a second that a living almighty God would punish his creation for eternity for mistakes made in a life that is sometimes only a few years, 15 years , 20 years , Etc. This life is for LEARNING and making mistakes. We WILL be here again rest assured ! Stay strong bro you don’t want to come back to do this over again

          1. I swear this is true, years ago on UK TV Anne Robinson (weakest link winky bitch) hosted a show which was an iq test for us at home to do. I remember lying on my bed at my parents when I did it. Now I don’t think I cheated, much, but I scored a 146!! At the time I was starting an apprenticeship so I’d done alot of the sort of questions in aptitude tests while looking for jobs. I must have cheated a fair bit but I don’t remember!

    2. As a recover crystal meth user (smoked it) clean 8 years or so, was on it for 6 months, I think, can’t remember much, just days,weeks awake, until the crash, I went cold turkey and coffee addiction got me through it,
      I stopped when seeing “friends” crawl around on the carpet looking for “crystal” they dropped.

      After a year the dreams and cravings stopped.

      You will be a recovery Drug addict until we die.

    3. Ex-addicts deserve so much more respect man. I haven’t personally had to deal with an addiction but I can imagine how hard it is to pull through, and every single one of you should be proud that you made it out of the other side because sadly many people don’t.

      1. Those are kind words Aimee-Leigh…

        I’ve also taken a moral oath, to help anyone who’s “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

        Hitting bottom will humble you in ways unimaginable. Anyone who has experienced it will tell you…

        Hitting bottom was my moment of STRENGTH, and not my weakness.

        Grief gives birth to humbleness. Humbleness gives birth to LOVE.

        (thanks again) 🙂

        1. Right, truthfully it’s shrank. Unless it’s scared and as I’m still ill it’s trying to do a turtle and pull himself inside my body. But I did wake up with a boner so he still can get hard. I’ve asked nurses and they have said the size should not be affected. But it fkn looks like it to me! Hopefully when/if I fully heal he goes back to his very average self.

  2. It sounds as though you dodged a bullet bro, way to go. No doubt you’re on IV antibiotics being infused through a PICC line in your arm to treat the endocarditis (heart infection). I remember being involved in an operation on an IV drug user, open heart surgery infact, to replace a mitral valve that was infested with vegetation. It looked like long green seaweed and took a long time to clear out. He was very sick and got even worse post surgically but ultimately survived that event. He’d run out of viable veins in his limbs and was injecting in his neck which then was only 15cm from his heart, where the bugs latched on and grew in a perfect environment. No IV injecting is completely safe but you can minimise risks by using sterile equipment every time. Glad to hear you think it’s time to make some changes – i find it’s easy to stop but staying stopped is hard and despite all the shit, still find myself indulging every now and then………

    1. That sounds horrific. I looked up endocarditis and it said it could be caused by fungus/mold.
      I had visions of my heart being green and furry. I think the gear must be buried somewhere and has got damp. I had an echo on my heart before I left hospital and it didn’t show anything. Luckily. I’ve spent so many years on something being normal feels really good. I want to hopefully be able to get fit and ride a bike and mess about with some weights if I recover. At the Dr’s earlier they said they wanted me to go back to hospital. I don’t need it when I have Dr’s and nurses saying I need to go back. All very stressful. I am really still scared and hope what I’m currently dealing with is normal. If not I’m fucked

    1. It’s not the cock and balls he injects into! It’s the femoral vein.

      You have to be careful. A mate of mine injected into the femoral artery by mistake and his syringe flew 20 feet across the room and hit a mate of his.

      @confusedalot – I’m not going to preach. I’ve got the tee-shirt. You’ve obviously got clean before. Try it again. I’ve been clean and sober over 10 years and now there is a quite a difference!

    2. @jack-doe
      “What would possess you to shoot it into your groin of all places”
      Its usually one of three reasons for this.
      Firstly [& most obviously] is that all other sites/veins have become unviable through over use.
      Second, it is the area that people are least likely to see, to Fem injecting is used in an attempt to hide a habit from others.
      Thirdly… and indeed, most terrifying…. is that some early IV users simply learn this as the first method of injecting from longer term users. Back in the nineties, i knew a few people who lost their legs within only a few months of starting to inject, for this very reason.

