Home DIY Tooth Extraction with Help from Friends

Home DIY Tooth Extraction with Help from Friends

Home DIY Tooth Extraction with Help from Friends

I don’t know where the video is from. Could be Turkey?

The video shows a group of guys performing a home DIY tooth extraction on a friend with one of those grip wrenches. The tooth seems part loose, so it wasn’t a major struggle pulling it out, but the tool definitely wasn’t built for being shoved inside the mouth cavity.

The guy that got his tooth extracted wears what seems to be an ambulance driver jacket…

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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122 thoughts on “Home DIY Tooth Extraction with Help from Friends”

      1. The vice grips are a decent choice of weapon, but they needed the ones the the needle nose end 🙂 To be fair, I choose the non-surgical option (it was MUCH cheaper) to have my wisdom teeth extracted at my dentist. This is literally the same procedure he performed on me. They drugged me with Halcion, and rippped out the teeth with what looked like needle nose pliers. Can’t blame the guy for trying to save some $$$

          1. Fantastic acting.
            I’m going to the dentist Monday, I’m gonna ask him if it’s safe…just to mix it up. They think I’m crazy, I don’t want to disappoint them.
            Are you off work the rest of the weekend?

          2. No pain, I need a cleaning and maybe a cavity filled. Fun stuff. I make the dentist laugh. Last time I was there I entertained them with a true dental related story I heard from Lord Wankdust…..can you imagine?!

          3. @illegalsmile55 I hope it goes well. I don’t even want to imagine the dentist filling your cavity. It’s horrific…
            Wankdust made your dentist laugh all the way from Scotland. Did you tell Wankdust he’s famous?
            Does the dentist know you’re a best gore member? Ask him/her for some gory teeth pulling videos.

  1. used to do like this for years me and my family… shit i get that when i was 8-10 years old.

    this, or the little rope tied to the door and VRAM !

    was living in a small village without alots of money soo.. have to deal with, and tooth pain is one of the worse in world :/

    (still, that more than 25 years ago.. time change lol )

        1. Hell yeah it’s expensive!… Dano here pays my mom $200 a week to drop her fat ass on his face and suffocate him to near death, he calls it… Assholerotic Assfixiation… Don’t worry, we keep a defibrillator and O2 on hand to bring him back from the brink ass soon ass he starts gettin cyanotic… Lol, you should see him.. Fukn AssSmurf..!

          1. My friend is looking for a fart-time job, and I thought sitting on someone’s face and, well, farting, seems like a win-win. 😉
            Where have you been young man? Don t you know you’re supposed to sign out when your absence will be more than 48 hours? You’ve been watching flat earth videos…haven’t you?

          2. Yeah, I know.. It’s just that, my mom had me clean and apply leather softener/protectant to the belts and straps for Danacondas Gimpwear, so I was quite the busy bee as Dano has such a vast ensemble, but the virgin leather irritates his milky albino skin soooo, there ya go! …. He’s a PoS, but we luh him y’know..


  2. Yeah they’re speaking Turkish, I’ve heard enough of that language.. I understood a couple of words, guy with the wrench said “stop” a couple of times, I think he was saying “stop moving around”.

        1. I’m starting to see why your father didn’t stick around.
          You know damn well that I lost those teeth when your mother sneezed while I was excavating her mobility scooter from one of her asses…again.
          Now apologize to Mr Observer for telling a lie and your grounded from Rocky’s Pound Mound for a month.

  3. LOL.
    Wouldn’t it be much better looking after your teeth in the first place, i.e. brush twice a day, mouthwash, and occasional floss. Not very difficult here in first world countries.

    Or simply have a good job where you can afford to pay for emergency treatment, should you be careless enough to ever require it.

  4. Sorry wrong tooth lol

    Seriously watching that
    turns my stomach, i dunno why as I can watch almost anything even when eating my dinner but, when it comes to teeth i just fecking cringe. (weird that eh?)

      1. @blackbear

        Oddly, I was thinking about that video about an hour ago while watching a ‘Scary Dentist Stories’ vid. They gagged at a kid having two maggots living in his mouth and I thought, “Only two? They should get a load of that Best Gore video, they’d probably pass out!”

  5. I guess as long as the tool used is clean and there wasn’t an existing infection, this isn’t a horrible solution to the problem. Especially if you have a high pain tolerance and a buddy with steady hands.

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