Inmates Perform Bullet Removal from Leg of Friend in Brazilian Prison

Inmates Perform Bullet Removal from Leg of Friend in Brazilian Prison

It feels rather odd to have a video from Brazilian prison that isn’t the king of brutality of one man against another.

In this video from Brazilian prison, a group of inmates tend to their wounded comrade who appears to have been shot. The inmates use whatever they can find around the jail to extract the bullet embedded in his lower extremity.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Inmates Perform Bullet Removal from Leg of Friend in Brazilian Prison”

    1. If that is a leg, my dad is the pope! Pause at 1:47 in the video to see what I mean. This is an upper arm. The guy sitting has his body on one side of the victim’s shoulder, and his arm draped over the other side. If that were the back of the upper leg (couldn’t be lower- pants on wrong end) then he only has half an ass, half a body. Not possible.

  1. Hmm…I wonder if they washed their hands before surgery…would it even matter given the quality of the water? Either way I predict infection in this convict’s future. I tend to think that at least one probably had black soot, from the spoon he uses for his drug of choice, on his fingers. Hell, I’m surprised that wasn’t one of the surgical tools.

  2. I used to play that game as a kid, it was called Operation, The gameplay requires players to remove these plastic ailments with a pair of tweezers without touching the edge of the cavity opening, otherwise you hear a buzz and the patient nose lights up..nice that prisoners can have social activities..

  3. It can’t have been a very powerful gun. A lot of bullet wounds I have seen have ripped people apart or at least gone right through but not sat at skin level like that. I think he was lucky really – just a shot in the ass that didn’t go very deep. If that’s what the guards are using I’d be jumping the wall to escape, what’s the worst can happen ? a few minor bullet hits that don’t go real deep – just keep runnin’

  4. well well see it aint so easy to get an actual bullet out and you can see how hot lead or fmj burned skin where it hit leg. had to hurt going in and more coming out, its cool they get guns, knives to defend there self and sutures to operate lol

  5. They should have put there mouth over the wound and sucked it out :).
    Wonder if that prisoner is still walking around, or is now legless due to infection setting in after the amateur surgery.

  6. It’s called nigger rigged surgery I’ve seen it before on the west side of Chicago”and the zoo on the south side ..compromise adapt overcome..i mean? What else is I nigger so pose to Do? If he just robbed and shot a convenience store clerk and is on the run like the nigger he is” these men are no different just there lighter skinned” that’s all.

  7. Just leave that shit in, yo. The heat present in the projectile basically leaves the bullet sterile in situ, whereas that nasty ass surgery was anything but. We don’t even touch bullets that aren’t lead if they’re near sensitive structures anymore. Even with a lead round, the eventual brain damage/hemolytic anemia would likely be far more pleasant than the almost certain sepsis was.

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