Man with Destroyed Face in Surgery

Man with Destroyed Face in Surgery

What’s up guys? Today is July 4th holiday for the Americans, so why not start things off with a bang? I believe this is from Brazil, but don’t quote me on that (you’d think I’d be fluent in Brazilian Portuguese by this point). I have no info on the man prior to the surgery so I’m guessing that this was a failed suicide attempt. You can see a hole under his chin so this looks like the work of the shotgun. I never understood how you could fail with a shotgun, but it does happen.

Either way, this man is in complete and utter agony. Listen to his gurgling, choking, gasps. You can hear the pain and even feel it if you dwell too long on that horrid mess. His life will never be the same.

Mad props to MrsPink.

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        1. Well, he’s not gonna be handsome enough after that to ever worry about how to eat pussy again! If he does actually get lucky or pays for some I guess he’ll have to eat it through a straw from now on just like everything else. “Side note”, I think that was his brain tissue we could see right in front there in the hole!!!

    1. Why do doctors put any effort into saving this guy? This guy tried to kill himself. If I was the doctor I would have finished him off instead of trying to keep him alive. He won’t be able to see, smell or taste ever again and he’ll be butt ugly.

  1. Reminds me of that case where two adolescents had listened to a heavy metal album and shot themselves, one died, the other survived but like him. Apparently sticking a gun under your chin isn’t fail safe as you have a reflex movement as you pull the trigger which moves your head back. Can’t remember the name of the band but it was a very famous heavy metal band and they had to appear in court to defend themselves against charges. There’s a documentary about it on youtube.

        1. @blayvier I’ve seen this before, its a flag for everyone.The fact that it contains aspects of all symbols of “Discrimination or Racism”.

          Swastika, Star of David, Pentagram, Gays, and Confederate Flag. So I’d say its only a joke.

          1. It’s a sarcastic attempt at offending as many people as possible with one image. It’s pretty much a goof on all the political correctness that seems to have replaced intelligence and common sense these days.

  2. I’d rather die than go through what this man is going through in this video. Maybe next time he will just piss some cops off and have them do it right for him. He has got be in a world of pain that’s not even imaginable…

  3. 3 of his senses wiped out, if i was him i would ask for a pen using hand signs and write; please put me out of my misery but before you do shoot me up with a bunch of heroin, also tell my wife i cheated on her with her mom so i can die in peace.

  4. That is gonna haunt me for a fucking age. What a terrible, desperate situation to be in. The audio of these types of videos can be far far worse than the visual aspect and this one proves that no end.

  5. He will make a fine football supporter with that big fucking mouth.

    He will now be able to eat a large pork pie whilst yelling obscenities at the rival team all at the same time thus saving him valuable getaway time for when the security make their move.

  6. Now why in the shit do I want to be rescued if I end up like this? This is why I feel that people doing the “saving” can be no more “selfish” than the one attempting suicide. I support euthanasia in cases like this.

    1. Hated “flinchers” as a EMT. Made a nasty-assed mess in the back of the ambulance, and a pile of paperwork. How the fuck you put a oxygen mask on that? If you are going to do that, look down and not up. Then the Medical Examiner’s office has to deal with the mess….

      1. I know exactly what you mean. Had to deal with several attempted suicides as a field medic but my time as an EMS only had two did an emergency tracheotomy on both since they both resembled this guy no mask big enough to cover the head….huh maybe someone should look into that for future flinchers be a hell of a lot easier than the trach. less paperwork too though not by much. As far as the mess was just part of the job.

    1. The proctologist had his patient prepared for examination…
      Then he exclaimed – “What a hole!… What a hole!…”
      The patient asked – “Did you have to say it twice?…”
      The doctor answered – “I didn’t… The second one was an echo…”

  7. I seriously want to take a flash light and get a good look inside the hole to see just how much is left. Wonder if he lived or not all well I’m sure the nurses had fun off camera poking around in there.

