Indian Baby Born with Harlequin Ichthyosis

Indian Baby Born with Harlequin Ichthyosis

In India’s Patna district of Bihar, a baby girl was born prematurely with Harlequin Ichthyosis. According to local reports, the 28 year old mother called the baby “a curse“, though she seems to be holding onto the curse none the less.

Harlequin Ichthyosis causes the skin to grow much faster than normal, resulting in buildup of thick, dry, fish-scale skin. Harlequin Ichthyosis is a permanent condition – there is no cure.

This is the second reported case of Harlequin Ichthyosis in India. The first was born to a 23 year old woman from Amravati in Maharashtra in June of 2016 at Lata Mangeshkar College and Hospital in Nagpur. Her baby only survived for 48 hours.

Chances of this baby’s long term survival are likewise next to none.

Props to Best Gore member @rupammandal2 for the pics and video:

Video of the Harlequin baby:

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          1. OH, my bad, I thought you were implying that I was the Creature from the Black Lagoon…

            But seriously, you should google “harlequin baby grown up” to see pics of people who have grown up with this disease. They don’t look too bad, mostly as if they have suffered skin burns.

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    1. A whole new meaning to the response “The gender doesn’t matter, as long as the baby is healthy”.. I’m sorry but I’d be quick to trash that thing. I don’t care how connected I’m supposed to be to my own child, something like that I’d totally be distraught enough and freaked enough to want nothing to do with it. It’s a baby boy or girl but looks like a creature and forever will.. Don’t know if I could deal with that. Oh god forbid me 🙁 imagine carrying and loving your baby for 9mos and he/she comes out like that?! Sorry!! Not my child anymore lol

    1. Bunker yessss. These parents should take light of the situation and make money from this. You ever go to a carnival and get suckered for $2 to see the smallest woman In the world?? I keep getting suckered in and totally let down when I see the attraction. Ladies and gentleman for 5 lil dollars come see the lil sea monster that was born In a woman’s womb. Yes it belongs in the sea with aquaman. Ive seen this thing in a movie. Im LOOKING NOW n will post this. I would have to make $$ off the child. Make him or her feel special. I’ve never seen anything like this

      1. If you keep the baby well-moisturized all the time and keep a close watch for skin infections, the person will look fairly normal when they’re older. That hard white shell (skin) will start cracking soon after birth and eventually peel off to normal skin while they’re still little. Eyes are there and will be revealed and the lips will close. In the US, this child would probably be okay. But in India, I don’t think the country is sanitary enough. Parents have to be vigilante about hygiene.

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      1. @the dre, what’s up my bro? So true. Take it from a guy who’s been caring for an Uncle with down’s like caring for a 55 year old man with a four year old child’s mentality who’s rapidly declining into dementia. My Abuela(grandmother) passed away in 2010 and he’s been a constant burden on the rest of the family ever since. Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but it is really hard on everyone around him and if you have a handicapped child you(and your family) will likely be raising said child till the day u die. Sorry to sound like a downer lol, my Canadian BG Brother :0

        1. I would do the same, you’ll be taking care of that being your whole life. If you happen to die before the deformed or mentally challenged person does, then what? I think it’s cruel. I understand Down syndrome and etc, why people want to keep them alive. I know they’re still people with feelings but idk man. More of a burden i think. Maybe that’s just the selfish in me talking.

    1. When i first joined B-G , it also hit me harder then it does now. It’s not because i have gotten colder, but just the fact that things like this happens everyday, and you eventually become desensitized to it. And that does not make you a bad person, it’s just your minds way of dealing with it, a natural defense, you can say, in order to not go completely mad.

    1. Interesting point @undergroundweller .

      I feel like most of the supernatural aspects in mythologies is metaphoric to add flavor in the stories. Maybe, the monkey God in Hindu mythology (known as Hanuman) was perhaps an ancient less evolved form of humans. But supernatural aspects were added to the origin of it, just so people can make sense of it, and also to make him seem divine instead of just some deformity.

  1. While I agree that a parent should have the right to decide whether or not to euthanize a deformed child, this particular condition is manageable, and several of these kids have survived to adulthood.

