Maggot Infested Mouth, Known as Oral Myiasis in 3rd World Country

Maggot Infested Mouth, Known as Oral Myiasis in 3rd World Country

Gingivitis is the least of this underprivileged Third World occupant’s concerns. She appears to suffer from oral myiasis; a rare condition where insect eggs of certain dipteran flies become implanted in a person’s mouth. It is mostly reported in developing countries and in the tropics; believed to have been filmed by doctors in India.

Festering larvae can be seen slithering around the woman’s rotten gnashers. The patient appears to be knocked out during the procedure as a tube delivers anesthetic gas through her nose. Her breathing is labored while dental surgeons work to remove oral infestation.

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    1. Yea,,, must stink big time. The Best, and only thing left to do with her is to tie One End Of A Strong Rope around her whole upper jaw, (forget just the teeth) & Then tie the other end to a Heavy Metal Doctor’s office, or Hospital Door, and While Holding, or Sitting On Her Head,,,, WHAM!!!! Slam that Cunt Shut Real Fast, & Hard. End Of Problem,,, after you call The Soon To Be Pissed-Off Cleaner, That Is! 😉

  1. At what depth do you have to sink to allow your mouth to be over run by maggots?
    Never mind the appearance, how about the stink, and the ever present writhing sensation?
    I mean…. get a fucking bottle of Scope, hitch up your donkey and get your sorry third world ass to a doctor! Or kill yourself!
    Jesus Christ!

    1. @zippy she’s probably retarded and has no caretakers. Most likely someone else noticed the problem after hearing her moaning or something, then took her to the doctor.

      You’ve pretty much have to be brain-dead to let a problem get to that point.

        1. @Zippy I did not originally see your point, now I do. The doctors should put her out of her misery at that point, I agree. It’s like when my beloved dog was harmed beyond repair and he had to to be put to sleep (taken out by Death). It’s something merciful at that point.

          1. I’ve always found it interesting how we can rationalize euthanizing our “pet mammals” (amongst other vertebrate and invertebrate pets)… yet we deny the right to avoid suffering to the terminally ill human population.
            I have heard impassioned pleas concerning various views.

          1. Kervorkian was a brave, good man. I wish more people had the courage to help other people die when it is their wish and for some reason can`t/wont do it themselves. My father and I have discussed the issue and if there comes a time that he needs my assistance I will help him obtain drugs and do anything else he needs to hasten death.

  2. This is ‘nastiness’ at its finest. Can watch most shit on BG; however, this one is somewhat ‘hard to swallow’ (pun intended-LOL). My question is, “If this woman is knocked out, who is making those moaning sounds?”

    1. Yes, am not sure how you let about 20 large visible creatures live inside your mouth.

      But it’s easy for us in the First World with flourided water and toothpaste to pass judgement. Yet where she lives, where life is a piece of shit, you don’t really appreciate a clean mouth that much, and then pretty much one thing leads to another, and then before too long you’ve got a mouth full of maggots.

  3. How can the person do nothing and let it reach this state? The person must be a zombie or something. Kill the fucker already, for fuck’s sake!

    I remember one time I had to run some errands with my boss, and when we got back to the place I used to work, there was a hobo going through the trash nearby the garage. He was a dirty and hairy piece of work, clothed in rags. He managed to tear a trash bag and was eating all of the content, which was mostly maggot infested rice. Yes, the guy was eating rotten food with maggots and everything. I got out of the car and tried to talk to him and get him to move, because he was doing a mess with those trash bags, but he seemed completely apathetic, he couldn’t even speak. He eventually went away, with some twitching maggots that got stuck on his beard. Just imagine the sight. My nose was irritated by the putrid smell, and my boss almost threw up.

    I don’t think he was high or anything like that, he was just a very mentally ill person who managed to get this brain fried, probably due to years of heavy drug abuse and poor living conditions. He was a walking dead, really. Something similar must’ve happened with all those people we see with maggot infested legs, arms, vaginas, and this time a mouth. Crazy shit!

    1. I would literally rather starve to death than eat maggot infested rice. The thought may have ruined rice for me. I had a hard time watching this video. Maggots creep me out like nothing else man. How does this ever happen!? If she is that mentally retarded wouldn’t somebody need to feed her? How would they not notice. Unless they just didn’t give a fuck. I wonder how long she has had the infestation and how many maggots this bitch has swallowed. Fucking hell…

  4. This may not be what it seems to be. She might be raising these maggots for medical use, and the doctors are harvesting them.
    Or it may be that she’s raising them to sell for bait, and the men removing them are anxious fisherman.
    Or maybe she’s a nasty motherfucker who eats putrid roadkill.

  5. Ha ha ha!! “Developing” countries? No resources, no exports, little food, little clean water and maggot infested mouths…what are they going to “develop” into? Is that little euphemism there just to give them a shred of hope or to help the hand wringing liberals of the world feel like they are accomplishing something in these shitholes?

  6. Looks like they administered some laughing gas by the looks of her eyes, and the way that she is seemingly quite lost, and moaning. I once also had to have laughing gas to extract two impacted molars, that were still way under my gum line, and sideways inside my jaw bone. But let me tell ya’s,,, that it truly was the absolute Best, and Cleanest Buzz that i have Ever Had in my entire life, Lol. True This! 🙂

    Now Back to that Rotten Toothed Princess, those fucking Maggots ate so much rot that they have turned a grayish brown, the color of her rotten Teeth. Can You Imagine The Smell Of Her Breath??? Now That Would Be Fucken Gross Man 🙁

  7. don’t you guys want to get a blowjob from her?, it will give you very nice “feelings” , and then she can kiss you “deep tongue” or don’t you want a “French kiss” from her?, and then you can also go down and lick that “juicy pussy”, I bet it is already making your pecker hard, and in a different note also don’t you think that she ALWAYS have something to eat? I mean is a lot of meat/protein already at all times, she just have to chew a little bit

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