Man with Legs Amputated Due to Diabetes Flexes Exposed Muscles

Man with Legs Amputated Due to Diabetes Flexes Exposed Muscles

Man with Legs Amputated Due to Diabetes Flexes Exposed Muscles

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @mumuflake, who hooked us up with the video of a man who had his legs amputated due to diabetes, and flexes his exposed muscles:

Exclusive video from hospital in Florida. This man had his legs amputated because of diabetes. He amuses staff by moving the rest of his muscles.

Thanks a lot for the video, @mumuflake:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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114 thoughts on “Man with Legs Amputated Due to Diabetes Flexes Exposed Muscles”

    1. Not using the brain’s full capacity is self imposed. Start using it beter.

      Basically your line of argument can also be used for cancer, heart failure and any other disease. It fails to stand the test of reality. Never heard of epigenetics haven’t you?!

      Why do I have a colleague with 150 kg, a BMI>30 and fat percentage where even cheese would get scared from and this guy has no single disease (yet) but the other colleague next to him is a lean and healthy looking guy who sports regularly and yet he is the one with Diabetes II ?!
      Seeing the world black-white makes it easy … often times too easy.
      Of course bad diet and no sport will eventually lead to diseases, most likely Diabetes being one but just blaming the sick guy is sick on your part. Things like anorexia, binge eating or other eating disorders are exactly this: disorders. They are clinically categorized. People usually don’t choose it.

      1. honestly shut the fuck up, I hate people like you that bring up anecdotal evidence to support some dumb ass claim, the vast majority of healthy, fit people arent getting diabetes and the vast majority of diabetics are overweight ‍♂️

  1. Reminds me of that movie with the 4 tourist are left stranded on top of some pyramid surrounded by Incas with weapons and a killer vine attacking them. One of them have there legs amputated in the movie

        1. It’s certainly not SOP to leave the wound exposed, although the surgeon may deem it to be necessary.

          The majority of peeps undergoing amputation of the lower limb (feet in this case) have peripheral vascular disease, usually with significant morbidity and mortality (suffering & death) The most important factor to get a successful chop is to select the optimal chop site. This will be decided from an assessment of limb perfusion and functional requirements (adequate blood supply) The following factors affect the prognosis of amputation: the sucka’s nutritional status, age, tissue perfusion, smoker?, infection and the presence of co-existing diseases (eg anaemia and renal failure low iron & farked kidlets)

          Things including infection, problems with the surrounding skin, bone erosion, haematoma (bruising), oedema (leaky cells) and dehiscence/wound breakdown. Tissue necrosis, pain could also affect the surgeon’s decision of whether or not to leave the wound site exposed for say 24 hours before they suture it closed.

        1. Ah yes Pigs, the ‘beached whale syndrome’ where they’ll go to the 4 corners of this flat earth to proclaim that their body shape is who they are and don’t you dare try to fat shame them. Unfortunately, most people tend to stay that way, or initially lose the excess weight only to regain it again.
          I wouldn’t be so hard on them though, genetics certainly plays a big role in many morbidly obese people. However, there’s also the ones who just can’t say no to that junk food. There’s also a school of thought that being moderately overweight isn’t really the health hazard that it’s cracked up to be. Health concerns aside, the cosmetic appeal of slim vs obese is probably the biggest reason for weight loss diets. Diets don’t tend to work unless they’re incorporated into a lifestyle.
          Arrrghgh I’ve just done two posts in a row where I make sense… this must STOP or I’ll get banned from BG. lol

  2. Disease of the un-healthy. Our friends and protectors of the world aka Fat Americans are leaders in diabetic problems. The Land of the free and Coca-Cola,Mac Dees, Kentucky chook and almost every vein insulating food imaginable . Big guns and big takeaways and all is sold globally from our economy leaders. Really I think trump needs 3 more walls, one to protect Canada , one for the east coast and one for the west coast then our world leading friends can stay right where they love. Hand on my heart whilst saying this, God bless our cowboy friends.

    1. It Kneepends and just a Footnote…

      If he Toes the line with his doctor, he may spend a mere Calve the time as a diabetic. But if his Thighroid acts up, Heel have no Legacy to leave behind.

      That’s how I see it from this Ankle anyway.

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