Injured Man on a Stretcher Dropped by Turkish Paramedics

Injured Man on a Stretcher Dropped by Turkish Paramedics

Brilliant job, Turkish paramedics. For the record, if I ever end up in need of medical assistance in Turkey, just kill me out right. Better yet, I’m gonna stay the fuck out of Turkey all together. They are among the most avid supporters of terrorism, facilitating smuggling of arms and ammo to Syria and running training camps for the extremists. As far as I’m concerned, if Turkey was wiped out of the face of the planet tomorrow, nobody would shed a tear.

So these stellar Turkish paramedics are transporting an injured man on a stretcher but don’t pay attention to what they’re doing, the stretcher tips over slamming the injured man against the door frame. If you re-play the sequence where he slams onto the frame, you’ll see that it was quite a blow to his upper chest slash neck area. What the fuck?

Props to Best Gore member @drccoco for the video:

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  1. So unlucky to be so near Turkey… I’m from Cyprus. Turkish scum hold our houses and properties and half of the northern Cyprus for almost 40 years. They are a ruthless, dirty, backstabbing and evil kind… at least most of them and those I’ve met

      1. Certainly he does not know anything but the bullshit they have read in their goverment designed school books, its always funny when these turks and greeks fight, though the one and only difference between them is the religion, the rest is the same 2 bully & loudmouth nations, both far from civilizaton, niggers of this part of the world.

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