Man with Amputated Penis Chopped Off by His Wife

Man with Amputated Penis Chopped Off by His Wife

This video is “just nuts”!

Crazy wench wife cut off this man’s Johnson. It happened in Indonesia and they can’t find the severed shaft. Since I don’t think there are many penis organ donors, the man will likely end up living the rest of his life with an amputated cock. Allahu Akbar castration!

I don’t know what his wife’s problem was. Afterall, don’t Liberal fags tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and treats women equally? As a Muslim wife, she should feel equal and privileged to know that she’s only allowed to have one husband while her husband is allowed to have 4 wives. I don’t know what her Allahu Akbar problem was…

The plus side to having one’s penis amputated by a crazed bitch, as seen from the video, is that you get another bitch to dry shave your pubes for you for free. You can kick back and relax while your curls are being taken care of. You don’t have to worry about popping an uncomfortable boner cause you ain’t got a pecker so just soak in the different pleasures. Except from the obvious lack of anaesthetics.

Brutal either way. Ungrateful Muslim women. They need to praise Allah for the privilege to have a husband in the first place and not to stick their noses into his cheating affairs. Mohammad would have them all executed if he was still alive.

Luckily for the dickless guy from this video, he’s Indonesian so he can just go male to female tranny and whore himself out in brothels like so many of his fellow Indonesians do. He doesn’t even have to pay to have his penis amputated. His towel draped wife took care of the business Lorena Bobbitt style. From dick to magina in a flash.

Props to thecas for the video:

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155 thoughts on “Man with Amputated Penis Chopped Off by His Wife”

  1. You just know his wife did something freaky with the severed dick. Yelled at it, chucked it at walls, cried over the lack of sexual amusement it gave her.
    Named it..
    I’d keep it in my pocket.

      1. Pocket rocket LMAO that has tickled me hehehe.
        How will he wee? Even with a bag that will sting but i always said if i found a man cheating on me id do that but i dont no if i could actually do it, im surprised his not in bloody shock wtf.
        He would be counting his lucky stars of he lived in Thailand then he could become a Kathoey.

      2. Pocket rocket LMAO that has tickled me hehehe.
        How will he wee? Even with a bag that will sting but i always said if i found a man cheating on me id do that but i dont no if i could actually do it, im surprised his not in bloody shock wtf.
        He would be counting his lucky stars if he lived in Thailand then he could become a Kathoey.

      1. Like one of those sticky hands from a toy dispenser that leave permanent grease stains on the wall. She decided to do a little interior dickorating, opting for something from the Martha Stewart mushroom stamp collection

      1. Oh it’s just horrible and inconceivable torture of the patriarch and violence against females! Demand equality! This poor wom….. Oh wait, it’s a male victim! Not only that, but by an abusive wife! Oh this is just comical! How hilarious! Serves him right! You go girl!

        Wonders if she gets the point? *winks*

      1. Lmao so true hahahaha, they can do most transplants so must be able to do ball transplants……….then again i dont see many men just giving up there balls for someone else sorry i just cant.
        Anyone got any idea how i put my pic up instead of this avi? Obviously my pic is more important than some man in constant pain with his penis chopped off *jokes* have to state im jokin as you get these idiots

      1. HAHA. That would be funny to see this same guy in a new suicide video a week later. He would HAVE to kill himself while naked or all of the meaning would go out it.
        What People Searched For To Land Here has “man with a penis as a child photos & video”. lol I just scored a whole lot of laughs from this video today.

          1. HAHA , those were good ones guys, also we know we’ll never see him on bme olympics. (that’s not a joke, that’s a fact)

  2. Strangely enough this story reminded me of another woman who sliced off another man’s penis. I’m sure there’s other sites where this story is hosted, just google “woman cut off man’s penis story” or something along those lines.

    Sucks for this guy, if he had any brains he would slept with one eye open but I guess he didn’t expect retribution since having multiple wives is ingrained into their culture.

