Live To Air Arm Wrestle Ends In Loud Snap

Arm Wrestle Ends In Loud Snap

I remember fondly the days of arm wrestling my friends at high school while waiting for slow, fat and emotionally drained teachers to arrive at our classrooms from their lunch room. Our macho tussles of benign futility were a precursor to the inevitable war of wills within the walls of our dilapidated dojo, where students and teacher would fight for relevance and respect beneath the weighty odour of sweat, hormones and chalk dust.

Glorious days they were, carefree and pretty much without consequences. Except of course for the girls who fell pregnant and the guys who discovered that even 16 year olds have to pay child support. Sometimes the toughest lessons learned are those that leave you with stretch marks, empty wallets and really, really angry parents.

Fortunately one lesson which never played out while I was at school (unlike these guys) was a practical demonstration of the physical limit of bone and muscle during an arm wrestle. During a live broadcast of the Australian television program The Footy Show on 11 June 2015, two guests were competing in a charity arm wrestle when they decided to catch myself and the rest of Australia up on that particular missed lesson.

The celebrity wrestlers, Wendell Sailor and Ben Ross, had just begun their tussle when Ben audibly snapped his humerus (the long bone of the upper arm) at the end near his elbow. Hosts and bemused members of the audience reacted in horror at the spectacle of one of the toughest men in Rugby League writhing in agony with what he later said was the most painful injury he has ever experienced. Given his long list of career injuries, including a broken neck, this is a big call.

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    1. Lol. Yeah, I was just thinking that too.
      Rugby is a rough sport and not intended to be played by little weak-tit fags. Calling it Footy could be a little misleading.
      I briefly dated an English girl who was in the U.S. for school and she called soccer footy. Always wanted me to watch “the footy match” with her.

      1. I get Aussies and the Irish and even the Scottish if they slow down a bit while talking. But those English have a different word for everything! They may as well be French! 😛

        I mean, when did “ears”, pronounced EE-ahs, begin to mean “yes” in England? I missed that memo! I imagine sex with an English woman would be hilarious with her hollering “Ears!” over and over!

        1. @Harumph,

          Ha, England is like anywhere else; many different regional accents and colloquialisms. We do not all speak like the Queen.

          English people equally find accents such as those found in Ohio and Texas humorous as well.

          1. I understand many regional dialects empty soul, and yes they can be very amusing. However in both Ohio and Texas, football is football, and soccer is soccer and never the twain shall meet. Also, you won’t be hearing any males or females from those two states agreeing to orgasms, or anything else for that matter, with repeated ears. 😆

            Personally, I feel Ebonics deserves the most derision. Those who employ that form of communication have trouble understanding each other! That might explain much of the violence.

          2. @Harumph,

            I was going to include Ebonics, however Ebonics cannot be considered a language due to it being nonsensical nigger babble without any grammatical rules to even attempt to make sense of it.

            I also bet the women in Texas shout, ?hot damn!; ride me cowboy; wooooooooooooo? when nearing orgasm.

          3. @ empty soul

            I only ever get a lot of oh yeses, oh Gods, and oh God yeses out of mine. *shrug*

            I’m afraid most all American women holler wooooo at anything these days, even a shoe sale.

        2. To be honest @Harumph, if we were to meet I doubt you’d be able to tell a word I said. But that, as @Empty Soul alluded to, is all part of being English, the accents change every ten miles or so in some parts of the country.

          And ” Ears ” is exactly how Her Highness would say yes, not us commoners. 😉

          1. Thanks for that, ewe. I didn’t know that ears was posh English for yes. I thought that was more national. Haha! I’m sure that posh seems to be a whole other language, too. I know the finances certainly are!

          2. @ewe, I think it is amazing how often the pommie accent changes throughout England. I noticed that when I went to England at the end of 2013…..and America too, the accent changes. But here in Oz, the accent stays the same pretty much no matter where you are. I’m a Queenslander and we talk a bit slower but that is about it…..

            I watched this live on Thursday night and as soon as it happened I said to myself “Perfect BG video” and got a bit excited that I might even get to submit my first bit of material……..but no, you blokes are way too fast for us Queenslanders!

