Huge, Bleeding Tumor of the Mouth

Huge, Bleeding Tumor of the Mouth

Christ, I’ve heard of fat lips, but this is ridiculous! Video from Thailand showing a young man afflicted with a bulging, swollen, bleeding tumor in his mouth. Just look at the size of that thing. Imagine having that thing hanging out of your mouth and trying to go about your daily business.

No further info available but I can’t imagine just letting it get that bad and not doing anything to remedy it. Maybe he lives in an area with insufficient facilities to treat such a thing. In any case, grab a fork and let’s get started!

Bulging props to @african-angel for the hookup.

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    1. curse ?
      oh come on..
      only if you live in middle of the asshole of the world in an shitty country and dont do a shit for years you can grab this kind of thing.
      its impossible for a “normal” person with a minimum IQ living in an decent country to get this thing.
      just imagine :

      – you take a tumor (dont know about)
      – you have small pain in mouth (nothing to worry about)
      – you feel somthing in your mouth (dont worry, nothing hard)
      – the thing you feel become more bigger (ok, i m ok)
      – the thing is big enougth to take 40% of place in your mouth (the fuck ? did i just gonna say : its nothing)
      – the thing go out of your mouth (oh come on, everybody would already have go in hospital)
      – look at the freaking size of this shit and his look ! (nobody is stupid enougth in an decent country to stay like that and do nothing)

      even if you not have money at all, technically, they are no hospital in any decent country that not allow you to go in chirurgy for heal this shit out. even if you not have money, its the doc job to help, and this is a crazy case, not a simple sick, its an fucking giant tumor that can kill in less than a day by asphyxy or something.

      its not a curse in this situation . its stupidity.
      i can understand this to peoples who live in shithole like thailand with the most shitty medical system in world, without a single place where they are no garbage in street or rats around.
      but seriously, even if i live in thai, in middle of jungle and get that kind of shit, i probably make thousand km for go in the hospital and harass the fucking doc about heal this, or simply suicide myself.

          1. everything is are a product of where you come from. This dude licked the wrong pussy. I don’t know how your mouth could get this fucked up. Doctors don’t treat shit for free though. I was in NYC last week and this homeless man had eyes like a fucking fish, but he had an overactive thyroid. Its all about that $$$

          1. its clasic for me to be insulted for not be like shakespeare.
            problem to be similar to mozart (jealous peoples everywhere ^^ ). but i dont give a shit now about this, it happen too much and i have more interresting thing to do than hear peoples complaint about my grammar, specially when they can perfectly understand what is writed

      1. “…chirurgy for heal this shit out.” Are you writing English? Some people in the world do not have the capability nor the opportunity to even get to a hospital. Saying you would walk to a hospital just exposes your lack of knowledge about some parts of the world. This video reaching the internet is probably his only chance to get help through some type of charity agency. The lack of compassion for someone suffering such an awful, debilitating ailment saddens me. If he vomited, he could choke and/or suffocate. If his head fell back while he was asleep, he could choke and/or suffocate. Have a heart.

      2. @hollyEat, very much true. I live in a third world country myself where people struggle to access medical facilities. But in case of a complicated disease like this one, you are entitled for free treatment regardless of how far you are from the urban areas. Even free transport will be arranged. This dude here is paying heavily for his ignorant.

        1. they are some special thing in india for heal the peoples with troubles like that, such as blinded, tumor and else. assossiation help those peoples to get free access to hospital for exam, and if needed, free medical intervention . its exactly same in thailand and china etc… even if this guy is comdamned , its always better to try heal than just wait death

      3. Hollyeat

        Have you ever looked at Thailand as a metter of interest, before BG? I ask because your comment is a little, well a whole fuckin lot, out of touch.

        Thailand is not a 3rd world country. I’ve talked about this before and lately I just haven’t been all that bothered because I never seem to get anywhere with it. But NO, fuck it – Thailand is a major technologically advanced nation.

        Do you know Thailand has the fastest Internet in the world? Thats because they were the first ones to install a national broadband network (NBN) and as for their healthcare, their health system shits all over yours ( where ever that is) because Thai health system is 100% free (just like us here in Australia) and all pharmaceuticals are subsidized by the government and they pay
        about $4 per script.

        I could go on and on but tomorrow there will be another ignoramus and I’ve decided only to defend Thailand annually from now on.

        1. Yeah Dutchty people forget that there are 2nd world countries in-between 1st and 3rd and Thailand is there getting closer to becoming a part of the first world. Thanks to their ever growing exports and technological advancements. People all over the world see that place as being much worse than it really is. The amount of money being generated through trading and selling of missiles, exports, textiles, etc is in the triple digit billions. That’s US currency billions

      1. AA : who says that he let it get out of hand? It looks like a cancer to me and those things can essentially pop up over night! I’m serious. You have aggressive cancers and slow growing cancers and aggressive ones are just that – tumours become huge and life changing in an instant. Most people have to wait to see a specialist, regardless of if you are a rich man in CapeTown or a poor man in Johannsburg. He could have been on a list to see the specialist for 6 weeks and it could have tripled in size in that time……..

    1. Makes you wonder @bobcat, that thing is a monster.
      Tumors like that can grow at extraordinary rates, so maybe the fact that this poor fucker lives in a totally alien world to us, makes it difficult to believe. I mean, he can’t exactly waltz into A & E and get himself checked out can he ?!.

      Lucky buggers in that respect we are mate.

    2. Bobcat : you are allowed to refuse treatment you know…..sounds strange but people do it ALL the time for lots of different reasons.

