Heart Transplant Surgery – Good Quality Video

Heart Transplant Surgery - Good Quality Video

There is already a heart transplant surgery video on Best Gore, but this one is newer so picture clarity is better and resolution is higher.

Today I learned that an important member of a heart transplant team is a perfusionist. The perfusionist is an expert who operates the heart-lung machine.

Before the surgery begins, doctors connect you to the heart-lung machine that maintains the blood flow till new heart starts working. The machine also replaces the lungs during the procedure, to give the body oxygen and get rid of waste CO2.

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        1. ***No shit, if there is one profession that deserves big money its gotta be doctors. Not fuckin arsehole politicians and sports players!


          That’s why my “heart donor’s option” on my driver’s license is currently removed…

          Until Dick Cheney is Dead!!

    1. What surgery are you having?

      And yes we basically are living, thinking, machines.

      I’m a engineer, I get a bit scared when starting a machine after a big fix… can’t believe the stress it must give doing this with human’s..

      1. @cowkiller I am having an orbital hydroxyapatite implant replaced for an acrylic implant (in my eye socket). If you click on my name you can read my whole story about losing my eye to cancer….and see what it looks like πŸ™‚

        1. I just read your story, very interesting. It must have been gut wrenching to go through that. It must have consumed your every thought. The artificial eye they made for you looks perfect. You can’t even tell. Have you adjusted to your new reality?

          1. @TheProtocolsOfZion. Yes it was extremly gut wrenching, there was a point I even gave up on life. I was convinced the cancer had already spread and that my days were numbered. But here I am almost 3 years later, still no evidence of spreading according to the tests I get every 6 months and I am hoping it stays that way. I have adjusted ok, I can still drive. Only trouble I really have is when someone hands an object to me I reach for it and I am not even close to grabbing it (damn depth perception) I am sure the mail man thinks I’m a lunatic grabbing at that electronic thing you have to sign on and I totally miss it. Haha πŸ™‚

        2. @OEW, read your page, you have an amazing story, completely chronicled with awesome pics. I know that if I were going through something like that, it would be a comfort to read your story and see that the outcome can be beautiful!! The eye matches perfectly, in some pics I had to look twice to figure out which on was supposed to be the fake. Best of luck on your continuing journey, and you are a beauty!!

        3. Your story is inspirational @OEW. My mother is very worried about her problematic vision, she already had one op on her left eye, which didn’t go well… at least she made the right decision in only having one eye done or both of them would have been in worse shape than before. And I echo what the guys have said, you look great. πŸ˜‰

          1. Thank You @ewe sorry to hear your mother is having eye troubles. I worry about mine too because I don’t have a backup anymore, have to be careful with what I have left. πŸ™‚

        4. ***I am having an orbital hydroxyapatite implant replaced for an acrylic implant (in my eye socket). If you click on my name you can read my whole story about losing my eye to cancer?.and see what it looks like


          …and thanks for taking the time to post your journey with this.

          I’m anxious to find out, how you are coping with your new acrylic implant.

          I was inspired, by the way you had overcome a lot of your fear over this, by sharing your experience with others. I couldn’t of thought of a better way to do this myself.

          In addition to sharing your experience with others, I’m sure it would strengthen your confidence with your eye surgeon as well. Making this a positive experience for everyone involved.

          …as far as a weird looking puppet, with the two previous implants together…

          It would be the prettiest weird looking puppet, because I thought both your implants looked simply wonderful.

          btw: your husband has an (eye) for beauty πŸ™‚

  1. But what happens if a white man receives the transplanted heart of a black man and is thereafter haunted by his ghost, like in that movie “Heart Condition” where Bob Hoskins receives a heart transplant from a black lawyer who then returns as a ghost to ask him to help take down the men who murdered him.

    Can you ask for it to be exchanged?, would the doctors accept the excuse that there is a dead brother from another mother hanging around you all day as reason enough for a new transplant?.

    It’s worth considering anyway, particularly for those awaiting such a transplant in the near future.

      1. You guys know that they sometimes A) don’t like it but eat it out of respect for their ancestors who ate what they had, only the worst that their bastard “masters” provided to them…feeding the animals much better, or B) it’s also growing a taste for what we’re raised on! I wouldn’t eat escargot, but my late mem?re (grandmother), couldn’t get enough! Or frog legs for that matter. What about haggis (sp?)-I would have to literally be starving on an island to even try it, and STILL may throw up.

        But again, things that we eat as children we usually still like as adults…I do anyway, make the same recipes my mother made, that her mother made like quish, and also that my American grandmother made and taught my mother to make when she moved here from France.

        I doubt I’ll open any closed minds…but my son is a beautiful, light-skinned bi-racial young man; his BFF is a white, blonde skater lol, and they are two peas in a pod! πŸ™‚ I love this next generation…they don’t care what color you are, what gender you prefer, etc…If you’re a cool person then you’re cool. No if, ands, or buts. <3

        Obviously how we raise them also can affect this, but I've raised my son to be a kind, compassionate, caring, understanding, God-fearing, and non-judgemental gentleman. He is friends with everyone, never has bully's, and adults, (teachers, family, fam. friends), LOVE him! I'm obviously very proud, and I've raised him on my own. He can take care of business if he needs to though…he's been in four or five fights in his life; didn't start any of them but sure as hell finished them, not a doubt that he won.

