Incision from Cancer Removal Operation

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Incision from Cancer Removal Operation

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @inkedarmymom, who had her tumor surgically removed:

I was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year. They had to operate and they left a nice deep incision that I had to pack with several pieces of gauze everyday. It took 5 weeks for the incision to close.

I have finished treatment and waiting to find out if I’m cancer free. This is my 2d bout with cancer and I feel that one day I’ll die from cancer but not yet…

It’s not as graphic as most other ones on here but it represents survival for me and on a site where we see so much death, I wanted to share a story with a happy ending.

Thank you for sharing your pictures and story with us, @inkedarmymom:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Fuck yeah, might be the boxed wine that’s talking, but it looks awfully tasty. Fuck cancer, though. At least it was operable… shame it was in America, though. Supposedly. Does anyone else like the taste of blood and flesh?

          2. @theblackwolf No wolfie i’m not really a blood and flesh man myself and i’ve almost completely got off all meat now except for chicken. However i would never judge someone. One question though. Where do you eat? Is it a macdonalds or just raw from the back of the Butchers.

        1. @hopingfornemesis I used to be a cutter. Severe PTSD from some things that happened in the military. My son asked me about one of my scars and I realized I had to do something to stop. I did therapy but I still have severe anxiety attacks. So I started getting tattoos and piercings. I have over 25 tattoos and about 10 piercings now. In fact, I have about 5 tats on my back thatnim currently getting covered up with a full back tattoo of a Phoenix. Outline is done. Just need shading and a fan of color.

          1. @inkedarmymom You’re brave and been through lots. I salute you brave one and appreciate your military service. I wish we could send politicians like tony bliar and obummer to the front line

  1. Everybody dies. In fact, no one that was alive two hundred years ago is alive today.

    We have thousands of years of historical records to go over and they were all lived by those long dead.

    If cancer therefore does not get you any number of illnesses will and if you are lucky enough to avoid them all, old age will eventually claim you.

    Considering that life is a guaranteed death sentence you best do your living whilst still alive. This applies to everyone.

      1. Consumers that use that type of logic are completely self immersed. Self, self, self before anyone else, else, else. I’m really sick of hoarding filth like this. They contribute nothing to the world and no one will remember them except the leashes. They’re not long-term contemplator, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, visionaries, nor philosophers. They just sink their gritty hands into what is available around them that was created by wonderful broadminded people that think of others before themselves. To them everything revolves around their dogmatic self absorbed perspectives. I’d say live your life wisely. Be selective towards the meaning of life and how to make the best of it.

      2. black salve the wound left by the butchers. watch your body reject the remaining tumor. it takes about 14 days and another 14 days to heal. you can make the shit yourself. it works 100% and is banned almost everywhere, even though it is all natural. that’s the best advice anyone will ever give you. ignore me at your own peril. you won’t need luck if you follow my advice.

      1. @stephgw64 this was after the procedure. This was the day after, I was in my hospital room and this is when the surgeon came in, removed the stuff inside to take a look at the incision. I wasn’t allowed to wear my clothes during procedure.

    1. @empty-soul You got it and to quote a line from old Shakey “Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

          1. Sniffs are getting expensive and we only have ourselves to blame. Women have always know the power of supply and demand. Whilst we men just learn how to be grateful idiots. @atypical-redneck

    1. Me, too. Full incision due to perforation and a week in hospital on IV antibiotics and morphine 🙂 …. They glued my incision closed to reduce scarring. It was the least they could do since I was in for “observation” when my appendix ruptured. I went to the ER and told them I thought I had appendicitis and they didn’t believe me. On the bright side, I was doing stomach crunches six weeks later. Six years after that, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Life is a crapshoot.

    2. @SydFloyd, is the pic on your profile your incision? If so then you’re right, it does look like that. Fortunately, I haven’t had to experience that. I still have my appendix but an acquaintance of mine lost her mother about 10 years ago because they didn’t get to it in time. I’m glad you’re ok. How long ago did yours rupture?

  2. Glad they cut it out , did you ask them if you could take a pic of the tumor ? Or maybe take it home in a jar of formaldehyde ? So you could put it on display as a trophy of your victory over the big C. 😉
    Best wishes hun*! !
    Keep fighting !

