Man Stricken with Sinusitis Celebrates Birthday

Happy FREAKing Birthday

Happy FREAKing Birthday

Story Time With Uncle Dan: Happy FREAKing Birthday

According to this post, His name is Romulo Pilapil Sr. and lives at Brgy. Airport Purok 4 Ormoc City and it seems it’s his 56 birthday at July 6, 2019 and seems to me they all of his friends and family are celebrating his birthday, the pain is almost unbearable, his back is aching, losing weight and losing the ability to see.

WHOA! Stop with the Botox injections, fuller lips, are not worth the risk.

I don’t know WTF kind of disorder this guy has, but his face looks like it belongs on a totem pole. God damn, he would scare Rocky Dennis

He is going to be the life of the Halloween party, that’s for sure.

Props to Best Gore member @asakapala50 for the video:

My name is Dan, I’m an uncle and I like to tell stories ©

214 thoughts on “Man Stricken with Sinusitis Celebrates Birthday”

    1. He looks like a caricatured Chigro or a Chinese Negro. They exist you know. Once upon a time they only existed in places like the West Indies .

      Naomi Campbell and Rihanna are examples of Chigros and Ian Fleming would write about them as being particularly good- looking and cruel of all the Negros. Also i suspect that the singer of “Johnny” of The Five Young Cannibals song group is one of them as well. Now they call them Blasians or BlackAsians due to a large number of mixed Black /Viet babies from the Wars etc The golfer cunt.

      There is also a village in Zanzibar or Kenya where the people are still called Chinese because they are the descendants of Chinese and Blacks from hundreds of years ago. Lol imagine that!

      Forgive me for waxing lyrical but i was in the zone.
      ,WereWife. Where’s my wife?

      1. LMAO dude that comment was so hilarious I laughed so much with this video and with the comments that I can barely breath. Idk how that people in the party are holding the laughs, I mean, this is so freaking funny, the title, the video and the comments, thx BG for making my life funnier. I am not mocking at the guy tho, I hope he gets better soon xD. But we cannot deny that was so fucking funny.

          1. can someone tell them prayers don’t work, it don’t matter who your god is. can’t some doctor sort the poor chap out? i think it looks like he got some sort of infection and the body just keeps reacting to it. Fucking methyl prednisolone treatment will sort him out
            You’re welcome. The bitches in the family can sort me out once the treatment has fixed it.

  1. I can’t see the fuckin’ problem !
    He looks like the love child of Mick Jagger, Steve Tyler and Oprah Winfrey!

    Plus, I’ve never seen a Polynesian (Coconut) that doesn’t look like this !

    Fuck him ..

  2. @seraphim-serenata
    The man was struck down with sinusitis three years ago and his face has been getting bigger ever since. Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection or rhinosinusitis, is inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the sinuses resulting in symptoms the above symptoms. His condition started to get worse despite going to the doctors and being prescribed medication. His last visit to medics was in 2018 and since then he has been unable to afford to continue trying to be treated. Doctors had advised him to go to a bigger hospital in Manila but the family could not afford to do this. Manila is about 1000Km away from his home town of Ormoc City, and getting there required someone to sail across several small islands which is very expensive to the family.

      1. Accumulation of puss that needs to be drainage to save his ass. The family have to appeal to the well wishers to do the needful by donating towards his medical bills. I hope president Rodrigo Duterte is a bestgore member and he’s reading this comment.

        1. What do you mean 3rd world healthcare is free? from what i can see your brethren are climbing all over each other to get to the nhs. Unless you mean shaking sticks at the sick which is pretty much what this lot are doing with their useless prayers. tell your brothers and sisters to stay out of europe. There is no money for them here.

          1. They’re not my brothers and sisters.However if it were up to me we wouldn’t stop at the animals we woulkd wipe out every african on the planet, you shouldn’t be breeding anyway and you lot need to stop breeding like there’s no tomorrow

    1. Plus, what is considered attractive varies between cultures. At 56 he doesn’t have a single wrinkle. Maybe in America he could be a supermodel as they seem to worship anyone who is talentless, has an eating disorder, low self esteem, Botox overdose and masses of facial and lip fillers……..