      One of my old girl’s friends was a nurse in a big hospital in Sydney somewhere and she developed breast cancer and she just ignored it for a year or two because she did not want to deal with it. It scared the shit out of her and seeing a doctor and surgery and chemo and all that just too much for her to deal with. She died with a massive fungating tumour that was the size of an orange hanging off her boob……and she was a nurse that dealt with that stuff everyday of her life….

      So sometimes it’s got nought to do with $$$ or country or access to hospitals, and everything to do with FEAR of the unknown, fear of death, fear of cancer, fear of bad news, fear of change and the fear of fear ( wow that is deep even for me)…………….

    1. frankly :
      do you really let this shit eat your whole face like this ?
      or do you really going to try some desperate measure ?
      or maybe kill yourself ?

      dont tell me that you consider this as “normal” situation. can imagine the time needed for grow like that. no way to let this shit grow up like this without try anything, even suicide. hard decision, but … damn, no way for me to reach this level of disforming-tumor-freaking-gross shit

          1. You do know blue waffle isn’t real, right? You go to look it up and it’s the same altered picture at every site. I’d provide a link but I haven’t figured out my tablet well enough to cut and paste.

          1. I agree, stress seems to be a big factor. Sometimes it’s good to just take a step back and regroup. I felt pretty agitated and the last thing I wanted to do was snap at someone on here…thank god for punching bags lol.

          1. It’s kind of serious but nothing that I can’t deal with.

            Oh a paddle?! My favorite!…unless I’m doing the punishing then I prefer the cat o’ nine tails 😉

          2. Well… I couldn’t find the paddle… So I guess my hand is gonna have to do…
            And if you’re asking… Yes… It an double as a Cat O’ Nine Tails…

            Thanks for not making fun of my bloody pussy… I’ve had a rough five days this month…

            Seriously though… If you think that things are getting too overwhelming… I’ll be here…


    1. I second gnats concern… minus the spankin I guess lol. I thought I was going to have to put out an APB for “Little Foot”…

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  1. Fuck, and I was bitching about that sore on my gum last week. No, it wasnt herpes, sorry to let you guys down. My hand slipped while brushing my teeth and the toothbrush ripped into my gum. Naturally, it doesnt close up and heal normally so it got slightly infected and hurt like a bitch for a week. Unfortunately, I dont think this tumor is gonna pass as easily as the sore did.

    How did Heath Ledger’s “Joker” describe the way he got his scars? “I stuck a razor blade in my mouth and did this…” Perhaps our thai friend may want to try that. Otherwise, get us some whole lettuce leaves, shredded carrots and sliced cucumber with some mint and basil on the side and we have fresh Lap for passing around the table!

    1. I believe that’s his tongue that’s ulcerative. BTW I get sores in my mouth because I grind my teeth in my sleep and sometimes bite my cheek or tongue. Then when my tongue is swollen I keep biting it. Anyway I rinse with warm salt water and it heals them right up

          1. I can’t afford grind guards. It’s bullshit because I need them. So now I think my jaw hinges are wearing down. I’ve never had guards so I don’t know how they work or if they’re comfortable.

          2. @Trainwreck You can buy them for like 15 bucks at Target or somewhere like that. They don’t have to be the fancy kind. I grind my teeth really bad when I’m sleeping too. Sometimes when i wake up in the mornings i can hardly open my mouth because my jaw hurts so bad.

          3. @TW, exactly what nextie said. They’re fairly inexpensive and you can find them at just about any store. As long as you get the right one and follow directions on forming it to your mouth, it’s usually not too bad wearing them. I’d go with a full fitting one, like the Doctor’s Nightguard. I wouldn’t recommend the ones that are supposed to be comfort fit and you don’t need to boil them, at least for me, they would cut into my gums. Anyways, just a helpful solution.

          4. Yeah I really need to do something about this. It’s awful. I sometimes wakeup in the morning crying because I can’t open my mouth it hurts so bad. All I kept seeing are $27+ for them. I can’t afford that! Anyway something has to be done. Thank you

          5. I’m on disability I have a genetic spinal disease. I pay my own shit and don’t leach off the government and I take care of my ten year old son who just got braces at $4,000 NO I don’t have twenty bucks fuckface

  2. Maybe he has an awesome personality and will one day find the “right girl” to deep throat that bulbous, festering hunk of flesh… Lets just hope she has a spit cup handy for the drainage she will surely siphon out.

  3. I can just see trying to go about my daily business while having that enormous, disgusting mass hanging from my mouth.
    At the grocery store…ME: I’d like you to go ahead and ring this up.
    Response: Aeeeaaaggghhhh. Aeiii!
    ME: Uh, no, just ring this stuff up, please.
    At the gas station: ME: Hi! Five bucks on three, please!
    Response: Aoohhhagg! Nooooaaaa111
    ME: Yeah, no, just on three, please.

  4. how can a man be so stupid and let this grow on his tongue? i am sure it began like a pickle or something…….so stupid…if there is no hospital in my town i would moved but this guy?!?!?! wtf i hope he died because of his own stupidness….

  5. This is probably a condition he has had for a while and is a complicated one. It’s obviously filled with blood and probably huge vessels, which could cause him to bleed to death. It looks like it covers most of the tongue in his mouth. If it were removed it would be very hard for him to eat, you use your tongue for more than you think. You cant even swallow liquids. A feeding tube would be very expensive, even for well off westerners. He doesn’t have much of a choice here and probably posted this video in a desperate attempt to get some help.

    I feel bad for him, and ashamed for those who say he brought this upon himself.

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      2. You wanna know where I learned that joke? Third grade. And I thought it was hilarious even then, a good ten years before i ate my first pussy. Gives some insight into the twisted mind that I grew up with.

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