Liposarcoma Pictures – Before and After Surgical Removal

Liposarcoma Pictures - Before and After Surgical Removal

Liposarcoma is a rare form of cancer that forms in the fatty tissues usually on inner thighs or on arse. Being tumors, Liposarcomas are malignant, meaning that they have the ability to metastasize and potentially lead to death, however post surgery and radiation treatment survival rate is high and re-occurrence rate is low.

Below is a couple of pictures of a patient affected with quite a severe case of Liposarcoma. The before surgery picture looks as though an outbreak of gooey cauliflower overgrew on the patient’s behind. It’s one of those cases that makes you ask – “how did the person let it get this far?” There clearly must have been noticeable issues taking a seat, or even sleeping. A tumor that requires biopsy to be identified is one thing, but when a giant shit size of your thigh grows on your ass, that’s something that should have been brought up with a physician a long time ago.

Gallery of high res pictures of before and after Liposarcoma tumor surgical removal from patient’s ass is below:

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  1. Dear God! How can someone sit down with such a large growth. Must be in a third world country. What can be said. It is just terrible! Hope this person does not get anymore. It is just awful. Hope the best for them.

  2. my goodness, remind me to wipe down the public toilet extra well next time! yeah yeah I know you can’t catch this disease(well I think so?) but just imagine all the herpe’s infected, blue waffled vagina’s that use the dunny before you. which remind’s me, why is it hard for a woman to pee in the morning? have you ever tried to peel open a toasted cheese sandwich!

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