Jael Strauss – America’s Next Top Model Before and After Meth

Jael Strauss - Americas Next Top Model Before and After Meth

28 year old Jael Strauss appeared on America’s Next Top Model – for whatever that’s worth – but then turned to Meth and went from being a cute, dumb blonde bimbo you’d want to shove your dick in the mouth of to being a cute, dumb blonde bimbo you wouldn’t want to shove your dick in the mouth of. Her previously plastic looking, photoshop enhanced face is now scarred with sores and her teeth are rotten.

While I can’t say her turning to Meth was a win, blonde bimbos of such pathetic rank are perfect candidates for single mothers cause they routinely fuck niggers and end up pregnant with the nigger bailing on them. Stupid is as stupid does. Welcome to the real world, Jael Strauss. You had it too fucking easy, now try what it’s like to battle through life without everyone creaming their pants after seeing your tits.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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102 thoughts on “Jael Strauss – America’s Next Top Model Before and After Meth”

    1. Hi there jj 馃檪
      I am a new member who’s been a long time reader. Can’t get enough of the gore, yum. Came across your post, thought I’d take a chance and say hi.
      Oh, and posts like these would be way more useful in health class than drawings in a textbook, to all the ducks who judge our gore 馃檪

  1. I hate photoshoped models, it makes them look like cartoons.

    I much prefer a nice, reasonably in shape, everyday type women who has a sense of humour.

    I understand that not all models are divas but a good majority of the models that I have met tend to be that way, maybe its because being put on a pedestal turns you egotistical overtime however it would show more character if they were able to keep their feet on the ground.

        1. Born that way hun…not an addict, hooker, fatty, cunt, crazy, nosy, anorexic or bulemic.
          I am just a “normalized” chic. I am me.
          Sorry if you don’t like or if you don’t understand. Even more sorry if you are one of the many out there.

  2. It’s a damn shame what drugs can do to you. I watched some meth documentary awhile back and it was amazing to see the difference a little meth can do. I’m thankful to have never got caught up. Lots of wasted potential and beautiful people!!

    1. @juicy o.o Amy winehouse yup well there is nothing much to say about her but she is a good example why not to try cocain, she’s singing the cocain blues now wherever the fuck she is alot of good talent wasted well I’m not going to lie her songs were shit -.- she should have stayed in rehab ^_^

    2. alco and nicotine is some sort of slow killing drugs, that means i’m a addict, diferece is i can quit any time before is to late:) but i can’t…lol. gees…wtf…I have a lump on the back.

      1. @juicy.
        It looks like there are just too many differences, her eyebrows are much higher, unless she’s had a brow lift I can’t see how drugs can do that too you. I’ve seen the before and after pictures of meths and they are truly incredible but this just doesn’t look right to me.

  3. Didn’t y’all know? Meth is the best diet substance out there! Got a little fat in unwanted places? Smoke a little meth and you’ll get that skinny, anorexia, model look you’ve always wanted…results may very, call your local drug dealer for more information

  4. Glen Benton of Death Metal Band Deicide ( The Killing of God )was addicted .It managed to improve his looks but it didn’t get rid of the inverted cross that was soldered into his forehead …and no i’m not kidding .

  5. Models wear contact and alot of make up.then to top it off they airbrush every thing that makes them look like normal woman.the meth pick looks right to me the eyebrows are high because when you loose weight drasticly and are young enough for the skin to go back to normal=bug eye face lift.and the nose your ears and nose never stop growing meth is speed and it speeds up youre bodys age hence the big shnoz.

  6. Once these whores turn to MEth, meth need money, money is made for prostitution, white prostitutions are always, ALWAYS solicited for sexy by Negros looking for sex with Whitz Wimmins.

  7. Its really not that funny…anyone who ever smoked a cigarette or had a beer or smoked a joint simply because everyone else looked like they were having a good old time is equal in some way.we are are all human some seek to explore and soms seek to escape.

    1. Not funny at all even some words especially the N seen in above replies the worst N word mentioned from the person who posted the pic.
      I know of friends who lost loved ones from 1st hit of a drug someone lost their mom the pain is Never forgotten.

  8. there is a website that shows meth, before and after. It isn’t just one pic, its a series of pics of the same people. One of them died while this comparison was going on. She started off normal then looked like a crack whore just before she died.

  9. That’s ridiculous. You have to be completely negligent of your hygiene to look like that after using meth!
    I used meth for 8 years and I look nothing like that. I don’t look very different at all and I was a very heavy user because I was a cook. Don’t believe the media bullshit about the “dangerous effects of meth to your appearance”
    I’m clean now but that’s because I was busted and arrested I’m now on probation for 10 years cuz it was a first offense. This dangerous drug thing is all brainwashing bullshit by the American government and I find it offensive!

    1. And I’m sorry to go off randomly like this but I just made this profile here right now to comment on this cuz I hear people saying things like this all the time and it’s false information.
      Thank you for your time 馃檪

  10. I didn’t read all these year old posts so if someone else has already pointed this out I apologize.. I noticed in the description, reference was made to her being a prime candidate to be a single mother and a racial slur was used. Apparently you weren’t aware that she is half black. Her mother is a black woman. I’m all for your freedom of speech and all that however, you would look more intelligent and less like an egotistical bigot if you would do a little research before you spew your ignorance.

  11. I鈥檓 slightly embarrassed to say I injected meth for years and years and it had no negative effect on my outward appearance and I have nice white teeth because I brush them. my cardiovascular system maybe a different story however. But the media really has to stop lying about this shit because the govt lying about drugs only proves to people that they are lying and that drugs aren鈥檛 that damaging, which does little to deter young people……

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