Man has Upper Teeth Knocked Out in One Chunk

Man has Upper Teeth Knocked Out in One Chunk

Sometimes I think no backstory is better than knowing the reality. This is one of those occasions.

I don’t know how our friend managed to create a set of dentures out of his own upper teeth, but it is seriously one gruesome wound. If you look at a model skull, or real skull if you have one, you can see that the maxilla, the bone which extends from below the orbits and houses the teeth, is a rather vulnerable structure. This is especially true of the section which flares from below the nasal opening.

This guy appears to have sheared off his maxilla at that point, ending up with his upper teeth and the plate forming the roof of his mouth in one bloody, detached disk of meat and teeth. It almost looks like a wagon wheel which can bite back.

For American and third world readers, a wagon wheel in this context is a delicious biscuit with marshmallow and a covering of chocolate, not a wheel for a wagon. A quick search of the web will bring you up to speed.

How this injury occurred is anyone’s guess, but I’m thinking blunt trauma rather than say a machete. The wound appears too rough to be a blade entry and there is significant bruising around his face.

I hope that some decent medical assistance found him. I couldn’t imagine having free reign of my nasal cavities with my tongue, the flu would be particularly unpleasant.

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          1. @mcTreblar

            thankyu i think…for taking @ jew bait’s status of me and making it even radder
            i’ll from hereon christen myself as the chick with a dick thats an undercover RCMP prick
            *Boogers Batshit mobile πŸ™‚
            even though you dont handle critism well, ScHoLaR enjoys your clever threads/musings and highly looks forward to your future offerings, Sir.
            and i wish all the best to you,

          2. @ Scholar

            It has nothing to do with not taking criticism well. It is about being misrepresented.

            But I’m willing to move on. Just know I may refer to you as Scholar of ZOG.

        1. And if everyone took what you said literally, how would that go down @Scholar?

          The point is, if you let people walk all over you, they will always walk all over you.

          Forgiveness has its place, as does asserting your right to be happy, health and free from bullies.

          1. @mctreblar
            by all means citygirl should assert her rights but telling her to assert her rights via violence in scenerios where she’s easily outpowered could get her killed.

            NO female victims of violence should aspire to this armchair psychology you’ve espoused here today thats nothing but a dank heap of shitfuckery at best

          2. @Scholar I’m entitled to be suitably outraged at the idea of a fellow member having been assaulted, no matter who did it or when.

            The ideal position is not retribution, the ideal position is that offences aren’t perpetrated in the first place. I don’t promote violence, and by stating an extreme in my original reply to CityGirl, I was expressing my aghast at what happened, and communicating my support for her.

            I’m quite confident that CityGirl and all other reasonable people would read my comment for what it was, not as you have as some sort of literal encouragement to beat someone with a hammer.

          3. Whoa… there’s just WAY too many people on this site who take the words of mother’s out of context and blow it up to something it’s not. It’s almost like people get bored and just pick random shit out to start something retarded. How lame.

            Just as you stated Mc.T, any one else, myself included, would have taken your comment for what it was not literally. Yes that makes perfect sense that he was dead serious bout beat I her dad with a hammer. Jeeeeeeeeze LOL! God was this stupid.

          4. @littlemisssunshine
            ScHoLaR doesnt cause shit cause
            ScHoLaR doesnt give a shit.
            i control and navigate my hoought life/emotions/response the way i control 3000 pounds of metal on raceway.
            with steely determination and 100% confidence

          5. @ Scholar that doesn’t make you clever. That makes you the master of redundancy.

            I’ll now let you have the last word below where you make out your master plan was to make me backtrack. I can’t help but be suspicious of a Canadian IP and a user who blew in when they did.

