Isabelle Dinoire Photos – Labrador Dog Attack Face Transplant

Isabelle Dinoire Photo After She Was Mauled by Labrador Dog

Isabelle Dinoire is a French woman who was mauled by a Labrador dog after she had overdosed on sleeping pills in May of 2005. While she was passed out, Tania – the dog Isabelle Dinoire loved so much came to her and started scratching and chewing on her face. There are speculations that the dog got frantic after seeing her master unresponsive and was possibly trying to wake her. After she was mauled, Isabelle Dinoire was left without lips, with part of her nose, chin and cheeks missing. She was scheduled to undergo face transplant operation which took place on November 27, 2005 at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Nord in Amiens, France. Isabelle Dinoire is the first person ever to have undergone a partial face transplant and these are the photos demonstrating the tragedy and the breakthrough in surgical medicine.

Isabelle Dinoire Story

Isabelle Dinoire came from Valenciennes in northern France. She had no memory of the dog attack. She overdosed on sleeping pills and spent quality time floating somewhere in the fifth dimension while her face was being eaten by a Labrador dog. After she woke up, she could see the floor covered in blood. She reached for a cigarette box, pulled one out and went to light it up when she realized she had no lips and the blood on the floor was her own.

There are controversial reports as to whether Isabelle Dinoire attempted a suicide when she overdosed on sleeping pills. Some sources, including Isabelle Dinoire’s daughter as well as orthopedic surgeon Olivier Jardé from the hospital in Amiens where the face transplant was performed claim that she did attempt suicide. Professor Jean-Michel Dubernard from Amiens who assisted with her face transplant operation however says that it was an accidental overdose, not a suicide. The identity of the donor is hidden, however there are also speculations that the donor died by killing herself (hanging).

Isabelle Dinoire later allegedly confirmed suicide attempt to the British The Sunday Times in a phone interview. She is also claimed to have said that she felt connection with the donor because they both were suicidal.

First Face Transplant

Transplants of internal body organs had been performed by surgeons for years before Isabelle Dinoire’s operation. We have all heard about heart transplants, kidney transplants or liver transplants, but such thing as face transplant had not been performed until 2005 when Isabelle Dinoire was mauled by her dog. Part of the reason is that people are very sensitive about their faces as your face is something that identifies you. It’s the sacred part of your identity.

It is also understandable that transplants of internal organs are life-saving operations, whereas face transplant isn’t. But as it is with transplants of internal organs, face transplants also require a donor, which ultimately results in change of facial features of the receiver. After you have receive a face transplant, each time you look in the mirror, you will be literally looking at a face of that other person.

Isabelle Dinoire After Face Transplant

Professor Bernard Devauchelle who performed face transplant operation on Isabelle Dinoire with assistance from Professor Jean-Michel Dubernard also implanted bone marrow cells into the patient in order to avoid rejection of new tissue by the system. Isabelle Dinoire was also served immunosuppressants in order to minimize tissue rejections.

Surprisingly, despite her immunity striving hard to fight with what it thought was an alien tissue, Isabelle Dinoire soon regained sensation in her new face. Physio classes helped her reactivate facial muscles and despite hardship from the beginning, she’s getting used to her new “identity” so to speak.

The Labrador Dog that mauled her had to be euthanized.

Isabelle Dinoire Photos are in a gallery below:

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  1. awesome!! betcha she wont do that again, or at least if she decides to remove herself from the cease pool of humanity, shell succeed. moral of the story; dont fukk up a suicide attempt ;p

  2. awww poor dog dnt blame him he didnt noe there jus dogs they dnt noe wats best and wats wrong my dog bite me from my lip to my nose she dsnt noe wat was happing ya i LUV dogs even though they bite dsnt mean we do things bad too….. like boxing ppl punch each other c there doing things they shuldnt be doing so dnt blame dogs blame the ones who didnt train them

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  4. just love this post man, thankies ;p I do have to ask tho, any word if she still ownes the dog annnnnd, would you keep the dog if it did this to you?? as far as Im concerned the dog was just doing what came natural to it.

  5. *palms her face, and giggles embarrased like…* “whoops, last sentence was … either way if the dog would have been allowed to keep its life this lady should NOT have it in her care, nothing should be around such toxic personalities behind closed doors for long. Feel for her daughter and sure as shit hope the bill wasnt paid by taxpayers…

    would I keep the dog, well Ill never OD or botch a suicide attempt sooooo hellz yeah.

    Mans best friend, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  6. poor woman, i found a comment from a low life bastard that stated that, the true reason for the accident was that she attemted to make the dog eat her out but the meat sause splash her face rather than the intended area! what an asshole lol.

  7. Looks like the doctors put the transplant on crooked. When I see operations like these so-called reconstructive surgeries, I wonder who it’s really for… the victims… or the people(society) around her. Yet another HORRIBLE job by the surgical team. Fucks sake.

  8. While I don’t wish for the need for such trauma remedies, I am very interested in the psychological nuances of life after a face transplant. The miniscule amount of subjects to study will most likely relegate any observations to “case study” status, rather than a scientifically defined syndrome, but I’d still be damn curious to read about it regardless…

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