Heart Transplant Surgery Video

Heart Transplant Surgery Video

This video shows what it’s like to undergo a heart transplant surgery. I’ve checked several sources on the internet and all indicate that survival rates of heart transplant patients are close to 90%. The three year survival rate is however down to 75%, and 10 year to 56%.

As for the cost of a heart transplant – according to a March 2012 article in Forbes, the average initial cost of a heart transplant is $997,700 – just shy of a million dollars. That includes preliminary testing, the cost of a transplant heart, the surgery itself and post-operative recovery costs.

As for the duration – a heart transplant operation usually takes about 6 to 8 hours. There is some indication of the time passed in the video too.

I think the surgery in this video was performed in Brazil – although I don’t speak Portuguese, I’ve seen enough videos from Brazil to recognize the accent:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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16 thoughts on “Heart Transplant Surgery Video”

    1. don’t worry @Jesus, in 100 years there will be biomechanical hearts that will put our organic ones to shame. they’ll never tire out or get old…going even further, man could eventually make themselves immortal, just transferring their consciousness from one host body to another

    2. It may be possible in our lifetime that samples of a person’s various body parts/systems/organs can be cultured, grown, and stored in or on a host mammal (recall the mouse with the living human ear on its back, anyone?) until needed for repair/placement by the original host.
      Integrating someone else’s body junk repulsive to you? No worries, you can install your *own* reserves, no foreign flesh necessary.

      1. @surgtechgirl, synthetic organs can be grown in a lab and have already been succesfully used in transplants.
        A nose can be grown in a mould and then transplanted onto the face. Problem is it first has to be sewn onto an arm for 4 weeks for the skin and blood vessels to form, so pray you don’t catch a cold.
        Link if interested:

      1. E voc? ? uma burra do caralho.

        Estou te provando que esse sistemas de transplantes do Brasil ? uma merda, tem gente viva sendo morta em hospitais p?blicos pra fins de tr?ficos de ?rg?os. O pior cego ? aquele que n?o quer ver, se voc? quiser ser burra e confiar nesses m?dicos vagabundos, problema seu, tomara que arranquem os seus rins enquanto voc? estiver viva e agonizando de dor em uma maca, que nem esses m?dicos a? da not?cia que eu postei fizeram com os pacientes. Brasileiro tem mais ? que morrer, ra?a nojenta do caralho.

  1. I don’t know about other countries, but where I live you have to ‘opt in’ to have your organs donated to someone else, but that means a huge shortage of organs because families are not in the right frame of minds to make a decision like that unless they have spoken about it with their loved ones before they died. I think we should have an ‘opt out’ system whereby, if in good condition, your organs will automatically be donated to someone in need. You could, for example, opt out for religious reasons and so on. The biggest problem I see with this option is people being maimed or killed for their organs – but that happens now anyway.

    Ok rant over 🙂

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