          6. @mctremblar
            yay. yet another unrelated completely off topics bit of dribble from you

            i’ll choose redundancy..choose gladly anyday over the flip flopping everywear, trying to candy coat and back track ill chosen noun and verb that 3 single sentences in moment of dipshittery created.

            will that make you and your ilk here feel better.
            i thought it might

          7. oh my god seriously!! how long have you been here? annnd how many ignorant remarks have you made? seriously…im glad you don’t give a shit as you have stated a million times already…brilliant..good for you…now lets talk about gore and get off the topic of …ooh how does it go again ? #its_not_all_about_you
            ..sorry if I got that whole douchebaggery wrong but I cant stand twitter…and I hope to hell that’s the last time i type shit like that

            sorry everyone else for being such a jerk lately but i see this awesome site going downhill rapidly and it gets me fired up…i will be damned if i let these tools turn this place into every other social network site…and if i get banned so be it…but this shit riles me up!

            sorry for hijacking @mctreblar…you are doing a smashing lovely job

    1. I am (almost) speechless CityGirl…
      Abuse of any kind is abhorrent to me, but when it comes from a family member… well, I can’t even imagine.

      The only smacks you should be getting on that beautiful face are kisses!

      1. I didn’t talk to him for that weekend but I forgave him, I wasn’t the greatest daughter either. I’m not saying what he did was right but it was just a way he was brought up as well, obviously now he doesn’t do it. He’s puts up with me.

        1. @citygirl.
          the fact yu forgave your daddy is good, it means yiu have taken your power back after the incident and didnt let it run your life and let it CONTROL YOU but you will contol your dad and choose to forgive .
          and you are smart to recognize his old world culture, like all your uncles isnt like the north american’s.
          your culture is about family unit, family name and honor.
          i hope yu and your dad learn to go forward sweetheart.
          without even knowing you, i know someday your daddy will be dancing at your wedding, with tears in his eyes.
          all the best to you girl

          1. My Persian godess, I appologize but as much as I try to mantain concentration while reading your comments, I just can’t. My eyes keep involuntarily moving towards your picture.

            I’m a vegetarian but I wouldn’t mind breaking the rule with you.. Some human, Persian meat… Hum…

          2. @portuguese
            latin lips… dripping honeyed glisten words that that shine pearl upon my breastbone and glistening into my heart
            *i would cook vegetarian, for you AND i…
            tabouli, hummous, rice saffron mint stuffed grapeleaves, seas urchin drizzled in white wine and lemon, pommegrantiecakes, turkish coffee….and desert of honey latin and persians lebanese lips

          3. Hum… I’m already salivating… And are you the dessert? I’ve never tasted Persian Lebanese lips before… I wonder how they taste like… Please, don’t tempt me anymore! My heart is overheating!

          4. @citygirl
            so damn good to hear that! you’re lucky and i hope the life that unfolds for you and your daddy will be a proper and loving one. you deserve healing and happiness xox

        2. I know a girl whose mother snapped 1 night, chased down and shot her twin sister with a rifle, and when she found and was about to shoot her also, the rifle malfunctioned. Though the only reason she’s alive today is because the weapon jammed and the mother didn’t know how to clear it, – she forgave her mother, also. Not being judgemental. But forgiveness can be overrated sometimes.

          1. forgiving someone doesnt make them bigger better stronger smarter or justified.
            it’s the contrary, forgiving
            someone is acknowledging they were NOT bigger, better, smarter, or justified.

            *forgiving an abuser doesnt mean they get to stay in your life/abuse. it means recognizing their toxicity as being theirs not yours.
            and notletting it hang over your life leeching at your power to heal and move forward, hopefully to no more abuse

          2. I agree with ya there SOS. We don’t forgive people forthem, we forgive for ourselves. Forgiveness is ttaking back one’s power from another and choosing to move on and not dwell on what happened or let it effect or define you.

          1. @shcolar maybe a little. Sexy beast has gotten us through the bush and grocery runs very faithfully and always has a dear spot in my heart. She needs new plugs, wiring and a tune up. She don’t cold start well at all anymore,I think it’s due to the much needed tuneup. That’ll cost around 350 and we really have to watch our money now with more payments for the journey and insurance. Might have to sell sexy beast but I hope we can keep her.