    1. @BOASP…I didn’t think to ask them about that. I just wanted it out with my tattoo still intact, if at all possible. Silly, I know. Surgery to remove sometime cancerous and I’m worried about my tattoo. We all have our priorities…lol

    1. @asaf197 I had Primary peritoneal cancer. It’s treated like ovarian cancer, in fact, they also removed my ovaries. It’s a cancer that affects the lining of organs. Problem was, I also had a tumor that was on above my ribs so they removed that, which is the pics I shared. I previously had uterine cancer about 7 years ago so they did a partial hysterectomy but my insurance wouldn’t cover a full one so they left ovaries. They were removed this time, as well as the one one spot above my rib.

      1. I m sorry to see about theinsurance…..does sonbitches wont care about you….in my country its free…but if i need somthing, i still need to fight for it but not to much….all in your country is fine….exept that cut it all clean…there is no such like this, a microscopic cells of cancer can be still exist…thats why whene you are still not old, a chance to treat beyond a regular treatment…as long your situation is good..all say life in unaited stats are better, but not when it comes to that medical isue….

          1. @pickmynose123 it’ll never happen Piggsy, the doctors of today are simply outlets for the big pharma companies. They push drugs for them. They love us being sick. Trust me if everyone was in perfect health they’d fuck us up through vaccines…..hang on !!!!

          2. Yes you are right…it has been aproved that d.n.a. is responsible for less then 30% on you bio future, the rest is dippend the most in the way you live, dont eat crap, and stay away from dirt that can run viruses into your body and prevent other illness….virus is penetrating your dna and produce diffret cells by r.n.a, wich aredangaruse in future..that was one exmple…

          3. `That’s the doctors of today Polluted, as you have mentioned. The nutritionists of tomorrow, refers to people becoming more and more aware of taking better care of themselves. They will have the ability to fight off disease and infections, that doctors do today with big pharma.

            Doctors in a sense, operate the same way as private physicians do, when they decide to work for private insurance companies. For example, they prescribe medications to their patients in their private practice, but make the decision not to prescribe the same medication, when they work for private insurance companies. This has happened to me personally.

            When people start to become empowered about their personal health, we won’t have doctors operating in the same fashion as that they do today. One, because people will simply need less of them. Two, because doctors will have to make the moral decision, to do what’s best for their patient, and not big pharma.

            …exposing the truth, can bring a monumental change to society

            This is one of the reasons why I despise the corporate media!

        1. I do agree. People die everyday because they can’t afford their medications or health care. It is all about money. To me it’s like a lot of religions. All boils down to money and how much you can make off of someone.

          1. The u.s.a……
            Called mother of all possibilitys….to die in agony becouse docs are changing sides all time or couse you are not rich and all medicall system is corupted and evill….thats allso a possibility….but
            Nobody will die heathy right? Each one have a weak spot that will develop itself untill end will arive…
            I belive and in some case know, that like oil for gas, few people invented a replacment, and got threat on their lives…or forced to sale it …same in a medical isue….no body from the strong rich people or corupted organizations will let to have a complet cure for cancer, couse all indostry of extortion mony from people will end…
            That is part of nature…that most people in most country are used by their leadership, and even that they are much more in numbers and real power, a rebel never start….that is reason why humans are sub animels next to others in planet…

    1. I had to remove my rings, and all my piercings, except my dermals. They let me keep those in but had to sign a waiver and give permission for them to do the procedure with those in. They said that since the one incision was close to my dermals that it could cause a burn or something. Since you can’t just take out dermals, I gave permission for them to do procedure with them in. My rings were safe and sound during the procedure. Lol

    2. On your comment regarding taking care of yourself…

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Taking care of yourself is something that I personally, have been doing for several years now. Prescriptions for example, is simply dealing with a symptom that may have been avoided, through proper nutrition and exercise. The doctors of tomorrow, (should) be the nutritionists of today!

      It’s also my personal way of giving Big Pharma the middle finger.

  3. It’s ok cancer research one of the biggest laughs out there obtaining millions for free but motherfuckers STILL going to the states paying shit loads of $$for treatment….. Oh and they are not in bed with large greedy drug companies give em fuck all…

    1. I hate corporate deathcare. All their profits go to the corporate 1%. None, goes to research and development. Single payer. Everybody in, no one left out. Publicly funded, privately administered.

