Leg Ulcer Not Healing as Expected

Leg Ulcer Not Healing as Expected

Leg Ulcer Not Healing as Expected

This photo is sent in by @rottenbitch. Thank you for the story and photo!

My girlfriend have an Ulcus Cruris since one year, this was operated for 3 month ago. Unfortunately, the procedure was not as expected, as there is a Pseudomonas germ on the wound. Now she have to go back to the hospital.

Ewww! This looks really bad mate, I really hope the leg heals up nicely and all is well in the end!

Until BitChute quits being a lazy fuck, I thought maybe making this a faux-pas Caption Photo Contest.. also, until @xavior99 cums around to appease my passive aggressive hints at concluding his results in the last contest. Here’s my caption “A Woman’s Jizz on Cheese Pizza.

“Venous leg ulcers are wounds or sores on the lower leg that heal poorly usually because of insufficient blood circulation.

Venous ulcers occur when there’s a break in the skin on the leg, often occurring near the medial malleolus (inside ankle bone). This normally affects elderly people with several underlying diseases. The onset of venous leg ulcers is also common with people who have diabetes or a weak heart. Women suffer from venous leg ulcers more often than men. The main cause is usually venous insufficiency over several years.”

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  1. I suffer from very similar leg ulcers, I could describe the exquisite pain I experienced from treatment, treatment is not a treat. I am one tough motherfucker and I cried. Imagine red hot melted lava dripped on the most exposed nerve you can fathom…. yeah, it’s worse. Sure! we’ll deaden this up.. here comes the biting needles with acid spit!! – I will never forget the pain. I am stronger now.

  2. I’ve smelled a very similar wound, also colonised with Pseudomonas sp.
    It’s a smell you won’t forget in a hurry. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to see these kinds of things in diabetics. They just don’t look after themselves.

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