  3. All the bitches appear pregnant, a shack full of illegitimate children, a grotesque face with no money for medical care, then, if life hasn’t punched you in the gut hard enough yet, they trot out that cake.
    I wonder if they hid all the knives before that party went down.

  4. [As wife is bringing cake]
    Romulo: ‘I LOVE CAKE! I CAN’T WAIT! Honey, I hope it has no NUTS in it. You know very well- if I just glance at a cake with…’ [see pic]

      1. The sinusitis is certainly one way of exposing THEM, Lol… Along with their practice of usury, lying, cheating, etc. Not to mention their attempts to invalidate a Federal election.

  5. I don’t know…”life is sacred?” So yeah the guy deserves to live but damn, to me it’s all about quality of life. Fuck, I’d like to live to 80 or 90 if I can still go out to dinner or go drinking, walk on my own and wipe my own ass. People who bitch and whine about the common, mundane, meaningless bullshit that befalls their daily lives like traffic, their phone not having service, someone getting their order wrong, have zero fucking clue about how 60% or more people on this festering blue ball really live their lives.

    Imagine spending every waking moment holding a cloth to your face to catch the drool and goo seeping from your eyes? Just fucking put me outta my misery or show me to the edge of the highest cliff. Maybe, somehow maybe this guy does like being alive, around family, whatever, but he ain’t gettin laid, he ain’t enjoying a great meal, he ain’t drinking with his buddies, if he even has any to begin with. So next time your hair is a mess or your faggotty latte isn’t right take a fucking breath and understand you have no problems in life.

    1. If it were me, I would probably remove the cotton that’s holding my eyelids apart to avoid infection- long enough to find my 44 Magnum. Then… it’s off to the next plane of existence. Or the eternal dirt nap. Whatever one you believe… but, suffering will be over.

    2. So fucking true, many of us have it too fucking good, we are such inconsiderate cunts, we really are. Which is why I strive to do good, be thankful for the things and moments in my life. Take that self-help books.

          1. I know, i’m just being a miserable old git : ) off to work now where i’ll be handing out free hugs to any ladies who’ll oblige and being very nice to everyone.

          1. Euthenasia has been challenged very few times, recall Dr Kevorkian plans to treat terminally Ill patient with respect and dignity. My guess this man would qualify for a put down.

        1. Absolutely!!

          Started watching the series Chernobyl. These poor bastards are melting away in hospitals suffering so fucking much and they ARE going to die, there was no hope. Fucking kill me mercifully already what in the good fuck????

          We do it for animals why can’t we do it for ourselves?

    3. Wow ! Excellent point.
      For years now, I just try to enjoy every day, while I’m still healthy, because I know how life works, and I won’t always be healthy, so I gotta make the most of it while I can.
      So many folk are so selfish, all they can think about is their own petty little issue, missing sight of the real, big issues of existence, which always remain the same.
      Well done !

          1. I am trying to understand why on Earth is he not on his way to the doctor? I know he may have limited funds but he should be willing to sacrifice for his health. It appears that he could have a really bad case of sinusitis but I think that he had infection included with it as well. He mandible is disproportioned so he could need to see the dentist as well. Can’t really be sure but he should see a doctor.

          1. Hell yeah! The cheap ones allow smoking, and the bodily fluid stains around the rooms are like Rorschach tests. I’m all for self discovery…and smoking.

  6. I’m all for ripping on the people who deserve Darwin awards and emotional unstable pansies that can’t cope with the world like the rest of its inhabitants, but I genuinely feel bad for this guy. His parents must have done some serious fuck shit for karma to fall on behalf of him.

  7. Oh…. I was waiting for someone to come out with the machete and start hacking? Guess it’s not one of those videos lol.

    Anyway this dude looks like most the girls I see walking about the streets spending shit loads of money to hide how fucking ugly they are.

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