          2. @reality
            your truck carburator/choke or feul injected?
            gonna be that or your battery and or connectors

            dont take it saying that for a tuneup cause they’ll come in bleed you for altternator and stater solenoid and wired which it isnt (cause you wouldnt be starting its ass altogether in the first place

            too bad yu werent near, id have it fixed in a hour

          3. She’s fuel injected. I don’t press the gas when starting either but after a few cranks I start to smell gas then it floods. My bro in law pulls a fuse out and it seems to work could be a shitty old battery too. The fuse has something to do with the fuel system. I also know 2nd gen dodge rams all get a plenum gasket leak and to check I’d have to remove the throttle body and don’t really want to mess around with that as I’m not really experienced with mechanics.

          4. @reality
            do me a favor , i want to trick the computer in your truck to think its flooded so i can determine for you if the throttle is sending too much feul into yur manifolds andflooding yur truck into not starting, cause yu sayy yu smell feul .
            go in your truck, and press your gas pedal to the floor in crank mode when yur engine is trying to start ***this will let the computer think the engine’s flooded and let the computer cut your truck feul flow in half. if your car starts then then for sure its feul air mixture problem thats being triggered by yur trucks throattle application

          1. [email protected]
            do me a favor , i want to trick the computer in your truck to think its flooded so i can determine for you if the throttle is sending too much feul into yur manifolds andflooding yur truck into not starting, cause yu sayy yu smell feul .
            go in your truck, and press your gas pedal to the floor in crank mode when yur engine is trying to start ***this will let the computer think the engine’s flooded and let the computer cut your truck feul flow in half. if your car starts then then for sure its feul air mixture problem thats being triggered by yur trucks throattle application

      2. Damn this is getting deep. It’s like a darkly romantic movie. I was going to post about the poor guy above that looks like he said “hey dudes check out this kick-flip… Oh shit!”. Catch you all later…

    2. Good Lord city could slap such a beautiful face like yours.that’s terrible.but it looks as though this could be a gunshot wound.I’m could someone slap your beautiful face.are you a model ,if not you should be him.

          1. To everyone, thanks for the support, we actually made up that same night, didn’t take me the weekend. I still love my dad. πŸ™‚ Also, I didn’t mean to start the arguments, sorry about that, let’s all get along, yay! πŸ˜€

    3. im guessing this was done by an assault rifle, preferrely ak- 47, he probably got hit in the side of his mouth, or maybe high powered sniper rifle, and the bullet just sheered his top teeth out. either way hope he has a great dental plan πŸ˜‰

      1. Ugh, that reminds me…
        A guy from a film crew showed up at my front door today informing me that they were going to be filming in my (asshole) neighbors house – I am pissed!
        I have worked on film crews and even been in a film… film people are disrespectful pond scum.
        Great, my neighborhood is going to be invaded by a bunch of hollyweird twats.

        1. they cant base their trailers, equipments, trucks or catwerers in your neighbourhood without permits..and they cant get those without permission notifications signed and agreed to by the neighbourhood being filmed in.
          aww… hope it works out..sounds exciting though

          1. Thanks ScHoLaR, you made me smile.
            The guy who informed me made it sound like it was a done deal… they moved 2 moving van loads out of my neighbors house today.
            The local municipality told me however that they have still not been issued a permit, so it’s not yet written in stone.
            I’m just a very private person and don’t look forward to the onslaught of fleshy viruses.

          2. @Fiend.
            goodmorning Precious.
            if they dont respect you, dont compensate ($$) you, and invade your rights to peaceful space do ruin the shoot for under 10 dollars (its legal too)
            Run your lawnmower from 6-3.
            i promise you they will come offering you money to shut it down.
            take that $$ ((cause fucking money buys happiness!!!!

