Huge Abscess on Back Drained by Butcher Woman

Huge Abscess on Back Drained by Butcher Woman

It’s been a while since we’ve had a properly gross zit popping video on Best Gore so here’s a well deserved fix.

Zit bearer in this video is a gray haired man with huge cyst on his back. Zit fixer is a butcher woman who’s too fucking rough even for a dead bull, let alone a conscious human. Nothing beats having a butcher woman drain abscess from your back. Might as well hand her a chainsaw next time around. It may be more gentle than her hands.

The spray of pus which erupts when the woman punctures the cyst for the first time is pretty fucking nasty. She probably got it all over her face but just licked it off. Finger fucking of the wound which she performs later is just as mind boggling. She must have confused it with her sister’s underdeveloped snatch and looked for a G-Spot…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Huge Abscess on Back Drained by Butcher Woman”

    1. That is billions of trillions of times more fucking disgusting than ANY beheading video, accident or murder scene photo, or anything at all really. Fuck me. Why do I feel drawn to watch shit like this??!!

  1. That woman popped that cyst the same way a doctor would do it. She lanced it, squeezed out the pus, loosened and cut out the sac, and rubbed the area with antiseptic. If anybody wants to see shitty zit popping (screaming, eeww’s, swearing, pews, leaving in the sac, wearing no gloves with dirty hands and fingernails, intoxicated), go to They literally have thousands of zit videos. Although a lot of their shit is lame and stupid, there are also educational videos uploaded by doctors showing procedures and surgeries.

    1. @Buffsmom knows what she’s talking about.That woman isn’t a “butcher”, she just knows what she’s doing and doesn’t fuck around but, is efficient at getting the job done! I’ve seen many a doctor do this procedure and can’t seem to do as quick and thorough of a job as she did in a fraction of the time!!!

        1. that was, indeed, awesome! I remember when my husband had a large abscess and they were short staffed at the hospital. The doctor as attempting to hold the skin tight enough to lance it, so i volunteered to help. it was pretty much the same, slice, press over and over, and then investigate to see if packing is needed. my only wonder about this video is whether or not it smelled and why the hell you would LET it get that big? something half that size would bug the crap out of me!

  2. I had that done on my ass cheek about 2 months ago. Buffsmom is correct, that’s exactly how a doctor would do it, but mine took quite a bit longer because the 4 lots of pain shots she gave me didn’t work, so she had to continue without any pain meds at all. I kept phasing in and out fo conciousness and feeling extremely dizzy – I had stars in my eyes and everything kept going black! My blood pressure was sky high before the treatment but slowly came down afterwards. After the puss in all out it’s left open and just covered with a sterile dressing so that it can continue to drain naturally. Mine is 95 % better now but I still have to be careful when showering etc as it has started bleeding a few times.

    1. Is that how you got your screen name Gunky? I had one taken out of my back some years back, glad I couldn’t see anything. The anesthetic was starting to wear off before the Doc finished. Felt like something was chewing on me. No further problems, he said he had to get the root sack or it would come back.

      1. @Senor Piggy, yes that’s how I got my screen name because I had another one of these things on my eyebrow 6 months ago, there’s something wrong with my immune system which they are looking into now. Getting the root sack out is why they have to squeeze so hard because if they don’t get the sack out, then the infection will just come straight back. I am glad that you are fine now 🙂

  3. Not to be TMI, but I had a cyst such as this on my *ahem* nether region and let me just tell you… it fucking sucks when they drain it. I balled my eyes out and wanted to just freaking die right there. This man is lucky he had it on his back!

  4. The initial squirt fountain was only the clear Lidocaine fluid that she injected to numb the area (local anesthetic). The cheesey stuff that comes afterwards, that’s what was living in his back rent-free.
    You can hear them talking about what happened ‘last time’, so clearly this is a recurring problem. The entire sebaceous sac that the cottage cheesey crap is in needs to be fully removed (and not by a butcher!) to cure the problem. Total hack job.

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