Liver Reduced to Meatloaf by Gunshot

Liver Reduced to Meatloaf by Gunshot

It is the weekend, and many of you SOB’s will no doubt be celebrating the ending of the work week by hitting the bars and clubs and drinking the night away. Killing your liver in a relatively fun way. So let’s drink to this liver, destroyed by gunshot blast. Looks like meatloaf they are pulling out of this man. Subject did not survive the experience.

Bottoms up.

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          1. I just thought “Oh fuck, here we go- Obs is going to be PISSED when he realizes you have betrayed him and told the whole world your dirty little phone sex secret”

  1. A bit off topic here but,I had an interesting encounter with a Asian beauty today. An aspiring artist brought in a “elephant trunk” made out of wine barrel hoops and needed it welded in places. The piece was her first and okay but , she was highlight! Nice looking good personality,friendly and plans on coming back for more “assistance”. I’ll assist her alright;)

      1. @Ewestomper, yes it’s always good but, my first thought was “Damned whose this ” followed up by a “I’d jump her bones in a heartbeat” or a drop of her hat and topped of with a ” me love you long time”.

        1. That’s exactly why i gave her a business card with the foremans number scratched out and mine put in its place and an invite to com back so i can teach her a thing or two about “welding”!

  2. I have always thought……………..
    In the back of my mind ………………..
    “Cheese and onions”

    I have always thought ………………..
    That the world was unkind……………..
    “Cheese and onions”

    Do I have to spell it out?

    L.I.V.E.R. A.N.D.O.N.I.O.N.S,

    oh ,no.

  3. Looks more like the liver from a homeless wino who has been feeding his cirrhosis with 4 liters of cask wine a day for the past 30 years and finally after some good samaritan ( aka @mighty whitey) offered him a Jack and Coke it has just upped and exploded as a final straw protest…….

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