Homeless Man Has Foot Swollen and Ankle Overrun with Maggots

Homeless Man Has Foot Swollen and Ankle Overrun with Maggots

Video from Russia or somewhere thereabout shows a homeless man getting his foot looked at by someone – presumably a medic.

Careful removal of sock that must have been on the homeless guy’s foot for a long time without having been taken off revealed severe swelling of the foot and what looks like a million maggots feasting on the necrotizing flesh of his ankle. Even after some of the maggots are rubbed off and fall on the ground, creating a heap of swarming worms, the necrotic ankle is still covered with a cloud of them.

Poor homeless dude doesn’t look too shocked about his horrifying limb. He has a very friendly face with epic facial hair. He probably just got screwed over during the transition from communism to capitalism and ended up homeless with few avenues to change it. Neglected personal hygiene was a sure next stage of his life and it lead him to this unfortunate moment. His foot is likely a goner. He may also be a diabetic which would make his ordeal so much worse. I feel sorry for the guy.

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          1. So glad to be back! Losing wifi sucks huge hairy nuts. Love seeing most everyone stuck around. I’ve been keeping up but too hard to MSG on my phone ugh. Now I have my guilty pleasure back! Lol

      1. @ NOTDASILVA

        When it comes to dead flesh, maggots (like these in this video) can only eat the dead flesh because they release enzymes that can only break down dead flesh. They don’t eat it per se, they drink it. It’s impossible for them to eat live flesh. This is why maggots used in a surgical sense are completely safe and effective.

        Now, there are some flies in the world that do indeed lay eggs on healthy skin in which their larva burrow into live skin, to hatch and feed until they can burrow back out and fly away. Though still flies, their larva is much different than the maggots we think of.

        1. To add more to my response:

          Flies are attracted to dead flesh, or the bacteria on some things like shit; or a few plants that also excrete the bacteria for the purpose of attracting flies.

          When a live person, suck as this guy, has a necrotic (dead) wound that is both big enough and has enough bacteria, it will attract flies and the larva laying begins. Ironically, many people, maybe this guy, lives have been saved due to this process. It’s disgusting as Hell, but it’s quite effective.

          In recent studies, maggots have been used to successfully destroy and stop the spread of antibacterial resistant strain of MRSA. Where medicine has failed time and time again, maggots and nature has prevailed.

          1. Speaking along the same lines, I saw something extremely interesting. Scientists were using alligators to try and develop a new super antibiotic. They stated how alligators and crocs live in some of the most bacteria and disease ridden water and yet even when they lose a limb from a fight (quite common) they never get infections.

            Their bodies have a certain way of fighting off almost all bacteria and it can adapt to the bacteria as opposed to vice versa. They put some gator blood on two Petri dishes, one with MRSA and another with the Staph bacteria. Within 24 hours it killed almost all of both.

            Never thought of alligators as potentially saving humans but it makes sense. They have lasted this long, they have even survived with us taking away their habitat. One of, if not the most, perfectly engineered creatures.

          2. @gcs15 That is so fucking awesome! Thank you for that info, that’s interesting as hell. After thinking about all that you said in your post it makes perfect sense. That would be amazing if scientist were able to clone or creative whatever it is inside an Alligator’s DNA to potentially wipe out those diseases and infections completely one day.

          3. @gcs15

            That is interesting. Anther animal they need to hit up for that research is the komodo dragon. They have already determined it’s not the saliva per se that kills, but rather bacteria rich ducts, like venom ducts, that introduce their killing bacteria into their saliva.

            Reptiles are the way to go at this point for antibacterial rich studies.

            Cool deal, thank you for that information.

    1. No my dear. Those are wild maggots that carry all sorts of pathogens and bacteria. That limb is beyond saving and needs to be cut off before any nasty bacteria can move to other parts of the man’s body and eventually kill him.

      1. @ WaltzingDead

        I’m pretty sure we stop being “us” the moment our brains die. At that point, I could care less if I’m buried, made into a skin body suit, used for experiments, cremated, used as fertilizer, snorted, smoked or even eaten. I won’t remember, nor feel a thing. LOL

          1. I want to be fed to a pack of wild hyenas(well, I guess that’s the only kind of hyenas) and recorded for an episode of bestgore. I don’t want the hot BG chix to see my shriveled up dingaling though.

        1. @Frodo your comment reminded me of the first season of The Walking Dead when the group meet that scientist who explains to them what the virus is and shows them that video.

          When we die, the part of the brain that holds everything that makes us, us, is lost forever. It makes me nostalgic to think about it…

          1. That would be awesome koko…on a serious note when i die of like to be cremated and wait with my sons ashes for my daughter to die then mix all our ashes and spread us at sea…just like Mom..and my aunt…..id still like to be on here first…then ash me up so on..

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            I miss the music from those days.

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            Gots to churn that butter! At least once a week!

            You guys crack me the fuck up. Good show!

            Can’t believe it’s not butter! Yeah no shit, it’s anal butter, fart paste, blah, all of the above. 🙂

          1. Oh yeah??..that’s strange..i mean the Drs never advertised it to anyone around because of possibleweak stomachs…but hide it from other staff…hmm..maybe it’s just their protocol…?