      1. You’ll pretty much never hear me utter anything that is “anti drug” but anything that can do that to your balls can’t be good for you. I don’t trust anything that comes out of a needle.

      2. I honestly did not think I cared if I died. I didn’t care about the state I was leaving my body in, scars and misses all over, my arms and legs are fucked. Never wear shorts or t-shirt no matter the heat. So that’s why I was doing it. Plus I was getting free gear at the time and all my veins were gone. They use ultrasound on me at hospital to find a vein. They also had to stick needles in my wrist arterys to get a blood sample as there is nowhere. That is not a nice feeling. Hurts very much.
        I can’t believe I’ve done this to myself and I’m struggling to deal with how close I came to dying. And I’m not sure it’s healing right now so I might be back with more content. I really hope not

        1. “I can’t believe I’ve done this to myself”
          Mate, be that as it may – you are where you are. Concentrate on healing, and if that doesnt go as planned… take on and deal with each problem as it happens.
          Try not to think too far forward. If you set your sights on where you will be in a year, two year, ten years time…. then that can lead to fuck-ups in the mean time.
          Take everything as it comes at you, getting over each day [each hour even] is your priority at the moment.
          We’ve done what we’ve done. We’ve wasted the time we’ve wasted. And no amount of self analysis or regret is gonna change that. We are where we are.
          Its baby steps at the moment pal….. and there is NOTHING wrong with that. In fact, those are the best kind of steps you can be taking.
          No disrespect meant, but simply saying “never again” is not enough to ensure that you will never use again. You WILL get cravings… might be tommorow, might be in two months, might not be for a year? so be prepared for them to happen, and work out a strategy for when they do. Cos you can sure as shit bet that they will happen out of the blue.
          Listen, you are an old hat at this – so you will know everything that ive written above already. But it doesnt hurt to hear it again.
          Once again, best of luck @confusedalot

    1. Thankyou. It was only 9 days ago so I’m still fucked. I look like death as my body needs to get used to having less blood flow. I’m mentally doing great. I’m never touching anything again and needles won’t be coming anywhere near my body again.

    1. I have been on methadone for about 20 years. I used for the hit. If there was one. I’m never bad. But after the intense pain I feel like a new man. I woke up after surgery still alive at 20:20,11/02,2020
      So that’s the exact moment my life started again. I’ll just be sticking to my ecig thing only for the future. No more drugs or joints. Nothing bad for my heart.

      1. @confusedalot
        Hey pal.
        You do not need me to tell you how fucking lucky you have been here.
        I really hope that this is your rock bottom.
        If i may, let me suggest that if alcohol drops your inhibitions to the “fuck it” point, then please avoid drinking. I really cant stress this enough. You have identified that it can be a trigger…. or more likely lead to complacency…. so have a real think about it pal
        As you know, all the best intention in the world can disappear once you are drunk.
        I wish you well mate

        1. You know I was thinking that I’m never touching drugs again not even weed, not after I had a heart infection, so I had been saying if anything I’ll have a few cans. But yes you are very right and I’m not going to drink again either.
          Thanks aswell mate, hopefully I’ll be around for a few years yet

        2. My foots cold. I’m really trying to warm it up. I’ve got a fan heater pointed at my leg. If my foot won’t get warm I’m in serious trouble. I’m very scared. Don’t know what to do.
          Fuck. I have a thick shirt over my feet and socks and slippers on and a heater. If this doesn’t warm it up, fuck it’s not worth thinking about.
          I really don’t need this.
          If I lose my leg I’ll really struggle to try stay positive. I hope it warms up

          1. @confusedalot
            keep ringing 999 until they come and get you.
            Once you are under their care, they have a responsibility. We were born into paying for NI mate,.. and thank goodness?!!
            It could be something as simple as needing a stronger, or narrower spectrum antibiotic.
            Get em out, dont be getting down n down n pissed off, then pissed.
            Ring em until they come,stay calm, answer their questions, then tell em what you have told us here.
            I know this is a day later, but only just seen it, so..

