Laparoscopic Appendectomy – Surgical Removal of the Appendix

Laparoscopic Appendectomy - Surgical Removal of the Appendix

An appendectomy is an operation in which the vermiform appendix is surgically removed. The appendectomy can be performed as an invasive, open surgery during which an access to the appendix is gained by cutting the patient open, or as a minimally invasive Laparoscopy.

Unlike an open surgery, the Laparoscopic Appendectomy only requires small incisions, just enough for the camera equipped instruments to enter the abdominal cavity. This way the surgeon doesn’t need to cut a big hole in the patient to see what he’s doing as the operation can be monitored through live feed on the monitors.

The video below is a recording of one such feed, captured by a laparoscope mounted camera during the minimally invasive appendectomy. I still have my appendix so I don’t know what it’s like to get one removed. Perhaps someone who underwent this surgery could share their experiences with us:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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67 thoughts on “Laparoscopic Appendectomy – Surgical Removal of the Appendix”

  1. Unfortunately Mark. I never had laparoscopic surgery when I had appendicitis… Although I can share my experience.

    When I was 13 years old. I returned home from a rather uneventful day at school. On the way home me and my mates stopped at the local chippy to get a can of Red Bull and Potato Scallop each… A bargain 20p for the scallop. Can’t go wrong.

    When I returned home. I sat infront of the PC watching my brothers play Age of Empires and drinking copious quantities of Capri Sun.

    I suddenly felt a bit under the weather. And thought that an early night would do me right. So I went to bed.

    I had a bloody weird dream. That I was looking at a map of Age of Empires. And when I hovered over the volcano. It erupted! And at the same time. I remember feeling the worst pain imaginable in my abdomen.

    The worst thing in the world. Almost inexplicable.

    It was kind of like being punched and stabbed at the same time. With a massive amount of nausea to boot.

    I was too ill to call out. Or stand up. So I knocked feebly on the wall. Where in the adjoining room my brothers were still playing. After about 5 minutes of weak tapping… My brothers shouted “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” through the wall.

    To be honest. I thought I was going to cop it.

    After throwing up in my bed exactly 12 times. And spending 9 hours writhing in agony. I was discovered by my Dad. He thought I had pulled a muscle or something and wrote it off.

    I can’t remember much after that.

    But I remember feeling alright for a while. Perfect actually.

    Then as I was taken into A&E (and forced to wait 5 hours), I developed a MA-HOO-SIVE migraine.

    It felt as though the Devil had been eating my brains and shutting them back not my skull.

    When they finally got me into surgery. I remember feeling fine after. The morphine having it’s usual I’ll effect on me as per usual though.

    The bad thing about my traditional appendectomy though… Is that it seriously affects your ability to walk… Forget making more than 20 meters on your own for at least a fortnight.

    Weren’t that bad though.

      1. You really are a trooper, huh? Having to wait that long in that much pain multiplies the pain exponentially. I still have my appendix but I have all those loopy drugs to look forward to when it does get cut out.

        1. That was one of the best appendectomy stories I have ever read. I mean that in the best way possible. šŸ˜‰

          Glad to know you are good and well alive.

          Most people are mistaken by this but Houdini actually died from a ruptured appendix brought on by an expected blow to the abdomen.

        1. Cheers people.

          I remember being in constant pain for what seemed like a fucking week. But was only like a period of 18 hours.

          I have heard that laparoscopic treatment is the way to go. Better and cheaper in every way…

          My scar has faded to a faint white line now. But was fucking groovy when I came out of hospital.

          The surgeons used soluble stitches with the 7 layers of muscle they sliced through. And used glue with my skin.

          The glue was like a thick yellow and red scab. As wide as 3 fingers.

          It was fun to pick at!

          Haha. Yes FD…

          Me and my brothers never give each other sympathy. If we are ill. It is usually a slap across the head and “stop being a pussy!”.

          1. Haha.

            I would never… Ever. Perform an act of auto-castration.

            I want kids. I want to raise them in a way that makes them better than their fellow man in every single way.

            So that one day. It could be them that shits on the kids of the bastards that have shit on me and my ancestors.