    “Life finds a way.” (Ian Malcolm)

    1. But dude seriously you really think that even if this kid grew up to adulthood he’d have an okay life? Shit the only life he’d have would be at a circus where people would call him a freak. It would blatantly selfish do keep this baby alive, of course that’s my opinion. I’d rather die.

      1. Which is why I said that parents should have the right to euthanize their baby; or more accurately, they should have a grace period to petition a doctor to euthanize their baby if they feel that congenital defects will cause it undue hardship for the rest of its life. This would also take into account the parents ability to pay for any medical bills or specific care.

          1. I don’t know; I’m from the US. I doubt this mother had access to efficient prenatal care, or this defect would have been detected early enough for her to consider aborting, rather than having to carry the baby for the entire nine months.

            I’ll admit I kind of feel bad for the little rascal. Gerber baby he isn’t, but he’s still a baby.

          2. I’m not pretending to know anything first hand. A relative of my mine helped to delivered babies for many years. She has told me terrible stories like this and in a few instances the doctors did euthanize the newborn due to the extent of whatever condition happened.

        1. actually not to say this isnt a painfull condition but the extreme deformed look does in fact gets more normal as they grow up their eyes will start to look normal and their lips will closse more (thoug still tight )

          1. You know, I still can’t believe that a few years ago there were some assholes in this country who would rather a woman give birth to a child like this, and perhaps even worse than this, rather than give her the option to abort…and all because of THEIR interpretation of what some prehistoric handbook for human survival had to say; a book written by the same kind of evangelical scammers as the ones we now see on TV that can “heal” people simply by waving their arms. If God is perfect, he would be incapable of writing a book that contradicts itself countless times.

        2. I agree with you but let’s not bring religion into the discussion please because I can already hear the nutjobs texting immature comments to us. I don’t remember if ever there was a religious discussion in the comments.

          1. All I have to say to that is…BRING IT THE FUCK ON.

            Immature comments are all these religious folks have left to defend their beliefs with, since most of their useless rhetoric has been disproven or discarded by mainstream society as completely useless, and the rest is bullshit that relies on “faith”, which is just another way of saying “there’s no proof”. (Outer Limits)

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  2. First of all, Mark, this site is so much better with you back at the helm. The feel/vibe of the site feels more like the origin-days of BG.

    Having said that, to those who said “How can they keep that?!” I reply that these people have tried very, very hard to have a child. So their grace about *any* living child is much more immense than most from other cultures realize.

    My family did not suffer from this problem. We got pregnant on-time and popped out good-looking babies on-time… and we were lucky. Several of our friends were not so fortunate.

    Sometimes, when all you want in the whole-wide-world is a child, that is why they love it.

    1. @kalihumalu

      I read somewhere (possibly even on a previous BG post on another H. I. baby) that this condition is incredibly painful. Personally, I imagine it’s the same sharp pain as when one’s skin gets dry enough to crack open (ever split the back of your heel during an especially arid summer?) except exponentially worse since it’s not localized to one spot. *shudders* That poor poor baby.

  3. Shitty parents! They are leaving the little baby alone on the matress. They should give their baby love and comfort. You shitty parents should never ever have more babies.

  4. How extremely cruel and selfish of the mother to keep him when she sees him only as a curse and not a human being who’s suffering. I keep wondering why euthanasia isn’t widely available and it’s not that life is precious, just that we lack compassion.

  5. It is a sever deformity that does get better as the child grows but it also takes allot of love allot of care allot of treatment from skilled professionals and allot of money! And seeing the way the mother looks at her newborn and the way it’s being treated and viewed by the parents and other villagers. The best thing is to try adoption to a family who can handle this poor baby or make sure the baby is as comfortable as possible until it passes away naturally!

    1. @malin “Kinda looks like her skin is inside out.”

      Actually, you’re partially correct. From what I’ve read, the eyes look like they do because the condition causes the child to be born with their eyelids flipped inside-out, but if the baby survives long enough, the condition eases as they age, and the lids turn right-way-round again.

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