Man with Maggots Crawling on Pus Dripping, Necrotic Gums

Man with Maggots Crawling on Pus Dripping, Necrotic Gums

French kiss, anyone?

Here’s a guy with pus dripping from his necrotic gums, as maggots feast on the juicy soup. Apparently the smell was terrible – no kidding. I bet the taste was pretty horrendous too!

I’m guessing the video is from India, although I’m not entirely sure. Props to Best Gore member bungle1 for this one:

148 thoughts on “Man with Maggots Crawling on Pus Dripping, Necrotic Gums”

    1. Maggots are actually a benefit to have since they eat up necrotizing tissue. There’s actually some bed sores that we may recommend using maggots to clear up the slough. But I must admit, this guy took it to town. Hope they post post-surgery images… He’s for sure going to lack kissing ability

      1. Yeah maggots are good to clean up dead and diseased skin cells/ tissue, but they are not the shit you commonly find, they are farmed specifically for the medicinal purpose of cleaning up dead skin quickly for a quicken the fresh new skin to grow. Those maggots are completely sterile and are used only for that one instance. Once they are done with a specific job assigned, they are thrown out immediately. So it’s not really the same as just getting garbage maggots and saying they can help… yeah they eat the dead tissue but they are dirty and are caring so many pathogens into an open wound they are widening.

    1. If some one made a bet that no one can last one minute kissing this with tongue and all with this guy for let’s say 10 million US bucks could or would you do it ..ten million tax free.and all the chap stick for life any flavor.
      Would you ?

        1. For $10 mill, I’d close my eyes and give him the longest,juiciest kiss ( NO HOMO!!!) Heck, as a bonus, I’d even stick the Chosen ones dick in his mouth for a sure to be sloppy blowjob. Sure, I’d vomit a few times and I’d have to go to the doctor as a preventative measure, but I’d be walking out with 10 mill. In my New account in the Caymans

    1. His bottom lip kinda looks like an oyster….I love oysters, so I’d throw some lemon and cocktail sauce on it…and try not to visualize what I’m actually putting my mouth around and hope I don’t puke in his mouth…might cause a chain reaction… :-}

  1. I don’t think toothpaste and mouthwash is going to help here at all and his doctor can’t even do anything. I bet the fly populaces is real happy. And nobody should ask if he would kiss his mother with that mouth.

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  3. My friends dentist was East Indian and he said this stupid shit to him “your asshole is cleaner than the inside of your mouth you know” no fucking joke. Now seeing this gone far out shit and you know this dumb shit ate maggots and fuck going down in the throat. Fucking people and there beliefs but fuck. Kill it with fire. -951-

  4. Fucking hell! How on earth did he allow himself to get like that?

    I have an easier time looking at the corpse pictures that often get posted on here than have to look at that. He’s the only person I’ve seen who could wipe his face with dog shit and would actually make an improvement

  5. I would say He most definitely suffered an injury to His face and did not seek help hence the infection and Maggots.
    I would guess He was from Sudan or one of the neighboring villages. Where ever He is from I am surprised this infection did not cause Him to become septic, go into shock and die considering how long He let it go.
    I’m just grateful that He didn’t come into My ER.

  6. This image would totally make the perfect toothpaste commercial.
    Are you tired of DeathBreath?
    Is your fus about a mouthful of pus?
    Well switch to Colgates all-new product specially formulated for third-worlders.

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