      Btw: We’re already paying for it through high premiums, deductibles, co-pays and a government who spends billions on bombs already. Stop voting for these ass wipes, and support someone who’s actually interested in your personal well being. 80% of all bankruptcies have medical bills attached to them. Out of the 80%, 67% already had medical coverage.

      How’s that health insurance fantasy workin’ out for ya?

        1. Exactly! Many people demonize socialized medical care, simply because they don’t understand it’s structure, and how it operates. Socialized medical care has been on the corporate media’s “pariah list,” for quite some time now. (and for obvious reasons)

          Try having one of CNN’S corporate CEOS push for a tax based medical care system, and see how long CNN stays on the air. (pleasant thought however) 🙂

          People have no problems with libraries, the fire department, the police (when they’re not killing innocent people) or the paving of roads or bridge projects. These are all socialized, tax based projects. But even these projects are now being funded through private investors. Compliments of our corporate owned politicians. It’s called “pay to play.” Investors will invest in a let’s say, a normal 100 million dollar road construction project through a socialized tax based system. However, the investors want a healthy return, so this project becomes a 500 million dollar project, instead of a 100 million dollar one. Please remember, most large corporation have trillions of freed up money, from NOT paying their fair share of taxes, that we could use as individuals.

          …and who pays for it? We do through higher taxes.

          In our state, it’s called a “Wheel Tax.” Simply, because our corporate owned politicians are privatizing EVERYTHING! From our toll roads to our once was, public state parks, they are being privatized, making it much more expensive for everyone here to enjoy them.

          1. Too true pigsonthewing. The average american has been indoctrinated against tax-based medi cine. I can tell you that during the Obamacare debates everyone was laughing at the us at parties, bbqs etc. We could not understand how the average person was AGAINST it regardless of any problems with the details!
            It reflects on the average level of education and mass media influence in the USA. Sad.

            Tell me pls. What do you mean by a 100 million project becoming a 500 million project?
            Are you saying corporates pad out the contract or that corporates want ever-larger sized privatization projects?

        2. It’s the latter Hoping. Corporations have trillions of dollars in cash. They influence politicians here in the states, to privatize projects that use to be funded through taxes. With interest rates being at an all time low, corporations are looking for projects they can fund up front, guaranteeing a much better rate of return through privatization. Corporations (or very wealthy individuals) will by these bonds and sell them to private banks that will give them a much better rate of return, as opposed to our government simply issuing these bonds, to fund the projects directly. In short, if the bonds were simply issued by the treasury department, then the banks could fund these project(s) directly, while earning a much lower rate of return through payroll taxes. It works much like private insurance companies. Instead of the government paying for medical care directly, the individual has to pay the skyrocketing medical expense, due to the large profits/overhead, that the private insurance companies require.

          It’s a two edged sword here. First, the large corporations and the super rich, pay next to nothing in taxes. Then they invest the free money at hand, into buying bonds from the government, then selling them for a profit through a private bank that funds these projects AT THE TAXPAYER’S EXPENSE!
          The wheel tax where I live is a prime example. Instead of our government issuing bonds directly to fund road projects, they sell these bonds to the rich. The rich purchase these bonds, and sell them through private banks, who receive a very good rate of return through private taxation, that our low life politicians pass into law. If these bonds were simply purchased through a public bank for example. The banks could funds these projects at a very much lower rate of return, through public taxation, instead of having a middle man, being the rich investors.

          Another example of the little guy getting hosed…

          If you invest $100.00 in a savings account at a private bank, you’re yield may be .1% However, if you are a multi-billionaire and invest $500M through a private bank, the yield will be significantly higher.

          ….and who pays the difference between their high yield and your shitty yield?

          You guessed it. YOU AND I MY FRIEND!

          This country is literally taxed to death. Especially the middle class. (if there’s one left, that is)

          1. Excellent explanation pigs. Thank you . Yes. Very similar to what is happening here. Neoliberal policies unwinding public -goods infrastructure thay took generations of hardworking people to bring about.