  1. That definitely was not the bone. If you slow down the video you can see the ligament snap up his arm. If anyone want to know what happened exactly cut a rubber band stretch it out straight nice and taunt then let go of one side. Just be sure to do so horizontally in front of you and away from your face please. But the rubber band is in essence the same as a ligament. It would have been better if his bone had been what snapped a lot easier to fix, more routine surgery, and ALOT less healing time. Plus the force and speed that ligament snapped up his arm could have caused secondary injuries as well….. Looks so much better slowed and zoomed in on his arm if you can I recommend doing so you get a better feel of the pain he was suddenly in.

        1. It did thanks @AmOur, eventually, after months of rehab, physio and weights. Never been the same since though.
          I’d take a bone fracture before a snapped ligament or dislocation any day of the week.

      1. Then to add injury to injury ( just reading the reports) his muscle snapped from his bone that’s what flew up his arm kinda hard to call which would have been easier for him now.

    1. That sound takes me back to my football days. I’ve never suffered more than a strained ACL, which was bad enough, but I have heard a hamstring snap before. The poor guy dropped instantly writhing in pain.
      I can’t imagine that a similar injury in ones arm would be any less painful. A spiral fracture in this case adds an extra layer of pain to deal with.

      1. @McTreblar,

        I agree with you that not all black people are niggers but I am curious about the groupings themselves and how people choose to distinguish between the two.

        Is the term Nigger only applied to those who exhibit certain behavioural patterns or is it also related to the manner in which they ruminate?

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        I find it interesting how people have a very different way of looking at and categorising these things which eventually results in the cultural evolution of language.

        1. @empty

          I view the normalisation and broadened definition of nigger to be an attempt to take control of an insult and turn it into something to be aspired to. It is a low brow approach to making what separates and devalues them within a social context, and using it as an empowering tool.

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          1. @McTreblar,

            Regardless of the choice of language though there are many people throughout Europe becoming increasingly more racist(I count myself among them) due to the mass migration of Africans and such(illegal and legal) and the social/economic decline as a result of it.

            Now, I can fully appreciate that no one wants to live in Africa; not even black Africans. However when they leave the third world behind far too many of them bring the third world with them via their beliefs; their behaviour and their inability to conform and amalgamate and this has a rotting effect on the host country.

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            My conclusion, in the modern world of mass migration and multiculturalism racism becomes just another form of self-preservation.

          2. @McTreblar,

            I apologise for the misunderstanding, I thought you were admonishing racism and that is why I was trying to figure out your definition of racism so as to understand where you were coming from.

            My bad.

          3. I think I can resolve this…….Wendell is definitely not a nigga because he is an islander. He is NOT African. Wendell is a Torres Straight Islander ( and a Queenslander!!) which means he is an indigenous Australian. The Torres Straight is the group of
            Islands that sit just north of the Australian mainland and Papua New Guinea.

            He could not be further from being a nigga, infect I am as anglo as they come but I am closer to being a nigga than Wendell Sailor. The guy is a fucking champion.

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    1. Wendell always has time for anyone who says hello, still gets kids throng for his autograph and unfortunately still thinks he can hit it with the chicks. He is a good guy and I’m glad that when he made it on to BestGore all his bits were still intact.

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          3. @Amour I’m on my way, if you hear something loud coming down the road you know whats up, I’ll bring the J?germeister! 😉

  2. This is why I will never do armwrestling. I mean I witness guys who can bench press monstrous 400 lbs, and do all super feat upper body workout and most of them can’t armwrestle for shit. Plus armwrestling isn’t a test to real strength, it just means you have good tendons, muscles, and stability on your arm. I’m willing to bet this white fellow didn’t drink enough milk, only loading up on protein and neglecting calcium.

  3. you torque down on the elbow you get these brakes every time. The pressure must be a balance and in one direction. The guy that breaks it’s their own fault. “Over the Top” isn’t just a cheesy movie name, it’s how to win at this. -951-

  4. This reminds me of that weightlifter recently that was trying to lift about 200kg and his tendons at the back of his knees ( you know those two hard ligaments or tendons) snapped on both sides……….needless to say he went down like a sack of shit…….

  5. I knew that pecker woods arm was going to break those pasty skin inbred people are just not right what is wrong with his genes and his blood line for his arm to break during a pansy contest.

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