Kitchen Knife Assisted Cyst Drainage

Kitchen Knife Assisted Cyst Drainage

Having a cyst drained surgically, by doctors in sterile, hospital environment is for pussies. Tough guys do it in their bathrooms with kitchen knife. They also ask to have the hole made bigger! 30 year old cysts need aggressive approach, you know…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. A normal incision for the removal/extraction of a cyst can vary in this case a 1/2″-1″ incision should be made and the depth can vary as well. Most of the time it’s under a great deal of pressure and a single poke of a scalpel will rupture the cyst and the doc or nurse can go from there.

  1. all i can think of when i see this is sweet relief. sometimes when you have things like this for so long,the pain you feel piercing your skin is worth the feeling you get when you have this thing gone. i have done something like this twice in my life albeit, maybe not so intense. first time i was thirteen. i started growing a bubble on my knee. well i just let it be for like a month. well one day i went to work with my dad and when we stopped to get fuel (hes a truck driver), i got tired of it so i grabbed his box cutter and cut my knee. it hurt at first but it felt good when all that puss and blood finally came out. i just cleaned it up with some window fluid and i was good to go. the second time, i got an ingrown toenail and i went down to tijuana to get it pulled out. the fucking bitch doctor said that to prevent further problems i should have the whole nail removed. i said fuck it , do it. i was out of work for a week and finally when it grew back in it still got ingrown. i said fuck it and i left it alone. one year later i couldnt take the pain anymore. after a hot bath i started clipping my nail. i kept digging and cutting the flesh away with some toenail clippers. then i got pissed and just grabbed the toenail with the clippers and yanked it out. it felt so good!!! the nail was so soft because of being under the flesh and there was so much puss. it flet great though. the pain i felt was gone once i felt the relief of not having that fucking nail buried in my toe. mind you this was my left foot so it was my clutch leg and being a truck driver myself i used my foot quite often. i can only imagine the relief this guy felt after this. sorry about the long winded post guys.

    1. I would like to share a little trick my father showed me many years ago. It was a trick his father had shown him. Take your nail clippers and cut a V in the top of the toenail right in the middle. The top of your nail should look something like this: —v—. As it grows out, the V will pull itself together and pull out the ingrown part as well. My family has used this trick for many, many years and it has always worked for us. I hope it works for you as well.

    1. This is my VERY southern uncle, Lou. My poor aunt that had to perform the surgery and unfortunate cousin that had to film wanted nothing to do with it, and from what they tell me, it stank to high hell…

  2. Glue some googlie eyes to it and talk to it about other people in the room! To whomever has the towel- see if you can get through the operation on one towel just to make sure he gets infected… Maybe you’ll get your own reality series on Best Gore!

  3. yummy. It can smell like Gorgonzola cheese or like rotten fish depending on the person. The best way I’ve found is to disinfect area and put a square of cling wrap loosely over lump after piercing it with a art/craft scalpel. Squeeze from the edges with both hands till most of the cottage cheese toothpaste is out and wrap up the precious bundle of smegma to have on toast latter. Vicks vapor rub under the nose kills the stench and the cling helps with the smell and keep in escapees. A squeeze bottle of warm water and disinfectant into the hole floods out the last of the gunk.

  4. SHIT! love this. i literally just drained one on my friends back christmas eve. best present ever lol. there def is a very “unique smell” but let me tell you the absolute worst is when people get a necrotic tissue build up on top of everything else. so the worst one i ever drained was in basic training a couple years ago. i had civilian medical experience and this girl had this huge abscess on her foot from her boots, alot of people refuse to go to sick call to deal with that shit bc they dont want to get restarted. so i had alcohol swabs a safety pin and cotton. ugh this girl had let it get to the point where i had to debride and wick the damn thing in the middle of the field. smell was horriffic and wonderful 🙂

  5. its a family tradition with my sister, brother and I to watch and send these videos to each other. My sister use to corner my brother or me in the kitchen and go to town on the zits and blackheads we had and have. still does it to us. Now I love having boyfriends with backne or major zits. its fun to give the pain. anyone in the dallas area that needs them popped or need to have a abscess that you want gone drop me a line.

  6. That is how most people without insurance have to deal with things like this. Go to the doc or e.r. and you are looking at at least 2 bills. There are alot of us that have become medics in our own homes. Obama care is a good thing for those who have not.

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