Hair Is Cut to Reveal Severe Maggot Infestation Under Scalp

Hair Is Cut to Reveal Severe Maggot Infestation Under Scalp

I got no info on where this video is from. It shows a person getting their hair cut to reveal severe maggot infestation under the scalp.

There is a large slap of scalp that’s completely detached from the skull due to the maggot activity, and a number of holes that allow the maggots to enter and emerge from under the scalp. There are so many of them, they crawl out of all orifices, including ears.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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        1. It’s She for sure. She wore a ‘Salwar’ which is a typical Indian wear for women in India, Just like Jeans we wear in the west. The video is from some Asylum where a woman is being treated for her injuries. As the name suggests, Asylum, nobody gives a fuck to how these poor people live there and in what conditions. Damn! They barely get visits from their family!!! The video made me cringe my eyes shut.

          Surly a video from India. I never doubt the Apathy people have in my country.

      1. @curry muncher.

        I am even sissy to click play. Yet earning a solid 100 dollar bill for sniffing this decay of filth! No chance man!!!

        I can watch CLUBBING African Filth, CHOPPED OFF skulls, Gore, Brazil jelly arms, prison kill etc.

        But these kind of videos I can’t. I must give up ffs

        1. After being on this site for many years and watch videos of beheadinhs,car crashes,drowning’s and almost every way a person can be taken out. This video right here is just WOW!! I mean how could a person for a few days at least with all the vistor’s in his head. Then watching as they burrow thru his skull…and it looks like it wasn’t making him upset at all. Just gives me shivers…

        1. Holy Fuck..!! That’s Fucked up. I relate these type of people to Obese people., like to what degree does it have to get to for you to say I guess it’s time idoo something about it.

        1. What’s the problem, honey? Are you a SJW muslim lover who likes to take a sand-nigger’s cock from behind? Or are you living in denial that your country is falling to pieces because the whole of you are a bunch of pussies?

    1. if you pay attention, its actually a wound, and the doctors are using the maggots to eat all the dead flesh so that further infection does not occur, that was the red cup you saw, them putting maggots in the would, the maggots will only eat the dead corroded flesh, and later be rinsed out.

    1. Yes but we’ll be dead by then so as far as we’re concerned that’ll never happen. I wish the knowledge we all share the same fate provided some comfort, but I just remain terrified and wish there was some way to escape it somehow.

    2. Yes but we’ll be dead by then so as far as we’re concerned that’ll never happen. I wish the knowledge we all share the same fate provided some comfort, but I just remain terrified and wish there was some way to escape it somehow.

        1. I’ve had that thought too, which makes me more freaked out about getting cremated. But I think the soul is just the overall function of the brain, which is why people loose function (not soul) dependent upon the area of the brain they’re hit. I still pray to God every time I experience an NDE mind you.

    3. Bullshit you stupid foreskin sniffer.

      As a wealth millionaire there are many options today, to avoid this decaying filth corpse maggot overdose.

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  1. I want to lock this person in a room with hungry stray dogs. Imagine the dogs gnawing on his melon and cruntching on his skull until his brain is exposed while he’s still conscious. That would be so fucking cool to watch.

    1. Mmm-hmm…that is the tool they need.might actually save this persons life…instead of dabbing the maggots off ??? Suck them and eggs right outta pits in her skull/scalp, swab some peroxide over areas,spray some Raid and wrap in gauze. And for fucks sake buy some fly paper,and fly swatters or keep doors windows closed!

  2. Thats a woman being eaten alive, a hair cut is just part of the situation. She’s been scalped and them maggots are skull fucking her to death eating her brain from her rotten head.

    How the fuck did she not notice this sooner?

  3. I swear am I telling the truth, right now I am three minutes from eating a late dinner SO WHY AM I WATCHING THIS? And why am I at Best Gore three minutes from dinner in the first place? Oh yeah, the gore.

  4. This guy looks like he got shot in the head with a shotgun, and i think that it was also done with a smaller Gauge one, like a 410 gauge, or at the very most A 20 Gauge. But he was most certainly not shot with, a 10,,, 12,,, or 16 Gauge. And if so,,, then The Shotgun Shells Themselves could not have been from a (3” inch Magnum Shell),,, but from a (2 3/4” inch smaller, less gun-powdered one).
    #1 It could NOT have been A simple Slug,,,
    #2 It could NOT have been From A Buckshot, or an S.S.G. Load,,,
    #3 And could NOT have been “What Americans Sometimes Call” Double-O-Buck, Or, (OO-Buck),,,
    #4 Also NOT with Bird-Shot or a 7.5 shell, as these have tons of 7.5 mm pellets in them,,,
    #5 And Finally,,, (after probably driving you Gals/Guys, to the brink of committing suicide), I Wholeheartedly Admit The Sad Fact, That i am 100% Guilty *Yet Again*, Of Making Myself Look Like a Total Fucking Retard, “And Of Doing So Yet Again”, For reasons that i have yet to understand, or even determined Myself. BUT, and finally after all this shit,,, I Honestly Believe that if it was indeed a “SHOTGUN BLAST” to the Forehead that created these holes, than it was probably done with a 2 3/4” Inch x #2 Shell,,, Or, with a 2 3/4 Inch B.B. Shell that hit him while going in an upwards Motion. This way, some of the holes, would be a little longer vertically, with some, having differing sizes, shapes, and distances from each other. But because of the angled trajectory of said pellets, once they’d enter his skull, and make contact with his Cerebrospinal Fluids, their velocity would become, almost nil, and void. ( Just like somebody travelling at a high rate of speed almost stops instantly, and completely when jumping-off a high bridge and making contact with the waters below. So if this is what truly happened, and if all of these many incredible factors came into play, being that it only grazed the underside of his skull, & all then my friends, he is one lucky mother, he had to have Some Extra Large Horseshoes shoved Way-Up his Anal Cavity, by just walking away from the Hospital with only some bandages. And that no damage was caused to the many membranes inside his skull, but he might have leaked some Cerebrospinal Fluid, that if not severe, his body will build up more to fill his head, and inside his spinal cord.
    Holy-Shit that was long and boring man,,, what Da-Fuck is wrong with me,,, A Brain Tumor perhaps, lol, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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