        I'm getting off track, but please open your minds and hearts to the points I made…almost like if you hunted with your dad or mom as a kid you prob still hunt. As long as you eat it, I can't judge that. I eat meat, so what kind of idiot hipocrite (sp?) would that make me? If I can even reach one person, open their eyes, mind, and heart-show them that being different isn't bad, it just is an opportunity to learn something new, then I would be happy! πŸ˜€

        All of you, no matter who you are, or what you do-as long as you're not hurting living things for fun or any other stupid reason, have a great day! <3

    1. If a white man received the heart of a black man, his desire for white women might start a trend! You know humans better than most, Empty Soul. We are such intent followers of the next new thing. Please excuse me now while I wait in line for the Galaxy Note Edge.

    2. You’ve stumbled upon an interesting topic guys,

      There are those, even among the science community, who believe that cellular memory does in fact exist to a certain degree and that this cellular memory can effect the new host after organ transplantation.

      It is not unknown for those who have had organ transplants to crave certain foods and/or other items that they never did before and which is later revealed to have been the original host’s particular tastes.

      Would a white man therefore suddenly crave spicy chicken for example if he were to have a transplanted heart from a black host?, would he wake from his operation with the innate ability to play bass guitar?, would he suddenly find women who have more junk in the trunk attractive?.

      It is all very interesting.

      1. Lol @ empty. Don’t know about other organs but I actually donated a kidney to a good friend who was about to have to go on dialysis – thus losing her job at 50 yrs old, going on social security, and dying in just a few years. She had diabetes since she was a teen. No one in her family could donate for various reasons and it turned out I was a good match. Anyway, she got a kidney and pancreas (from a teenage car accident victim) so no more diabetes for her!

        Long story short, her personality did change – she slowly became manipulative and uncaring, but I guess I chalk it up to that pancreas – haha. That was in 2002 and as far as I know she’s doing well (she still works with a friend of mine), but we are no longer in touch.

        1. @ilovemygramps,

          Giving a kidney is quite the dedication, I don’t think that I would ever do it for anyone other than very close loved ones.

          Do you not regret giving a kidney to an ungrateful shit?, I know that I would feel very angry and bitter about it but then again I suppose there is no point in getting angry about what is and what can never be changed.

        2. @ilovemygramps-that is by far one of the WORST human beings I have EVER heard about! She’ll get hers…maybe her family didn’t wanna do it because they knew she was an uncaring, manipulative bitch who was only out to get what she wanted/needed and now she could give a care less! Maybe her fam wanted her gone lol!
          In any case, you are an amazing, generous, loving person and will be no doubt going to Heaven. Idt she would go to hell, BUT I do believe Pergatory AKA Limbo will def be in her future! I would write her a letter and tell her off, or at the very least tell her how much her behavior has hurt you…you literally gave her the gift of LIFE! I’ve saved lives, but not given an organ, (just blood), and you deserve her gratitude.
          I wonder if she distanced because seeing you reminds her of the worst/scariest time in her life, which she tries to avoid remembering? Or maybe she feels guilty for taking it? Or maybe it’s been so long she’s scared of how you may treat her if she were to contact her? Or she’s afraid you’ll want something from her? Idk what’s going through her head, but it certainly doesn’t sound like gratitude!
          You are an angel, and I am so impressed by what you did for a friend. God bless you, and I hope Karma gives both of you what you guys deserve-obviously good Karma for you! πŸ™‚
          Take care! <3

    3. @ Empty soul

      Did you ever watch the HBO drama series ‘Oz’ about life in a maximum security prison?

      There was one episode where a prisoner who belonged to an Aryan Skinhead gang needed surgery on his gums (for an infection or something). While being examined by the prison dentist, the inmate assaults/threatens the dental surgeon. The surgery goes ahead and the inmate gets the tissue transplant (which uses the tissue from cadavers.

      Later, the prison dentist spreads a rumor that this Aryan received donor tissue from a black cadaver. All of his fellow skinheads reject him because he’s no longer pure white in their eyes.

      The final scene in that episode had the inmate cutting the donor tissue from his gums with a dull piece of metal, purging himself of the blackness that had been grafted onto him.

      But really, our bodies are only vessels for our brains and it’s the character of the individual that counts, not the parts that comprise them.

    1. Theyve started printing and growing organs that are genetically neutral….. Meaning no dna! The amazing part is when they grow something like a heart it does not beat until it is in contact with dna then it starts to beat.!!! Remove the contact with the dna it stops. The thought that we can walk up to a machine and print a new organ and then throw it into anyone and the body will not reject it Is beautiful. So if we can just print new organs or grow them and we can make robotics ten times stronger and faster than people how far are we from the next evolution of man. Homoevolutis. Control of our own evolution. It would seem we are not interested in dying just death…..interesting

      1. Whatever the reason for the transplant, the patient may see a decade of life with a daily regiment of pills and regular doctors exams, ECG, imaging test (Doppler, Ultrasound, FMRI, etc.).

