Man Left to Die from Heart Attack Outside Walsall Manor Hospital As Paramedic Watches On

Man Left to Die from Heart Attack Outside Walsall Manor Hospital As Paramedic Watches On

CCTV footage from June of 2012 shows a 47 year old man, named Carl Cope, collapsing from a heart attack just outside Walsall’s Manor Hospital. 36 year old Matthew Geary, a West Midlands Ambulance Service paramedic from Manor Avenue, Great Wyrley, Staffordshire watched on with hands in his pocket as Mr. Cope was helplessly dying. The footage shows Matthew Geary approaching Carl Cope, but then turning around and walking away. Five minutes later, a security guard attempted to help Mr. Cope.

Matthew Geary admitted failing to discharge a duty. Following two years of investigation, he has been sentenced and given an eight-month jail term, suspended for two years, and ordered to complete 240 hours of community service.

Mr. Cope was brought to the hospital by Matthew Geary after complaining of chest pains. He left the emergency department to buy a drink. On his way back, as he walked through the car park, he collapse, while Geary watched from his ambulance.

After about 30 seconds on the ground, Matthew Geary went to see him, talked to him for about two minutes and returned to his ambulance.

According to some sources, the paramedic thought the man was a drunk “malingerer”, meaning he thought he was faking it. Though apparently he was also aware the man was suffering chest pains.

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      1. It is in England I live in the U.K this shit happens all the time not so long ago there was a case about a female nurse in a hospital going round killing newborn babies a doctor killing his patients etc etc.

    1. Get your geography together man !!!
      LOL it’s ok though bro I’m sure we’ll do something wrong to somebody somewhere before the day is through….we can both believe in that.

  1. Britain is a sinking ship, mass uncontrolled immigration and corrupt paedophilic politicians have seen to that.

    Profiteering by the rich few at the expense of the many, huge levels of unemployment and crime as a result of failed social engineering experiments and massive public sector cuts have all but crushed any sense of humanity the people once possessed.

    The end result is a population of people who mostly no longer give a shit about each other and those who do still care get sued and/or prosecuted for stepping in to help others.

    My conclusion, Britain today but your country tomorrow if you let your politicians get away with this shit.

    If you value your lives you must learn from Britain?s demise otherwise you are doomed to repeat it.

    1. The Men and Women of this country need to open their eyes to see what ” Common Purpose ” truly stands for. Only once this pernicious organisation has had light shed upon it, will the Men and Women of this nation stand a chance.

      1. White’s make up 89 % of the UK population still, 97 % of those being white British. That is a fact no matter what the doom mongers state. The labour party under Blair opened up the floodgates to all and sundry and many did end up here. Pakis stick to their own areas at least, areas which they have taken over, but I personally have never felt that those areas are no go areas.

        1. You are right on your figures Ewe. Unfortunately where i come from tho those figures might seem a bit skewed. That is where your second point comes into play. I am origanally from South London borders, now live with my better half in Romford. Lets just say the soap “Eastenders” doesn’t portray the real East End anymore.

          1. I can believe it bungle, London ain’t the place it used to be. Even the good old cockney accent has all but died out due to the new generational melting pot of all comers now residing in the city. All since the mid 90s, when you know who was at the helm. If my grandfather were alive, he’d vomit at the mess those left leaning idiots have created. There is no labour, no conservative, no fuck all anymore. All that remains is a cartel of ” Common Purpose ” twats.

      2. Unfortunately I happen to live in the Sinking Ship that is England, I live in a small mining village with a population of around 2000. Over the past 6 years there have been Asian and Romanian immigrants moving into brand new houses which have been built in the area, the village I live in was so small that you knew every person who lived there, cant say the same thing now as a result of all the immigrants that are now living in my area.

        1. That’s not good @espliam, not good at all.
          The only way is to make them feel uncomfortable, by whatever means you deem necessary. Rally round, gather up the locals, make a stand.
          Fuck the liberal left neo commie, Marxist bastards, who have permitted this invasion.

          1. Its gotten beyond a fucking joke dude. I remember reading a statement in my local paper from this asshole councillor saying that the Foreign people coming here were good for the economy as they all worked and paid taxes to society. Being a postman at the time, delivering nothing but welfare benefits to foreign people on a daily basis I soon come to realise what that councillor said was utter fucking bullshit

  2. Damn, only 8 months in jail? You’d think he’d get a hell of a lot more than that for watching someone die and not offering care, considering his occupation. If that happened to someone in my family I don’t know if I could not go find that guy and beat him to death with his own arms.

    1. Suspended, which means as long as he commits no further crime … adheres to his bail conditions, he won’t do a day in prison. Not exactly a fitting punishment for being a total and utter waste of space as a paramedic, allowing a man to die in front of him.

        1. Gp’s are a different kettle of fish @bobcat.
          Again, since Blair and his shit house cronies, GP’s have become a law unto themselves. A doctor’s surgery is a business, ultimately a money making organisation. And due to the influx of foreigners, most surgeries have buckled under the extra weight.
          I feel lucky to live in an area where foreign invasion hasn’t occurred, but still, my local surgery has gone down hill since Blair gave them more money for doing far less, plus by bringing in the locum doctor bullshit, the standards have declined.
          That piece of shit, bastard ex PM has a lot to answer for.

          1. Lucky ewe(sorry about the shit pun)as you can well imagine in Birmingham the streets are no longer that of the English tongue but that of any other given language you can think of.when I was at school(long time ago )there were two pakis and one black in the whole it’s a none white school .thanks Mr Blair

    1. There are plenty of people just like him. I’ll never get why people like that choose to go into something like health care when your sole purpose is to help people.. just for a paycheck. There are a billion other jobs to choose. He should’ve picked Burger King.

      1. I don’t understand it either. I try to treat every single patient like they’re my own family member. There are a lot of heartless people who are put in charge of others’ lives and it’s scary as hell to think I could end up being taken care of by them some day.

    1. Hey DK…Obamacare? They don’t even need that. Here in Brooklyn, you have to witness the career welfare, medicaid, food stamps, healthy, strong, poor excuses of human beings with their “kids” and nobama monkey welfare cards buying more groceries than me (who works 50+ hours a week and barely gets by)…sad

      1. Rayf notified me that was UK and not USA, so my mistake there. 😛 But yeah, in here its not that much different… Urgent waiting lists when it should take to an absolute maximum of 1 minute, it takes up to 12 hours. It was last month’s major scandal in here.

  3. Obamacare is Communism. It killed a man for money and power from violence, murder and anything from it is benefiting itself we must fear, because if we don’t, our life is at risk from their Communistic belief isn’t Democratic but the worst we have to be concerned about.

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