          2. Now that story was Nuts good. Scallop Chips and Redbull, man you Brits got the Worst food in the world. Its a wonder that all Brits don’t have their appendix Exploding.=)

          3. Haha!

            Ooh… I love our food Hawk… It is filthy, arterial exploding, bowel rupturing, coronaries on a plate.

            You haven’t been to heaven till you have tried fried Haggis in a peppercorn sauce.


  2. I had my appendix removed about 12 years ago after it almost burst, the pain was horrible. I had to walk to the hospital, as that time I only lived 5 minutes away from it., and didn’t think it was woth calling an ambulance; I think knowing what I know now, I would have called one. I had 2 people holding me up and the walk took 45 minutes because I had to keep stopping.

    The docs put me on morpine and boy did I laugh!!!!! I don’t know why I reacted that way, but it killed the pain so I wasn’t compaining.

    I spent 5 days in the hospital because of complications, as my appendix ruptured during surgery, but i’m fine now.

    I am glad mine has gone after watching this video, I don’t think I would want to do it all over again.

  3. Is it true the appendix has no known bodily function? If it gets inflamed or ruptures within the human body it spreads its toxins and will most likely kill you, so why can’t doctors just remove this annoying organ after you are born before it kills you in the future or this type of surgery unnecessary until the appendix starts to swell up?

      1. They believed the appendix was used long ago during the stone age to process raw meat eaten by cave men.

        Now that we have a means of cooking our food, over time the appendix has become of no use.

    1. It’s a wee little sack off of your intestines not sure if the large or small but it’s about the size of our pinkie finger. They seem to get inflamed or infected when, some how, food particles get trapped in there. It can be very dangerous when they erupt because all of the nasty bacteria seeps out into your abdomen.

    1. @ baked

      Come on now… If a whole bunch of elementary school students can find their way out of a body, while bypassing the traditional in the mouth – out the anus route, one would hope a surgeon could at least follow the poo…

  4. Hey i have been a view for a long time but this post finally made me register. I had this procedure done about for years ago. The pain i had felt like a knife was stabbing me and it was all i could do just to walk. I finally got to the ER and the appendix size was x3 its normal. The procedure took about 45 minutes, with 2 half inch incisions and a one inch cut. i woke up 4-5 hours later and the nurses made me walk, which i bitched about but after thirty minutes of walking the pain wasn’t so bad. full recovery time was about 2 weeks until i could run at normal speed and pick up things from the ground.

    Thanks Mark for making a great website, an even better community, and thank you again.

  5. my appendix was ruptured when i was 13. they had to scoop out my insides taking one of my ovaries and leaving me with a long a** scar. i was on my deathbed getting my last rights read to me. I’m cool now i have a kid and I’m now 30 something yrs old

  6. 3 years ago i woke up with a terrible pain in the abdomen, and after several minutes of it not receding i panicked and called my daddy, who took me to the ER, I tought it was the fuckin appedix, but the medic said it wasn`t, that i was perfect so better stop yelling like a pussy. Finally he gave me a shot of something that calmed me down. Meanwhile, the TV at the waiting room announced that Banana Republic’s hipercrooked ex-president NESTOR KIRCHNER just kicked the bucket, (making CRI$TINA a widow, BAKED) so that surely made me feel good too.
    Two days later, I urinated a little, almost microscopic stone, that little fucker was the cause of it all, my medic ordered like a hundred studies (including a fucking nuclear tompgraphy of my fuckin kidneys) but everything was allright, so perhaps that stone was NESTOR’s soul that solidified when departing the body and ended up in my fucking kidney or something.

    1. It sounds like one of Borges’s weird stories…
      If I understood it well (and I usually don’t, do I Unk?), then each time that you shit or fart is because something happened to somebody somewhere… You’re like a seismograph that register every event in the world!

