Man with Partially Severed Foot – Ankle Joint Visible

Man with Ankle Ripped Open - Joint Visible

I’m not going to say anything unflattering about this guy.

First of all, he looks like he could lift me with one arm…he is a unit and a half. The second thing is, despite his obviously painful injury, he is eyeballing the camera with his ‘don’t mess with me’ stare.

And let’s not gloss over his wound. You can see the inner workings of his ankle. Most people when confronted with their own internal anatomy freak out. But not this guy. He is laying there, having made himself comfortable, and is holding his injury up for the camera. He is more hardcore than Alyssa Branch with her pink panties to the right of screen.

I have no backstory on how he did this or what level of success he had in treatment. He looks like he is on a gym mat so perhaps he misjudged a cartwheel?

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  1. He might have a brave face on, but he will be a long time getting over that injury. Looks like he might have been a wrestler or something similar. Anytime I’ve injured myself seriously all I can think is “for fuck sake!” It’s bullshit you could do without really. In the immediate aftermath I find myself angry for being in a position to let shit happen, rather than freaking out about how bad it might be. When I fucked my back up for a second time recently I just lay on the ground cursing and swearing in anger that it had happened.

        1. I ripped a tendon in my ankle junior year wrestling…it took me out for the whole year…but the moment it happened I acted tough and didn’t realize the seriousness in my injury until the next day.. long story short.. yea dude looks hard now but wait til the next day

          1. Yep, when no-one is lookin the true despair he feels will show.It’s like if you walk into a pole or trip up in public, it can hurt like a motherfucker but you try to brush it off and pretend it didn’t happen or hurt. I love when people trip over something through their own ignorance, and they look back at what tripped them as if to say “fuckin hell, shit came out of nowhere, it would have got anyone”.

  2. Going by his attire and build I would say that he is a Greco-Roman wrestler, he was obviously wearing shoes at the time of the incident hence the very small amount of blood on the sock, absence of dirt on sock also gives credence to this.

    Safety mats on floor tells me that this is not a weight lifting gym but rather a physical combat training centre, if it were for gymnastics the mats would be all together and not spread out with gaps and I doubt a big boy like him would be doing gymnastics either.

    The folding of the skin around the wound itself tells me that it was torn in a circular manner, I would expect to see more stretched and hanging skin if it were torn in a straight motion, the position of the foot also gives credence to this.

    My conclusion, he is a Greco-Roman wrestler who was attempting a move where he puts all his weight on one foot whilst lifting and turning an opponent in a circular manner.

    1. Possible but hard for me to believe.

      The ankle and supporting ligaments/tendons are extremely strong. Even his weight and another person’s would not have torn it completely off like that.

      I think the ankle was impinged by something while he was lifting and he was twisted around.

      Olympic lifts maybe. It was alot of force, though.

      1. @jonny
        i just envisoned burberry plaid trench, vintage 70’s ray bans and cigar standing under a street lamb wheelin and dealin wrestling matches for this guy
        *while somewheresss somehowwwww womewhat smelling of four leaf clovers a furry husky, a screaming
        wrestler and an exposed tibia bone have at it!

        *scholar sends extra-sensory love vibrations your way…hope you get home in time for christmas too and to that bone-luvin,bitch barking all night long till daddy comes home- sled mafia motherfucker, sweet husky of yours

        1. @scholar, that’s the coolest comment I’ve had posted to me on this site so far. I’d be honoured to be that promoter for a day! You’ve got some imagination! Puts mine to shame! Thanks for the well wishes too, can’t wait to get home, out of this hospital gown and into a dry martini.

    1. i’m greedy, i went both ways. love guns…turned into a big Glockhead to my own surprise lol. and after ten years of hardcore drugs and alcoholic neglect i finally started getting my body back into shape. after about three months i finally got rid of the gut that’d been bothering me and i am starting to work on the upper body now and walking to work in the freezing cold, little endurance things…gonna take time to undo all the idiocy of my youth.

      i’m really interested in doing run-n-gun training drills up in the mountains like in the military. but i need to be carved out of wood by the summer.

    1. FUCK FUCK FUCK. I actually took the time to register for a fucking account just so I could tell people what idiots they were for thinking this was a “combat centre” or weightlifting accident…. This is one of those dumb trampoline rooms…. Ankle breaker of 25 yr old douchebags everywhere. Good observation, sir.

      1. So tell me I’m an idiot then. I thought he might be a wrestler. Since I’ve never heard of a trampoline room where you play sports while trampolining. And there was one pic to go on. Of an athletic guy, on a mat, with a meter of background visible. Anyway, i’ll go bang a stick off the ground and grunt loudly for a while.

  3. I’ve got to admit if I had such a creepy injury I wouldn’t want to look at it. I’ve never fainted before but there’s always a first time. I would however get hours of amusement looking at the pics once my foot was reattached.

  4. When I was 11, I played for the little league and I slid into home base and my cleat caught and tore a ligament in my right foot. That was painful but this looks like a cartwheel or possibly a basketball injury where he went for a rebound came down on someones foot than another person landed on top of his.

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