            EDIT: Make sure you are not holding your foot constantly up as you are lying. sit up with your foot below your waist to make sure blood is getting into it

          2. Let your prescriber and drug worker know whats happening. They must be aware of what has just happened, and your hospital admission, and operation.
            You will have a number and email for em. Make sure you let them know exactly the situation.

        1. I’ve had an abscess on a crown and I ended up with a black eye off it. They just pulled the tooth and it was fixed. I now need to get my teeth fixed. I was spending £20 a day atleast on a teenth so I’ll be saving that now. Plus weed and cigarettes. Might get gold teeth anyway… With diamond inlays…. And platinum accents…

  3. Hospitals do not like junkies, for good reasons. That’s why you were treated with contempt. Sadly, I bet you will start sticking needles in your body again, despite your “born again” feelings. Costing the hospital another 50 thousand of payments that you will never pay. Healthy people who get injured by accident or sick suffer because of junkies like you. Bastard.

    1. You don’t know nowt you dickless bitch.
      Hospitals do not treat junkys like shit, only a few cocksucking, braindead, think they know it all pieces of monkey jizz like you have a problem as they are small minded and really just a waste of fucking skin. Exactly like you, you fucking pussy cunt.
      I was treat very well when I went back the second time and they saved my life. It would have been easy for them to let me die.
      I have taken drugs for years and you know how many people I’ve effected or bothered? Fucking none. Fucking keyboard warrior fucking soft cunt faggot I’ll slap the shit out of you even while I’m fucked you big hard soft cock twat. Fuck off you dumbarse. You know how many smokers and alcoholics are in hospital losing limbs? About 99% more than intravenous drug users. You don’t know fuck all. I have zero respect for you as you are a pure dickless bitch so your opinion means fuck all.

    2. “Hospitals do not like…..junkies like you. Bastard.”
      Its pretty fucking vulgar that some people have always got to have someone to look down on.
      You have to wonder about the motivation of such people. Not only concerning their desperate need to identify a group that they can stand above, but especially when they profess to speak for all hospitals.

  4. Imagine being a doctor and having to take time to treat such self inflicted injuries, when people who deserve your help are thus denied. And the filth has the nerve to post this, to brag! about his activities?

    1. Treating a drug user denies those who ‘deserve’ to see a doctor. Um, your ignorance is sad and laughable really. Do you actually believe a doctor goes to work and can only help one patient per day? Your arguments are based on beliefs a 4 yo would have……..

    2. Alcoholics and smokers, are they different? They cost the NHS fkn multiple millions so what do you say to that?
      This site is called best Gore. If you’ve not looked through it maybe you should, it has lots of pictures of Gore, hence the name. My groin is gory.
      Do you see where I’m going with this? Stupid bitch

    1. No mate, I don’t think he’s a teen-ager. I think he’s a man. Hey, enough about him, let’s talk about you – when are you going to post the photos of your new vagina moulded from the slicing and dicing of your lil pee pee? Please do it soon as we all need to get our heads around the weirdness you actually chose for yourself. Please don’t forget and send them in soon, just as you promised to do last week………

    1. I really do feel I have, I have no interest in doing anything anymore. I am still very ill and if I’m honest I don’t think it’s getting better like it should. Anything can still happen and I’m genuinely scared. Atleast I’ll have a record of it all online for eternity.
      Thanks for what you said mate I appreciate it

        1. Thanks very much. I feel I’ve got quite a lot of support from the decent people on here and as I don’t talk to many people it’s really helped me. I’m seeing a nurse shortly so I’ll be asking her all the questions I have about this, if it’s healing normally or not. I can’t bend my leg very far at all which is worrying me.
          I’ve had my leg up resting for 2 days now and hope it’s been a good thing to do. I’ve tried to not walk on it much. I’m still very far away from being healed. I’m getting impatient!
          Thanks again ☺️

          1. @confusedalot
            You are not, and will not ever be alone brother.
            And i say this because all of our warm wished will forever continue to help in your healing process, and this ongoing fight that we will win together.

