Man Sutures His Own Hand Injury Without Anesthesia

Man Sutures His Own Hand Injury Without Anesthesia

According to the info I got, this was filmed in Santiago de Chile, the capital city of Chile. The video shows a man autosuturing his injured hand. The man sutures his palm using your regular household needle, and does it with no anesthesia.

That’s some real life Rambo shit right there. Props to Best Gore member @Mortisingrata for the video:

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64 thoughts on “Man Sutures His Own Hand Injury Without Anesthesia”

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  1. Dumb ass looked like he was using a shoe string with a house hold needle! Damn butterfly bandaid would have worked just fine so i also believe he was mostly showing off for the girl filming! Owe well I’ve done worst things for a piece of pussy can’t really blame the guy until the infection sets in.

  2. He forgot to insert maggots first. The Field first aid survival manual stipulates at least 10 LIVE maggots per inch of skin flap. Omission of this vital step is why so many people lose their hand after such basic first aid. Senseless.

  3. Well i see that Chile is having a critical lack of doctors then… If someone were to actually fix their hand, they’d be using fucking staples instead… By using thread and needle youre just obviously showing off like an idiot.

    That music though… 😆

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