  7. i went to the ER once for lower intense abdominal pain in the end the doctor said wasn’t the appendix he gave me a few pills and told me to rest a few days later it went away i don’t know what it was though

      1. I had to make a few blood tests the next day + a scanner on my lower abdomen.. wasn’t appendicitis i still get cramps once in awhile but mild ones i don’t know what i have it’s annoying the recent blood tests i did like a month and a half ago were 90% okay

  8. I actually had this surgery about two years ago..I am a 20 year old female and that was my first surgery, i was so scared! It actually isnt that bad….i have a little scar right below my belly button another little scare above my belly button and another tiny scar to the left of my belly stomach hurt for a few days after the surgery but about two weeks later i was good as new!

  9. Fascinating! For a moment there, I thought they would bring out the little tool that eats up the whole thing, but they can’t do that with an infected apendix. MedEx, or anyone else who knows, the doctor had to inflate the abdominal cavity, right? Also, out of curiosity, and based on the amount of fat in the deposites on the intestines, how would you describe the weight of this person?

  10. I never had my appendix removed either, but I did have a foot of my intestine removed. Maybe one day we’ll have a video of a person with diverticulitus.Diverticulitus surgery really sucks ass.

    1. @ Lunatic

      My dad is currently suffering from diverticulitus and an infected appendix that will have to be removed in a month and a half (surgery has to be postponed if possible or it will be worse for him). What can he expect?

      * part of the intestine is coming out as well.

      1. Thanks guys, @ heli, your dad can expect to wake up from the anesthesia with his intestine sewn to his stomach with a ziplock type bag stuck around it that he will be shitting in for a while, if he’s young enough in a few months they will reverse it. It sucks, if they couldn’t have reversed mine ( I was thirtyfive at the time) I would have killed myself, no ifs ands or buts. But I also had an abcess that grew from it I was a couple hours away from dying from septic shock. I don’t know if you don’t have an abcess if they can operate without him having to get a shit bag, I’d say do a little research, give him my well wishes.

  11. I had mine out when I was seven years old (in the early 50’s), and to this day I remember the pain before being taken to the doctor and crying in pain in the admitting room. I was cut open and i still have the scar. Back then, I was kept in the hospital for a week after the surgery. Now, I believe it’s an outpatient procedure. (As I write this, I haven’t seen the video.)

  12. Ah holy shit! I’ve never even wondered about how exactly it happened even when I’ve had my appendix taken out. Damn this brings back memories.

    I was in fifth grade and it was on a Friday when I was at school when my stomach just suddenly started hurting. I tried to ignore it for at first but after awhile I couldn’t as it had gotten so bad and I asked to go to the nurse. At this point I running a fever and she gave me some medicine but it wasn’t helping. She let me lay down on the bed while she called my parents.

    My mother took me home and she made me laid down and the pain seemed to ease off. I was thrilled because that weekend we were going to go to Wild Adventures, I had never been before, since my mother had won some tickets from a radio station. However, later that night the pain came back and I felt extremely nauseated and promptly threw up.

    The next morning I still felt horrible and my mother gave me a heating pad which helped to ease the pain at times. Most of the time I was curled up and clutching at my stomach. My dad than said it might be an appendicitis. So, we went to the hospital. After being stuck in the waiting room for a couple of hours they finally saw me. They made me drink a chalky and ‘fruity’ (so they said) white fluid. After which they took a scan.

    When they finally came back they said it was an appendicitis. I remember them telling me that I was going to have to have a surgery as my appendix could rupture. Right before they wheeled me into the operating room my mother was standing outside with me and holding my hand. I remember feeling such an intense pain which surpassed everything before. I was crying and told my mother that it hurt, I was scared, I didn’t want to do this and that I wanted to go home.

    Apparently my appendix had burst right as they had gone into surgery. I have a scar that is roughly about the same length from the tip of my thumb to the knuckle. I had to stay in the hospital for a few days before coming home. I still remember my stomach being covered in iodine.

    Ahh such fun times. xD Hopefully this shall remain my first and only surgery.

