Guy with Cancerous Growth on Side of Face

He Can Do Chelsea Smile with That Extended Mouth

Guy with Cancerous Growth on Side of Face

I got no factual backinfo. The guy in pics looks like he has a cancerous growth on the side of his face. That’s all kinds of nasty, whatever it is.

I think there’s drool running down his neck from holes in the cheek that the tumor leaves behind. That’s all kinds of fucked up shit to have on the face.

Props to Best Gore member @olivierbriant for the pics:

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        1. Hey, I used to have that Jansport backpack, for about 30 years. It was navy blue. This guy obviously stole it and dyed it tan since I can’t find it anymore. I wonder if that’s from chew or smoking? Or just some random cancer which is way more fucked up.

        1. I think this is in the Philippines. Jansport is a famous brand here. There are Filipinos who have European features. There are also a lot of people here who have that kind of hairstyle. I have seen people who look like him who also have a Jansport bag. He looks to me as some kind of poor guy who is in a public hospital that’s why his room doesn’t look decent. He also looks like he is in a hospital here in the Philippines. If not Filipino then Southeast Asian. But I would bet 1 million Pesos that he is from here.

  1. Looks like squamous cell carcinoma to me, the easiest skin cancer to treat if gotten to early. Probably started in his mouth or tongue first, then ignored it as it invaded the deeper tissues.
    My prescription now would be in the .38 to .45 range.

        1. It wasn’t too bad actually. I caught it in time. There was a small spot that sorta resembled that and it was on my upper left arm. I then had my left armpit gland removed because it spread to my lymph node. The scar is unnoticeable. You’d never be able to tell.

          1. @tenhearts, nah breast implants for cancer patients look pretty good these days. My friend’s mom showed me her boob job after a double mastectomy, complete with tattooed-on nipples. Looked and felt similar.

  2. Am I the only one who ran in to the bathroom to brush their teeth after seeing this???
    And to think I’m over here whinging about how long it’s taking for my dentist to get my partial fixed~~~~at least I still have my FACE
    He could be the poster child for the argument against tanning beds….

      1. Haha these pictures are just the ones you want to look at before you cook your steak and sit down for a barbq.Seriously i feel very sorry for this guy what a mean mean thing to happen Sgt Carter(thanks to Gomer Pyle for that expression)

          1. @tenhearts, that’s not a Jew faggot (although he is fat), that’s some retarded kid from Illinois who “cooks” on public access tv. Opie and Anthony made fun of him on a segment called “Cooking with Retards.” I definitely recommend.

          1. If you’re going to eat me, please start with the left leg. I’ve been dying to replace my bum Achilles foot with a kick ass prosthetic.

          1. You bet your ass I’m fishing for offers. Why pay for an elective surgery when one of you could remove it for free? And you’d get some meat for your next bbq. Win-win.

          2. Geez, Nem, when did I say I wanted to do without that useless
            little bit of meat ? ..
            But .. I might have …
            Just part of my tangled word-spaghetti ..

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  3. Looks like the gay version of Freddy Kruger : Nightmare on Gay St.

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  4. Does beg the question. “At what point should I go and see a doctor”. I mean, I know us men hate going, yeah I’ve got an ache here and a bit of pain there. But seriously, this is next level. Hang on, maybe it’s prosthetics? Is The Walking Dead auditioning?

  5. One thing is interesting – see his hair ? It’s coloured.
    He’s focused on hair to look good, but do shit with his face for weeks

    It wasn’t like he woke up in the morning and *BUM* he’s got face wrecked.

    Tumour grows weeks and it’s obvious, everybody knows that.

    It looks like nobody noticed this monster on his face – mother, father,friends nobody, even him.

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