            Disgusting ! We need a Roman decimation my friend. All fatcats lined up. Every tenth one gets chopped and the other do it. Then we will see if fatcats have an appetite to rip off the majority! The fact that it could be you who dies at random for another person’s wrongs will ensure they self -police one another!

      1. Actually, I was very lucky. I have free medical insurance because I retired from the Army. My husband also gets free medical from his job. What one insurance doesn’t cover, the other one does. So, thankfully, my chemo was fairly inexpensive…I was able to take a pill instead of doing it through an IV…and my surgery and hospital stay was all covered. I was one of the lucky ones. But you guys are right. Most people get financially raped by those who are supposed to be there to “help” us. You pay high monthly premuims, as well as copays, etc and they still find some loophole to charge you more and/or deny you coverage. My neighbor has heart problems. He was in the hospital for a severe infection where they gave him a pacemaker. He was really sick and was admitted into hospital. Several days later, they made him go home because his insurance wasn’t paying anymore. It’s all about money these days instead of actually taking care of those who need it.

        1. First and foremost, I’m glad that you’re cancer free. I’m happy that you received the medical care, that allowed you a full recovery. However, there’s a mindset that we have in this country.

          …it’s called “Health Insurance.” (especially private)

          As in my previous post, a health insurance company’s profits goes towards the CEOS. NOT, towards research and development. 38% of medical costs paid by the patient, is sucked up by the private medical insurance companies. Over 40,000 people die each year, because they can’t get the medical care that they deserve. Many, end up going through the emergency room, because they let their condition worsen to the point where they needed to. A condition that could of easily been treated, if diagnosed earlier.

          You also touched on a point that needs to be brought up. You and your husband’s coverage. I’ll alter it slightly. However, this situation happens all the time. Here’s the example: The husband gets excellent medical INSURANCE, from the company he works for. His wife works for a company that has no insurance. His wife unfortunately gets sick, and has an extended stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, her husband’s INSURANCE rates will likely go up, because the husband’s wife made a claim on his company’s INSURANCE policy.

          …does anyone think this is fair?

          Their rates will likely go up, making the company he works for less competitive, by raising the cost of doing business. The other option, as this happens quite often, is to cut back coverage by the company to their employees, or lower the employee’s salary over time.

          To sum it up, we are the only industrialized nation, that doesn’t have some sort of socialized medical care. Yes, there are countries that don’t have the standard single payer system that I’ve supported for years. However, more of their medical costs are channeled through a tax based system that their government regulates or doesn’t. Canada for example, has a public, not PRIVATE INSURANCE program. It’s Medicare based. The patient never receives a bill, because their doctor bills the insurer directly in each province. In Canada, their government is less involved in collecting medical information about the patient, than other countries.

          Again, the main problem here is PRIVATE INSURANCE. It’s whole design, is to make them rich, while denying you the medical care that you deserve. Based on PROFITS. And just like PRIVATE BANKS, try to file a law suit against either one of them. With their high powered corporate attorneys, it’s like fighting a World War with a slingshot! (if you have the money to hire an attorney to begin with)

          We as a nation, simply have to change this mindset of health INSURANCE. Especially private ones. We need health ASSURANCE, not INSURANCE! We deserve it. You’re not going to hear this from our corporate trashed out media for obvious reasons. However, more and more progressive politicians are now bringing this issue to light. Please remember, most people are already paying for it. Unfortunately, it’s through a PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANY, who would much rather see you full of embalming fluid, as opposed to seeing you in a recovery room.

          We have deathcare in this country, not healthcare. Our elected officials suppose to be working for us. Yet, they let these major corporations funnel their tax dollars through loopholes, or eliminate their taxes altogether. Ask a CEO if they have adequate healthcare coverage?

          Finally, thank you for showing some kind of compassion for the other guy. I too, have full coverage. (now) But I’ve always asked myself too, “Why can’t everyone have medical coverage like us?” We can. Eliminate PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES, and have less of your money, go towards more of your medical care. If congress can approve a multi trillion dollar war, they can also approve a medicare for all health system!

          Again, it’s health ASSURANCE, and not INSURANCE.

