Infection Caused by Staples Used in Knee Replacement Surgery

Deep Tissue Infection Along the Incision on the Knee

Today’s edition of Best Gore Lurkers Rock is brought to you by Sallysweet86:

Those are photos of my aunt’s knee after she had her staples removed from her knee replacement surgery. Her body was rejecting the staples and it ended up causing an infection in the wound.

Thanks for the pics, Sallysweet86. Hopefully your aunt’s knee got sorted out:

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55 thoughts on “Infection Caused by Staples Used in Knee Replacement Surgery”

    1. @svarg26, not far from the truth. That infection can easily get down to the metal knee and then they go back and take the whole knee out. Antibiotics for 8 to 12 weeks, replace the knee again in 6 months if the infection is gone. Yes, you can wheelchair it until then, but it ain’t fun.

      @svarg26, you show signs of intelligence when your not in full troll mode.

    1. @soulflip What exactly do you do that you encounter this kind of stuff? Do you work at a hospital or do EMT work? Just curious,
      if you don’t mind me asking:)
      as I see some pretty weird stuff in my occupation just not as gore filled as per say working at a hospital but still some pretty interesting things with the body.

  1. This really is not to uncommon especially in joint related surgeries like this! The staples become a lazy choice to close the wound in this area but is meant to do the best job at keeping the incision closed but there are many cases where the staples were rejected and caused surface infection just as we see in these photos! If the surgeon wasn’t so busy thinking about his golf game or some money hungry who’re blowing up his credit card everyday he might have taken more time and care on this poor woman knee and used sutures to close the incision.

    1. I totally agree that it seems as if being lazy or a definite lack of proper thinking happened here for sure @freakishlyaccepted
      Staples seem to be a thing of the past for this exact same reason. It also seems quite odd (or so I would think) to choose this option over such a hinged-type joint, especially one that is used so much.
      This thing is pretty dang nasty and has got to be hot to the touch and burn like a bitch…
      @sweetsally86 I hope your aunt has a quick, successful recovery!!!

    2. I’m probably wrong, but, I was under the impression that patients, in joint replacement procedures, undergo tests before the procedure to find out if and which materials the patient is allergic to or will be rejected by the patient. I guess that doesn’t include staples.???

    1. Trojan would sponsor you. If you don’t get dick rot from that, Trojan would launch an ad campaign promoting their new “Bio-Hazard Jump Suit” picturing your joint in her joint.

  2. Rejecting the staples???!!!! Looks like nosocomial infection to me ( long time ER nurse )!!!! Staples are highly unlikely to be rejected as the surgical steel is an inert substance – More likely that the Ortho team introduced MRSA into the surgical field!

    1. Very good observation! But the surgeon and hospital would much prefer to blame the staples instead of admitting To a less then sanitary working environment. Regardless negligents on the part of the hospital or surgeon would be very difficult and very costly trying to prove in a court!

      1. Agreed: A lawsuit would be tricky but one can certainly report to the State Medical Board or College of Physicians & Surgeons – A wound culture positive for something like MRSA would be pretty much as slam dunk! Educated people in the field would interpret the source of infection to be the hospital!!!
        This is obviously an infection ( the purulent matter certainly looks ” MRSAish ” – if it’s happened to one patient it’s happened to others! It’s totally disgusting! Debilitating & potentially life threatening! Osteomyelitis ( infection of the bone ) is a major risk in joint replacements!!! Incredibly difficult to eradicate & resistant to treatment potentiating amputation & worse case scenario: sepsis & loss of life!!! Best case here is disability & complications from extensive antibiotic treatment!
        This is so horrible & infuriating to me! I’ve been a lurker here for a long time but this is the first time I’ve commented: this is how much this poor woman’s situation has upset me!!!!
        In Canada EVERY complaint to the College is investigated! The query remains in the physicians file – repeated complaints of similar issues are acted upon! I can tell you that any Doc getting a complaint gets super stressed! Most respond with legal rep! This is the only way to help prevent others from going through this kind of horror!
        BTW The College of Nurses is another venue that seriously governs complaints should one have an issue with an RN

  3. That, fellow gore addicts, is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on this website. Oh my Goddess. Forget forcing an inmate to chew on another inmates ear, just make them rub their face against that….ugh….and make them lick all that pus off.

  4. What the fuck is wrong with people letting shit get this far infected, festering and rotting? People all over the Net with videos of baseball sized cysts, zits, parts rotting off, turning black and dead and at what point do they decide to do something?????

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