Liver Resection Video – Surgical Removal of a Portion of the Liver

Liver Resection Video - Surgical Removal of a Portion of the Liver

Liver Resection (Hepatectomy) is a procedure during which a portion of the liver (hepatic tissue) is surgically removed. The most common reason for a patient to undergo Liver Resection is liver cancer. During Hepatectomy, the surgeon would attempt to remove the tumor along with surrounding tissue.

Video below shows what it looks like when Liver Resection is performed. Captions are provided throughout the video to explain what is happening. Hepatectomy in the video was performed at the Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital in Miraj, India.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Interesting video. Just wish that the picture quality was a little better when they were showing the more finer details of the procedure. Overall, it was a nice little concise video of a Hepatectomy procedure.

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