    1. Oh yeah, I remember that story. She may have been too emotional with a smidge of psycho. She says he deserved it, which could absolutely be true. I’ve known some disrespectful douchebags that have bragged about how they treat women. If a girl ever snapped it to their slim jim I wouldn’t feel a damn bit of sympathy, although I might start wearing chain mail on my knight and shining gonards, just in case.

      1. now the hole labeled “no way” is signed “please, all day”

        After a bit of disturbing research, trooper is correct in that the head of the penis or to be specific the ventral area, underside of head of penis, is used to make the backyard clitoris chopShop tranny job a success.

      1. At first sight the SheWee may look intimidating. Its a piece of hard plastic you pee through. Not the easiest thought to have. However, once you use it, you’ll realize the freedoms something like this can provide. No waiting in lines or making extra concessions with privacy to do your business when it needs to be done. Simply pop that sucker out and go in whatever toilet is made for man or woman.
        This portable female urinal device for women allows women to urinate while standing & without removing clothes.
        I want one for myself!

  3. I’m sitting here with my 88 year old Mother watching this video…
    She is making me laugh so hard…
    I said “he doesn’t look very happy” she said “that’s understandable – they should separate”.

    Too much fun.

  4. Jesus was not only a carpenter, but a fisherman, who lived, worked and taught in the Sea of Galilee area, catching fish and feeding the poor, downtrodden and hungry.

    Muhammad lived in the Arabian hills surrounding Makkah and routinely raped his child wife.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between net Prophet and gross Prophet.

          1. Results have shown that a transplant from the use of the tip of an elephants trunk have been very positive. The nerves of the trunk are similar to the penis, thus allowing one to enjoy stimuli during sex. The one side affect is when cutting your lawn the trunk tends to try to shove grass up your ass.

  5. How does a guy let anyone get near his penis with something that could potentially hack it off? Seduction? While he is sleeping?

    ‘I said blow job, not a hack job you fucking bitch!’

  6. Yikes! Even tho Im a female, that still makes me cringe! My fellow SOB’s answered the question’s I had about “repairing” his injury. That’s why I love BG, there are some very smart (and funny) people on here!

    1. Update: The surgeon who performed this procedure is Dr. Evil. A partial transcription of his Pre-Operative assessment: “At the age of fourteen, a Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved my testicles. There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum, it’s breathtaking, I suggest you try it.”

    1. @frogsplat, I remember a movie called I Spit On Your Grave, a gang-raped woman gets her revenge in various ways, the best one was where she cuts off the guys penis when he has a BONER, he bled to death, not sure if that’s what would really happen?

  7. Damn! This and the self dick mutilation comp. Video from yesterday are crazy! At least those fools from the pain olympics vids still have a functioning dicks (I think) however,this poor bastards sex life is over and what a story this will be for him! Lol

  8. I wonder if he still feels his dong there? I’ve heard stories of amputees that feel their lost appendages years after they’re gone. Maybe this guy can go around humpin’ air with his stump and still get off in some way, just without the finale.
    The doc would have to shut down his jizz factory for sure. I can imagine if he could get off somehow it would be like Bugs Bunny sticking his finger into Elmer Fudd’s gun barrel, and we all know how that turned out.

    1. Be careful with them avatars, Sam. You’re going to get all of the lonely boys, and jealous women, on Best Gore coming after you! You’ll be like a zombie apocalypse survivor fighting for your life.

  9. Hmmm, whenever I hear a story like this, I wonder why a woman would do this. Since I don’t know the backstory, I should just say, well there is always anal sex, I’ve heard prostate stimulation is a blast, but how’s he gonna pee from now on?

    1. How he’s gonna pee from now on?
      Like all the other dickless species we know called: women.
      They don’t like cars, bikes, sports, without sex women are useless. And now they cut our dicks off. Well.

  10. I have no sympathies whatsoever…if this guy is Muslim…there will be no more from his polluted genitalia (Ali’s Snackbar!) Hopefully the female involved will now seek out a human with whom to have progeny…

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