Man Shoots himself in the Foot with a Rifle

Bloody Entry Wound in the Top of His Foot

If you own a gun, which I’m quietly confident quite a few of you do, I’m sure you know a few ground rules about safe handling.

For example, don’t rest a loaded rifle on your foot with the safety off while in a moving vehicle on rough terrain. I know, it almost seems instinctual to not do that, but our friend here clearly needs to learn from experience.

From what I understand his weapon of choice was a .308 rifle. You will notice there is a lot of splitting of skin from the entry and exit wounds and a large blow out and tear in the side of his foot as well. Given the rifle was point blank, the muzzle gases probably created a high pressure cavity within his foot which mushed up everything inside, busting blood vessels, nerves, muscles and bones.

Judging by the images I would say that his foot is fucked and will need to come off. A shame, but I’d like to thank him for doing his bit to educate the masses on gun safety.

47 thoughts on “Man Shoots himself in the Foot with a Rifle”

  1. Oh man..this guy’s foots a mess…what a dumbass..who the fuck cleans their shit loaded first off??..ummm fucking Einstein here huh…….oh wow…too bad it was his foot and not his face…that would have been awesome…

  2. Holy fuck, this guy must have been an in-bread, hillbilly dumb ass of some sorts for sure to have blown his own foot off! He just lost all his guns for life now. But on the bright side, he will now be a part of next years SPECIAL OLYMPICS. Roll-on dude, Role-on !

  3. Look it’s a movable glory hole!!..lmao..I just want to put a glove on and shove a couple fingers in there and fingerfuck that gaping hole of his…all the while asking him how smart does he feel now…….bust..then ask if he learned his lesson and ask if he’ll ever do it again….this is why I quit nursing…too many retards and my razor tongue don’t mix well…

  4. My uncle recently shot a hole through the floor of his truck and ruptured the gas lines…

    We step out and we immediately smell the gas, what does this guy do? Uses his lighter to look around.
    We stopped him right quick before the whole thing exploded and took us all out but holy fucking shit I thought someone I shared blood with would be a fuck-ton smarter than that.
    He’s about 48 now, and with that in mind I’d say around 60-70 I’ll hear of him ending in some Darwin-award-worthy way.
    Was only about 5 years back he almost cut his thumb off with a table saw.

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