      1. Yeah, this doctor always kept it kinda quiet too. He wasn’t hiding it, but he didn’t advertise it to everyone. All the patients always knew though. It was their last resort. Next was amputation. I’d at least try the maggot therapy before I’d say “Cut my foot off.”

        1. Exactly. If you’re in a situation where therapy with maggots is even being considered then you are not in a situation where you can be picky.. Like you said its usually a Hail Mary pass before cutting off a limb or even just taking a huge chunk of muscle/tissue out.

          Maggots, slugs, etc. we still haven’t found anything as effective medicinally.

  1. i’ll bet he was eating them

    and his foot’s staying right where it — his toes havent blacked andhis skins pink and skin reginerates it self faster than his stench. plus maggots are osmotic would consume bacteria just like a medical poultice. maggots party hardy and even each other.
    the filthy guy could have stepped in garbage, or got puked on

  2. This guy off lucky..those maggots are actually helping him by eating away at his dead skin…it’s fucking disgusting i know..but hey this is mother nature taking care of this poor guys leg…i feel bad for the maggots…i bet not once was he appreciative over the fact that they were on him..if he had the knowledge that we do about using maggots medically I’m sure he’d be hitting on the guy killing them…rip dear maggots…you fulfilled your purpose…i hope they find his leg one they amputate and they get a nice gooey oozing dead leg to munch on…nom nom noooooom mister maggots…oh and to those of you who got grossed out by this..unless you donate your body to science or are getting cremated..these lil fuckers will be all over and in through out your meatpuppet in your grave…might wanna reconsider being buried whole…haha..

      1. I understand zion…as long as I’m burnt to a crisp i don’t mind how they burn me..just as long as I’m really dead..and turned to dust..i won’t haunt those fuckers..screw up my death wishes though and it’s on…I’ll make Amityville look like Childs play…

      1. @obli
        lol…nah yer comment was fine..:)

        well if quantity is the important bit im afraid I shall be lacking – I have a very flat butt…I was arching that puppy like mad so it would at least resemble an ass..lol

        hey! my skin is the colour of fine bone china….not pasty..lol

  3. Maggots make me fucking cringe ^.^

    Funny story actually..
    I had an old boyfriend who lived in a grody frat house. They ended up getting a nasty case of maggots..

    Well, they tried to VACUUM the maggots up, and it fucking reaked!! Trololol I mean probably one the most disgusting smell ever. & it lingered for days -_-

    Not much of a moral here. Just don’t vacuum maggots.

    1. Ugh, I only had athletes foot once and it was horrible. It was from a college shower, even though I had flip flops on. The itchy feeling when you are driving and have shoes and socks on made me want to cut my feet off and throw em out the god damn window. It was only bad for a few days but after that it never happened again. (I decided money is better spent living off campus with your own damn shower.)

        1. Oh trust me that’s pretty much what I did lol maybe I’m a weirdo but I actually think the menthol isopropyl alcohol feels cool. When you put it on your skin and have a fan or a/c blow it dry it feels awesome. Like a cool burning. Awesome if your itchy from anything at all.

    1. Watched a true stories of the ER a year or so ago and there was a homeless person was putting earth worms into abscesses on his arm or leg (don’t recall the exact location), and they named each one; pretty sure it was a women, but could be wrong. The only thing that stuck out was the worms in the case. And yeah, they were actually disappointed to see them get taken out. So it wouldn’t be all that unusual if this dude didn’t want to lose his maggot infestation.

      1. I saw that episode too! It was a woman who was I think schizophrenic. And the doctor gave her some of the worms in a jar, for her to take home as pets 🙂

        That was nasty. I’m surprised she was able to do that without causing a bad infection!

  4. For all we know, those might be his pets and they all may even be named and numbered. Folks do keep strange things these days.

    I hope they get him some of those non-skid socks for his safety. The ones he’s got must be pretty slippery by now…

  5. You’re such a romantic, Ate! He’s more likely to be a member of Medvedev’s Administration after four or five too many week long vodka induced blackouts.

    “Luk Yuri! I just eenvented new Russian trend to rival krokodil! I vil kaul eet ‘Stankle Style’! ????????? ?????? ?? ???????? ???, ? ???? ??? ??? ????????!*”

    * Let?s drink to the health of those who still have it!

  6. i dont understand why homeless didnt remove maggots himself. maybe they gave him some warmth. In russia its pretty cold.
    This reminds me maggots. People in here bestgore. This combines us like 1 big family. we are together here like maggots. We are the maggots

  7. Awwwww, he’s got pets! He may be homeless but he can’t be lonely! That’s a definite problem he’s got going on there. Jeez! Honestly, I work at an emergency animal hospital & I can handle ANYTHING but maggots! I can eat & watch surgery, deal with the dead bodies, etc. but, maggots? KEEP THEM THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! They make me want to cry! Lol

  8. more then likely he survived and possibly saved his legs. maggot therapy is very common nowadays they only eat dead tissue and the enzimes they secrete actually stimulate healthy tissue to form under the dead stuff. my 1st MIL was a severe type 1 diabetic and had developed gangrene and the docs used maggots to save one of her legs. the other one was too far gone, she caught her toe in a sandal and never said a word and it went south from there. but the maggots saved her left leg. i was shocked. this was back in 1991 to boot

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