Man Stricken with Sinusitis Celebrates Birthday

Happy FREAKing Birthday

Happy FREAKing Birthday

Story Time With Uncle Dan: Happy FREAKing Birthday

According to this post, His name is Romulo Pilapil Sr. and lives at Brgy. Airport Purok 4 Ormoc City and it seems it’s his 56 birthday at July 6, 2019 and seems to me they all of his friends and family are celebrating his birthday, the pain is almost unbearable, his back is aching, losing weight and losing the ability to see.

WHOA! Stop with the Botox injections, fuller lips, are not worth the risk.

I don’t know WTF kind of disorder this guy has, but his face looks like it belongs on a totem pole. God damn, he would scare Rocky Dennis

He is going to be the life of the Halloween party, that’s for sure.

Props to Best Gore member @asakapala50 for the video:

My name is Dan, I’m an uncle and I like to tell stories ©

214 thoughts on “Man Stricken with Sinusitis Celebrates Birthday”

  1. He can always rejoice in that he is not an american nigger, or a jew kike. I actually felt bad for a minute, but then I realized hes neither of these and he will be alright. But could you imagine having the only towel in the whole tribe and wiping your eyes nose and mouth, only to find shit on your cheek…

  2. Can anybody with the technical knowhow send this to a ‘SPECIALIST SURGEON’ who might be able to bring him in for surgery? It’s worth a try at least. I know that many people have been helped in this way. People will help if they know this was happening… especially to this extent.

    I’m pretty sure ‘Romulo’s’ family wouldnt he able to afford it but these surgeons do sometimes reach out to poorer patients who are in dire (desperate) need of help for free.


    PLEASE. Especially reach out to a USA/UK surgeon…. because they’ll most definately fly his wife and Romulo over almost immediately.

    Romulo’s family… if you’re reading this, please get this man to a specialist doctor/surgeon as soon as possible.

    Get this man HELP!

    He probably will commit suicide soon. The tissue will start to split open. THIS HAS TO BE SORTED OUT IMMEDIATELY!!

  3. I watched this and when I saw him with his little handkerchief snot rag wiping at his face suddenly it all clicked.


    C’mon, buddy, don’t you see skies of blue, clouds of white? The bright blessed day, the—oh damn, you ain’t seein’ shit there, ole’ Milky Eye Joe.

    Better luck next reincarnation, Satch.

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