          1. The only health assurance the vast majority will ever receive is through their own daily habits. Take care of yourself and you won’t need to rely on crooks. Make the leap to veganism. Gravitate towards metaphysical cleansing . Learn for the herbivores. Avoid all toxic carcinogenic properties, any harmful radioactive chemicals that can cause mutation in the vital organs. Avoid all processed foods, hormone saturated meats and live off mother nature and develop an adept insight into anatomical morphology. 90% of your health problems with dissipate.

          2. @inkedarmymom You started something here inky. I can’t read the long ones because it all goes blurry but all i know is everything is about the money. look for the money and you’ll find it regardless of how Mother Teresa tell you how much she loves you.

  4. Man, cancer is a bitch, I didn’t know they just let people “selfoperate” by giving them gauzes to put in themselves. I can only imagine how it feels to poke around with a soft tissue in an open wound yourself, yucky.

    1. @killthrill. It’s the strangest feeling, honestly. It was a little painful at first but then it just felt wrong. Once it started healing, there wasn’t a lot of pain, just my brain telling me that it’s not natural to stuff gauze inside a wound like that. They had stitched some of it inside but they wanted to make sure that it healed from the inside out so that’s why they left it open like that. If they had stitched the bottom and the outside then there would have been this large pocket and could cause infection or something. I can deal with the pain, but I didn’t like packing it because it just felt WRONG.

      1. Exactly what I was thinking, I wouldn’t mind any pain just the strange feeling of putting a foreign object almost up into your body. Anyhow, wish you well and I hope thats it for cancer.

  5. I don’t know much about surgery stuff, but why would they not stitch everything up? Seems crazy to have to change gauze in a huge open wound. Someone could have already asked this, but I am too lazy to read everything.

    1. They stitched some of it on the inside but because of the depth they didn’t want to stitch it closed or the top would have healed and left a pocket or something…at least that’s how it was explained to me. By leaving it open, and having me pack it everyday with gauze, it heals from the inside out…

  6. Hahaha
    you gotta love it….. the way everybody posts comments about “hope you get well” and “that looks bad” and entire novels about cancer and “thats gotta hurt” & “god bless america” when some white bird with small hands posts some photos with a horizontal cunt.
    Any other posting would have been “pussy pass denied”, fuck you this and that.
    The problem is you are all fucking sheep.
    Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep go to fucking sleep.
    All the others who didn’t post politically correct replies ….well done….the world needs people like you

    1. @atlan
      I haven’t seen any “politically correct” replies, only generally un-cuntish replies from empathetic human beings. Are these the same thing to you, because that would explain a lot.

      Cancer is well know for not giving pussy passes, wouldn’t really apply. There’s nothing political about it either. You have made no point here, not even a politically incorrect one. Back in the box with you.

    2. @atlan The one race that anyone can say anything about is the white race. Everyone else is off limits due to politically correctness. So you kind of got that one wrong and you’re not going to persuade anyone to say anything negative about Inkedzxgrl. You are free to say whatever you wish but trust me you’re gonna get slated Billy no mates. I noticed you had to create a new account so say that because you don’t have the balls to say it under your usual account.

    3. @atlan, I can honestly say I’ve never been accused of being “politically correct”. I was raised with three older brothers and my dad was a marine. Only good joke is a dirty joke, never utilized knee pads to kiss someone’s ass to get promoted, and I’ve never used a pussy pass to get away with anything. I own up to the stuff I do and if you’d see what I’ve seen or even had a glimpse of what I’ve experienced in life, you’d be running with you tail between you legs and your balls up in your throat. I’m not the sheep or the lamb. I’m the wolf that your mommy warned you about. Be careful on this site….wolves run in a pack and you’ll wind up being eaten alive and spit out with the other bullshit you spew. Just saying….

  7. my sister was stabbed a few times when really young. she had to pack the wounds with saline gauze, too. she said it didn’t hurt to do, but i couldn’t watch without flinching.

    cancer sucks. and so do crazy stabbers.


  8. WHAT THE FUCK.. is everybody stupid? Am I in the twilight zone or was this just posted like a week ago? makes me feel like this site is some kind of conspiracy. all the norms commenting as if they never seen it .. Dog i know you seen it. i did.. i remember … Fuckin conformists.. Fuckin sheeple! XD

    1. @m8, because if they had stitched it together then there would have been a pocket inside. This way, the wound heals from the inside out and leaves no pocket.

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