Man Develops Nasty Sarcoma Cancer on Leg

Man Develops Nasty Sarcoma Cancer on Leg

Man in this video introduces himself as a 26 year old father. He developed incredibly nasty sarcoma cancer on his leg, in the groin area. The tumor, which he calls “monster” looks like out of form bread dough that had been left in the over for too long. The patient says chemotherapy will not work on this advanced stage cancer anymore so he’s looking to take a holistic approach, whatever that means and asks for financial support.

The first thing that popped into my mind was – perhaps he should have thought of asking for financial support before the tumor grew into such monster. Perhaps back than the treatment would not have been that expensive, but it’s easy for me to judge. Maybe he didn’t have the funds to seek medical attention early on and then the tumor grew exponentially within a matter of weeks.

God luck to this guy. He’ got a tough road ahead of himself. And there may not be a happy ending at the end of it.

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61 thoughts on “Man Develops Nasty Sarcoma Cancer on Leg”

  1. Holy Shit……… I have never seen anything like This. Poor guy. I can’t believe they are sending him home like that! and as for the holistic approach man I know he does not have many options but the holistic approach Is going to be like leaches in the dark ages. My prayers are with you dude.

  2. He refers to holistic approach which means he’s basically fucked. Holtistic medicine includes spiritual, mental and physical balance through therapy, meditation and all that sappy shit. It tries to alter the pessimistic thoughts in the hopeless patient so that miraculous self healing will heal his monstrous tumor. How about a fucking doctor grows a heart and does the proper procedure for way cheaper or out of the goodness of his own heart?

        1. There are different methods used to treat people depending on their illness. Some people switch to raw food, colonics or juicing or homeopathic medicine. Holistic doctors consider a persons entire lifestyle and body to see if there may be a problem that a traditional doctor is not considering.

  3. well, i don’t see what the doctors can do with a tumor that size, they can’t operate, because that tumor probably has tons of veins going thru it, and if they cut it all out, he’ll bleed to death

    as for chemo, the drugs that might be able to deal with a tumor that size will be in a volume that will also probably kill him, so that’s a no go too

    radiation might deal with it, but only to a certain extent

    they need to get him to hospice, make his last few months on this earth as comfortable as possible

    I’m dumbfounded he allowed that tumor to grow to that size and not seek medical help earlier

    sarcoma’s a bitch, I think one of the worse cancers to have

    1. I’ll tell you what the doctors do with a tumor that size and in that location. They preform a hemi-pelvectomy. The guy didn’t want that done. Not too surprising since he neglected himself for so long.

      Hemi pelvectomy

      Surgical oncology A form of ‘heroic’ surgery in which an entire lower extremity including the hemipelvis with disarticulation of the sacroiliac joint and symphysis pubis, and removal of all major muscles to the lower extremity except the iliopsoas; hemipelvectomy is required for large malignant soft tissue tumors of the buttock and anterior or lateral proximal thigh. See Forequarter amputation, Hindquarter amputation.

          1. I doubt that this guy’s dick will ever be used for anythingmore than a piss dispenser. Even masterbating would be awkwardand not worth the trouble.

    1. Juicy you’re more compassionate than I am. BTW just about any kind of tumor if neglected long enough will eventually look like this.

      This didn’t happen over night! I’m sure the doctors offered him the ONLY treatment possible, a hemi pelvectomy where they basically remove the lower half of the body. I’m sure he must have refused that idea. I guess he’d rather be a dead man than an amputee.

      1. @science- yea, I’m a sucker sometimes and get all compassionate and shit. Lol. I don’t know if I’d want to be an amputee either though. I’d probably just off myself, because its kinda a no-win situation i guess. In any case, its fucking gross and every time i check back for new comments i find myself squinting and making a disgusted face- which is going to give me wrinkles! Lol

    1. For real! Who the fuck is so stupid to let something like this go unchecked??? I just love how at the end of the video, the woman taping it coaches him on what to say, She whispers,”This is hat I’m dealing with.” And then he repeats it.

      1. This is one of the fastest types of cancer,Family member found a lump size of quarter under skin within month had two the size of grapefruits. So Things can change very quick! Would not call it stupidity!

  4. Read description and found one I could not watch finally! Grandmother had two of these on each side of her hip,she was 92 but 26 years old???? I can watch all the gore on here all day but someone young with terminal illness or anything with kids or babies and I’m out! May he go quickly and peacefully!

  5. I wonder how long it took to get that large. This video is brilliant! I love how up close and personal we get with that “monster!” Id be all for the removal of my lower half, at least I could still surf BestGore and play video games…ohhhh yahh!

  6. I hear Marijuana Oil will Destroy Cancer cells.”They ” have known about this for many years, but it’s Illegal due to Pharmacological Companies desire for Profits at the expense of a plant that actually cures a whole load of different pains.

  7. I know this must sound stupid, but I have to wonder if this monstrosity ate up his penis and testicles? How does he use the bathroom? Too bad he didn’t seek treatment in the beginning. Cancer is one fucked up disease. Who could the creator of such pain and death? Wait….God! But he loves you so much…..Fuck all that shit!

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