Maggots Extracted from Scalp of Boy in Tunisia

Maggots Extracted from Scalp of Boy in Tunisia

Video from Tunisia depicts a boy who’s having maggots extracted from his scalp by a butcher grade doctor.

I did not get any info on how he got the maggot infestation on his head, but it could be the kind of bot fly larvae outbreak that we’ve seen many of on Best Gore. It doesn’t take much for that to happen – an infected mosquito bites you, and a few days later, you are crawling with creepers under your skin.

Props to Best Gore member @faresdesigner for the video:

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25 thoughts on “Maggots Extracted from Scalp of Boy in Tunisia”

    1. “How in the fuck did it get that bad?
      I understand a homeless person.
      Who don’t give a single fuck about life.
      How the hell did his scalp go unnoticed?
      I understand a place like Africa.
      Where medical care is nonexistent.
      In some parts…
      But he’s getting treated.
      Why wasn’t he helped sooner?
      One maggot wasn’t alarming.
      Two maggots weren’t alarming.
      A maggot infestation…
      Ok to the hospital.
      What kind of logic is that?”

      1. Oh my goodness! That was friggin’ funny! Thanks. I needed that laugh.
        This looks similar to mango worm infestation in a dog (look it up on YouTube). I wonder if it is the human variation of the same thing what with the multiple holes and all.

  1. Ugh maggots… Well this one wasn’t so bad, it’s those videos of maggot infestations on genitles that gross me out. I remember a video on here a while back of a dude who stuck maggots in his pee hole for some sexual fetish… Godamn that was disgusting.

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