          3. Good morning my friends…
            Up early as the hollyweirdos showed up at 6:50am with their noise and disruption.
            What I have found out is the show being produced is called “Gracepoint” and they plan on being here until May!!!
            Not if I have anything to do with it!
            And don’t worry ScHoLaR… I plan on disrupting their production equal to them disrupting my otherwise peaceful life.
            The lawn mower is a great idea… I am also a drummer and will invite some death metal musician friends over to “rock” the hollywerdos lives… a few air horns going off at strategic times should work nicely as well. πŸ˜‰

        2. Wow Fiend! This “Gracepoint” is a FOX miniseries remake of the British murder-mystery “Broadchurch” with Nick Nolte in the cast. They should require permits just to wheel his tired old ass anywhere in public, much less in your own neighborhood right next door! That’s almost too gory for here, you poor thing!

          1. Thanks for all your support everyone!
            I just finally jewgled “Gracepoint” and up came Nick Nolte’s pubic face… along with my breakfast πŸ˜‰
            Have been on the phone and computer trying to get info from lawyers, local municipalities and even my local police. Yes, I have a local cop on my side which can’t hurt.
            Of course it being Friday I am getting a lot of “I’ll call you on Monday” responses.
            I have a feeling I am just going to have to suck it up and put up with the hollyweird BS.
            Still loving the idea of the lawn mower ScHoLaR… I’ll leave it running in my driveway between the two houses, the echo there sounds like the grand canyon πŸ™‚
            Now to go put locks on my gates and garage….
            Thanks again everyone ~ Muah!

          2. @fiend
            yeah city bylaws let yu rund chainsaws and lawnmowers and powertools from 6-6 . your drumming might det yu a fine for sistrurbing the peace

            would of loved to help ya…
            Booger’s TOTALLY un-environmentaly friendly πŸ˜‰
            could of polluted the air quality really bad and maybe choked them away
            good luck!!!

      1. Hell no amnyc…that shit looks soooo fucking painful..ugh..while hot pockets pack a punch as pun intended…this shit looks crucial as fuck man…multiple surgeries…oh man………almost bed time….then hot toddy time…oh thank goodness…ugh

  1. Right side of his face is bruised, so I would also assume he got hit hard by some object. Although it is amazing that the hit caused the entire jaw to dislodge and not break any teeth. I wonder if they can just stitch his mouth up and superglue his jaw back to his mouth…

  2. Much easier to brush, but instead of down up it’s right left. “You’re mama was wrong when she left, your right. You’re mama was wrong when she left, your right, sound off, One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one, two…..three, four!

  3. It looks like he was trying to pull a tooth out and he ended up pulling them all out.

    No seriously, that’s a traumatic injury and is going to be a tough one to overcome. I see lots of plastic surgery in his future

  4. ” Sometimes I think no backstory is better than knowing the reality. This is one of those occasions ”

    I agree sometimes.

    I’d say shot across the face from left to right and is one lucky human still breathing but in saying that……….

    Would you rather be dead ????

          1. Almost drowned swimming to an island halfway across the Fraser river in BC. That’s a big fucking river and cold but I’m sure the English channel is cold as hell too

  5. Obviously pure speculation here but me thinks this is the result of a face plant into the ground (concrete), via a motorcycle, and this guy was wearing a half helmet. Would explain just the damage below the nose basically and no forehead damage.

    When I rode dirt bikes a lot in the 1990’s, a big debate was always full face Vs. half helmets. You could snap your neck with a full face, and of course, you could grind your mouth up with a half helmet with a visor and goggles.

    Anyhoot, just my pure speculation of course putting everything into the equation.

  6. Is it just me or does this look like a screen-cap from a video? I’m not good with technical terms on how to describe an image’s qualities, especially when identifying and separating it from a video/screen-cap but does anyone else see what I mean here?

    Point is, if so, I’d love to see it!

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