  13. i had appendicitis , at age 15. I just kept on taking pain medications and pepto bismuth, thinking it was food posining. I was able to with stand the pain for 4 days. It was unbearable, but i was missing school and sleeping alot. When my dad came for a visit he validated that it was appendicititis by palpating mcburnys point, I was sent to the hospital, at this point my body gave up on me. All sphincters were put to relaxation i shitted my self and screamed in pain, was put to the er. My appendix burst. At this point i would pass out and awaken in a matter of seconds, i felt pain everywhere. I was put to sleep and awoken the next day, a young jewish doctor performed the surgery. i was put in recuperation for 3 weeks. 3 weeks in the hospital sucks. i had a wet dream once and a poor nurse had to clean the mess.

  14. Hi everyone, I would like to share my story.

    I was currently on holiday in Brisbane, Australia to visit and stay with my Grandparents. I was 16 at the time. I remember all of a sudden having an intense, severe pain on my abdomen… causing me to struggle with walking and being sick. My Grandad suggested that it could be appendicitus. So, he rang an ambulance since the nearest hospital was 30-40 minutes away. So, as I arrived in the hospital… I had to wait 30 mins then I got a scan to prove that it officially was my appendix. Luckily, it wasn’t close to bursting. So, I stayed overnight and then had my key-hole surgery the following morning. All I remember of that was being wheeled in to the surgeons on a guerney then they injected morphine and made me inhale it too and then I fell straight asleep. It was a sucess, they removed my appendix by three incisions. One above my mound (vagina), one underneath my belly button and the last one on the left side of my abdomen.
    I stayed in hospital for about a week to recover until I was allowed my Grandparents to come and pick me up so that I can go back to theirs.

    As soon as I got back, I had to walk on crutches for a few days due to the pain. I rested lots and only ate liquidfied food. Unfortuantly I became very constipated so my Nan called her friend who is a Nurse to basically come round and stick this thing in my anal passage until I could finally shit again lol.
    It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences, but it had to be done.
    After 2 weeks of resting, I could finally walk normally again and enjoy the rest of my holiday.

  15. I know I’m 2 years late.
    I was 17 when I had my appendix removed. It was right after my high school graduation, and I had been feeling shitty for a couple days.
    I woke up at 6 am in intense pain. Laid curled in the fetal position. Decided to go to the emergency room around 9 am. It didn’t take long to be seen. Eventually I had some kind of glow-y stuff injected into my IV so they could see my appendix in imaging, and they confirmed it was appendicitis. They prepared me for surgery, shaved my body, gave me a catheter. They missed at first and put it in my vagina. First time out of 2 that happened: do I have a small urethra or what?

  16. I know I’m 2 years late to this party.
    I was 17 when I had my appendix removed. It was right after my high school graduation, and I had been feeling shitty for a couple days.
    I woke up at 6 am in intense pain. Decided to go to the emergency room around 9 am. It didn’t take long to be seen. Eventually I had some kind of glow-y stuff injected into my IV so they could see my appendix in imaging, and they confirmed it was appendicitis. They prepared me for surgery, shaved my body, gave me a catheter. (They missed at first and put it in my vagina. Great.) Then I was wheeled into surgery, which was performed by this old, Pakistani doctor. It was not laparoscopic. It was old-school. They cut me open, cut through my abs, then had those forks that hold your shit open. They said my appendix was really infected so they…examined and cleaned up everything around it, like my intestines, ovaries/uterus. My scar is about 6″ long.
    I woke up pissed at the nurses because I needed to cough from having a tube down my throat, but it hurt my stomach too bad.
    I stayed in the hospital 4-5 days. I wasn’t allowed to lift more than 5 pounds for a couple months, so I quit both my jobs. I couldn’t lift more than 15 pounds until October, 4-5 months later. The IV in my hand for nearly 5 days plus the burning of all the medication caused necrosis of the veins, they turned blackish. They’re better now.
    Once I got out my taste buds had changed from the anesthesia/medication. All I could eat that summer was a pizza sub from Subway and chocolate milk, once a day, every day.

  17. My family and i always joke around to never eat taco bell because my sister used to hate taco bell and when she went on a school field trip thats where they took the kiddos to eat. That night she ended up with severe tummy pains and when my dad took her to the hospital they found her appendix was about to rupture and they had to remove it.

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