        The mere fact that medical science has developed to the point where it can easily transplant organs is a testament of accomplishment unto itself.

        But let us not forget the tens of thousands of animals that science had to practice upon in bringing us to this point. Sure, transplanting one pig heart into another swine may not seem grand, but there have been far more pig hearts transplanted than human.

  2. Not a real doctor gang, but please be disappointed I was. But none the less the vid looks like some top notch skills cuz, I might have the grey matter though to pull that of now if need be. Thanks Ate you have probably saved many lives with your contribution to our community. -951-

  3. They should practice their craft transplanting pig hearts into Islamists and other fundamentalists. At least they all would have one then and the irony, proficiency, and gratitude all around would be worth it.

  4. I never knew hearts look like raw chicken , while they’re not beating. The more you learn, eh?
    Anyway, very interesting video and very skilled surgeons. The part where they poured the blood out of the heart looked a bit grotesque though.

  5. A friend of mine has had a heart transplantation when she was only 12.

    She had to do it if she wanted to live. Can you imagine?! young, pretty, good life, you want to live. Then someone dies and the transplant countdown start suddenly.

    Being 12 years old, going to “sleep”. You might die… if you don’t you will live on with someone else s heart.

    1. Don’t feel that way, people do admire you for fixing their stuff, some people out there wouldn’t know how to even load a cd. For the mechanics out there, car engines are kind of like our insides – Oil is the blood, transmission is the spinal cord that connects engine – the heart and ecu – the brain, coolant is the water content in the body, the shock absorbers and springs are the ligaments and bones, fuel tank is the stomach which provides the energy and the battery is the electrical currents of the brain. So this if we think of it this way, if you don’t look after your car like your own body, eventually things start deteriorating.

  6. Well when I was with my wife the other night and she had to have caesarean they put a sheet up so you can’t see anything but they seemed to forget I could still see the baby coming out from the big ass reflective light hanging from the roof in the middle of the surgery room. It was pretty awesome to watch a little human being emerge into the world.

  7. I once saw a surgery involving a curved spine reconstruction and they basically were hammering in this big steel rod with all screws. Each hit of the hammer was bone chillingly nasty. The patient was sore for a number of weeks after but she made a full recovery and now leads a normal life without spinal problems.

    1. Don’t know what that patient had, but I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine), mine was S shaped. They fixed the lower curve which was the most severe when I was 20. Later, the upper curve worsened and they removed the steel rod and all and put in a titanium rod – with all the screws. Now my X-rays look like I have a cage around my spine, which I guess I kind of do. And the screws seem huge! Anyway, I didn’t heal like I did when I was 20 and now have a non-union of part of the bone structure so bummer for me. No more surgeries EVER for me. I was in pain for ages and still have the dreaded chronic pain. And they don’t tell you early arthritis is common when they start fixing bones especially when joints are involved. But on the bright side, I am 2 inches taller than I was before my first surgery!

    1. This is why i have mixed feelings about doctors and medicine. Alot of doctors join to help people andi love them for it. My surgeon was sooo dedicated to me and my recovery i still get misty eyed when i think of the extent he went to for me. And when i expressed my appreciation wholeheartedly he was moved to tears. And i could see clear as day his intentions when he became a doctor. That said how many more are there for money and how many are there simply to cut people up.

      1. @dulphwiggins Yeah I’m sure there’s a lot of docs that are just in it for the money, & modern medicine is scary as hell. It’s like playing god I guess. Were we really made to last as many years as we do? Wouldn’t the world get way over populated & just go to shit? I dunno but if there is a god he made us to fear death so what did he expect to happen….

  8. Glad dude got a new heart, the old one looked like it sucked. I imagine in another 50 years people will be leasing new hearts every 3-4 years like we do with cars now. Beating the shit out of them well knowing they will be getting a shiny new one soon. Showing them off to their friends while making them jealous with all the new fancy options this years model is offering. “This one comes with surround sound and extra bass.”

    1. @POZ, have you seen the movie “The Island”?? It pretty much like that, it’s about rich people who pay to have clones made of themselves, that way if they ever need a new organ, they just kill the clone to get it. Everything is a perfect match.

  9. I had a quintuple bypass some 5-1/2 years ago. The surgeon told me the anaesthetist was paid more than him because my life was in his hands. He stopped the heart for the surgery, kept me alive during it, and then restarted it.
    The surgeon said, “I just did a bit of plumbing!!”

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  11. It’s funny how some of us try to destroy life and could do anything to kill someone,but this dudes do anything to save a life it’s weird but cool,I thought it was harder to transplant a heart I’m gonna practice the next week πŸ˜†

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