Man Is Stabbed in the Heart, Knife Pulsates with Heartbeat

Man Is Stabbed in the Heart, Knife Pulsates with Heartbeat

A stabbing victim is on an operating table with kitchen knife buried almost down to the hilt in his chest. The man is alive and strangely calm, despite the fact that the knife pulsates with each heartbeat. He was stabbed slightly to the left of the center of his chest, and only a hairline south of his nipples. This is very much where heart is located, although it’s possible that the blade only grazed it, or maybe is only touching it which causes the twitching.

Funny how whole video has almost relaxing feel to it. Not quite what you would expect when someone gets stabbed in the heart. Amazing. If the knife could strike a tune, it would be like watching a music box with handle being dancing Ballerina.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Man Is Stabbed in the Heart, Knife Pulsates with Heartbeat”

        1. Yes, @iwm, I would have loved to see how they removed it chest! Would like to know how they did it. Anyone have any ideas? I’m guessing they had to get an image of where exactly the knife was before proceeding, or pehaps they just opened him up while holding the handle steady…that knife was just dancing around. Also love the video awhile back of the man with exposed heart still beating inside his chest. Mesmerizing!

      1. The closest thing to heart squishing we’ll ever get is if I buy you a pair of evilly wicked heels, and beg you to walk on me with them. Otherwise, I don’t think you have anything to worry about, darlin’. 🙂

  1. Might be better just to leave it in there if the surgery is too risky. I’m sure he could live a very normal life despite it may looking a little funny. It may even come in handy at times…like being able to please two women at once.

    1. @senor,
      don’t mention metronomes, it seems like one of my neighbor’s kids has just got a piano today. They’ve been playing the same annoying ditty for hours now. won’t be long before I have a freak out.

  2. This is a pretty old video. I don’t know if it’s a repost but I’ve definitely seen this before I started coming here.

    Either way it’s the one video that makes me queezy just to think about. I do enjoy my beheadings though.

  3. Holy shit. That is so fucking gag-enducing, it makes me squirm just looking at it. And for me, the same can be said for spiders and anything that refers to the male anatomy … don’t ask why. LOL.

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