            So If you ever feel the need to have a Sincere, & Caring Sponsor/True Friend to help ride-out what sometimes feels like the never-ending storm than consider myself that someone.

            Cause you know that i will have nothing but “Your Very Best Interests In Mind” while we fight These Drug-Demons Together. It is of Paramount-Importance first, and foremost for you to know that (I Myself) Have been there.

            And because of this,,, nothing brings more joy to my heart just knowing that with my past experiences, And knowledge in dealing with these Ugly Evil Demons, that you Do Not Have To Ride It Out ( this storm) alone.

            And i assure you that when your day in the Sun Comes,,, the feeling you get will last a lifetime, and you will feel completely free like never before, as you will then start living life to the fullest, the way life was meant to be lived. Keep Your Head-Up With No Fear.

            With Much Love & Respect,
            Cathy & The-Dre Andre. 🙂

            would love nothing more than to help another Brother i need in order ride out, what sometime feel like this sometimes storm.

            And the day will come when The Sun Will Peak through those Storm clouds

    1. Thankyou Aimee I hope I can, I have got plans for the first time ever to do positive things. I’m just still very far from being healed and healthy. Today has been a very bad day. My leg is getting really tight and doesn’t want to bend. I’m worried but don’t know if it’s normal.

      1. You will do pal, it’s hard sometimes but just keep in this positive mindset that you’re in right now and things can only get better. I have literally no knowledge on medical shit but i’m guessing that’s normal, it might have something to do with your leg swelling up because i’m guessing the skin got tighter? I don’t know man, all you can do at the minute is keep a close eye on it and rest up, but go back if things get any worse.
        Hope everything goes well, and I wish you all the best in your recovery (:

    1. It really didn’t if I’m honest. I need to change or decorate my flat so it feels different. I need to wash the carpets too, I’d hate to see what they looked like under a black light with luminol! It will look like a massacre has taken place the amount of times I’ve bled all over. I have a carpet cleaner so when I can I’ll wash the lot. Maybe paint, new plants, pictures etc. Anything to change it somewhat

      1. @confusedalot
        As well as or even before decorating – and if it is possible- try moving your sofa, chair, table, and TV around into different places your front room – also, your bed [and TV if you have one in] your bedroom.
        Might sound a bit daft, but trust me.
        Then, For the time spent in those rooms, you will be LITERALLY looking at things from a different angle. If you spend a lot of time in these rooms, it can really help. Like i said, sounds weird and a little petty… but give it a try.
        In some of my “down” times in the past, this has been amongst the little tricks i have used to help get a new/different perspective on things… and to great effect i might add.
        Might work for you, might not.
        But owt is worth a try, right?

        1. Actually sounds like a great idea. I’ll be weeks away from decorating so if I can get my mate to move stuff around for me it will be a nice change. I’m spending most of my time in my front room as I don’t have gas right now and I’m using electric heaters to heat one room. I fell behind with my bill and my meter has put £3 a week on for nearly a year. So say 52 x £3. Not a crazy amount to pay but it’s a big chunk. For me. Needs doing tho, I’ll pay it next week and then keep on top of it. I did have free gas for about 4 year, I knew it’d catch up with me.
          Right now my leg is so full of liquid death it doesn’t want to bend. It’s very uncomfortable. Walking doesn’t hurt as much as it was so hope it’s getting better. The amount of liquid coming out still is crazy. Dr’s in a couple of hours to get the dressing changed. Hope they don’t scare the shit out of me like they did on Friday, saying that I need to go back to hospital. Scared me.

          1. @confusedalot
            yeah, scary.
            but maybe hospital wouldnt be so bad. Constant monitoring, warm ,clean, and no access to street drugs or drink.
            Take a phone, tablet, pc whichever- hook up to their wifi. fed three times a day. A sleeping pill at night.
            I know its not ideal, in a million ways. just tryin to be positive. If you HAVE to smoke, there is them funny looking padded wheelchairs all over every english hospital!
            hey, it would save on your fuckin ‘leccy?!

            dont try n smoke in the bogs, them cleaners will be on yer!

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