Man Appears to Be Eaten by Maggots from Inside Out

Man Appears to Be Eaten by Maggots from Inside Out

Man Appears to Be Eaten by Maggots from Inside Out

Allegedly from Brazil (not sure), the video shows a man who appears to be eaten by maggots from the inside out. He has multiple cut wounds to relieve the discomfort.

His entire body seems to be littered with nasty, putrefying wounds and lacerations. It’s as if he had leprosy and chunks of flesh were parting from him at random intervals.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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68 thoughts on “Man Appears to Be Eaten by Maggots from Inside Out”

    1. Looks definetely like a disiase that cause necrosis. Even if it was machete wounds, they should have regenerated to some extent and leave scars. This however, is more like a disease.

      I feel pity for the guy. Well, if his illness wasn’t caused by booze and drugs, that is.

        1. ive shot machine guns and assault rifles in army cadets at age 11/12 but i live in england so my best shot is joining a clay pigeon shooting club and shoot shotguns, but i have a history of mental illness so wont get a license. id have to turn to crime to get a gun but people are on my case, id have to have balls of fucking steel to do that. but, i like guns. i like america.

  1. Just spray loads of bleach in the wounds, thatll work.

    Fucking idiot probly thought he was dead after being attacked.

    BRAZILIANS have no hygeine they dont even sell shower gel in pharmacias, only bars of soap and womens shampoo.. lol

    Dirty south americans

    Brazilians are the only ones that say ‘aiii’ like that, its definitely brasil…

  2. Anybody who has maggots tunneling out of their bodies from the inside is no longer a human at this point.

    No human would allow a wound to end up so bad that it has maggots tunneling in and out of it.

    This is now a demon possessed vessel. The demon is punishing the victim with a maggot infested wound and the punishment doesn’t end there.

    The parasitic demon has also infiltrated the former humans brain to make sure he does not visit a doctor until it’s practically too late.

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  4. He was attacked with a machete. He did not seek medical help until the infestation. This is a video history taken by the medical staff. They are getting ready to I&D the wounds. He will recover. This is not uncommon.

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