      1. Back at you sweetheart… πŸ˜‰
        My grandson says “hi”…
        I think he just took a shit on me…
        I’m now gonna give him back to my son so I can enjoy watching him retch as he changes his son’s diaper… LOL…

  8. they should do one of 2 things. since its the 4th of july put a stick of dynomite in his face and light it. Or 2, give up and place him on the sidewalk outside the front of the hospital next to the woman with magots on her brain!!!!!!;)~

  9. Happy 4th to all the Americans on this site! Do they still have those Red Devil fireworks that where mostly duds… I always went over the border to TJ to get the real shit! πŸ™‚

  10. Happy 4th July everyone πŸ™‚

    I am surprised the guy is still alive, he must have missed the vital parts of his face. I think he will survive but need lots of surgeries and lots of painkillers.

    On a side note; I have a question for you SOB’s. What is all this boo haa eith the confederate flag all about? The media gives many false answers, I want the truth!

      1. Yeah man that would make for interesting listening.

        Where are the dude’s eyes !?. Those old indestructible, water filled viewing organs, seem to have done one off his abominably deformed kipper. He’ll never have the chance to look at the face he left himself with, which is probably not such a bad thing really. Although he’s still far better looking than one ex Prime Minister’s wife I can think of !. πŸ˜›

  11. This is why you don’t try to kill yourself.
    Maybe have a friend…if you can call him that to assist.
    Or try the novel approach of pissing somebody off and then just waiting for it.
    Happy 4th you SOBs…don’t think you have to wait for it to get dark before you blow some shit up… safe though eh !!! πŸ˜‰

          1. Probably cut the shit out of yourself and then I’d have to save your life…imagine how we would both feel about that ?

  12. After all the gore you guys have seen do you not feel there is a point where the medical establishment goes too far? This guy wanted to die and if they somehow pull him through his life will be nothing but a living hell. To me the morally right thing to do would be to end his suffering and put him to sleep (barbiturates/morphine). I’m more afraid of end of life treatment than death itself. Anyone else feel that way?

    1. Its not that easy if medical personal would have ‘put him out of his misery’ it would be treated as murder unless he had a legal living will detailing the circumstances on which he would want to be taken off of life support. If he had one that stated he would like life support taken off if he were to be in a coma for ‘X’ amount of time medical personal would still haft to do everything they could to save his life since it did not state if he were to survive his face being blown off from a self inflicted shotgun blast.

      1. Hey amour, I know that’s the case because of our current laws but it is true that some fates are worse than death. In a case like this I doubt I could ever be thankful for having survived. I have a living will myself and hope they actually heed it in the case of an emergency.

        1. I know a few mangled in iraq who still wish they had died one so messed up he couldn’t really kill himself ,no arms,legs and other sever disfigurement he’ll be tended to 24hrs a day/night the rest of his life I feel for him and wish myself at times he had gotten his wish has absolutely no Independence no ‘life’ to look forward to really…. Hopefully you’ll never have need to utilize your living will hun.

          1. I’m so sorry about your friend’s plight, nobody should have to endure that. I’ve heard stories of people having to fight the legal system for months before they are granted their wish of being allowed to die, it just seems so backwards to me. Your last comment was sweet of you. I might need it as a year or so I overdosed on a drug and it’s been affecting my respiratory system since (at 26). On the bright side maybe ill be featured on BG one day πŸ˜€ ill be sure to buy a go-pro for you guys, give back to the community as such lol.

    2. They’re doctors, they shouldn’t have to make judgments like that, they have to try and save lives not try to work out who should and shouldn’t be saved. Honestly why would they want that responsibility, for all they know it could have been an accident?

      1. That’s exactly right. The decision to put someone out of their misery does not rest on the Doctors and it never should.
        Let the patients family, attorneys, insurance companies and such sort it out with God and let the Dr’s do their job.

      2. I agree 100% but there are times ‘advanced’ triage still comes into play believe me no matter how professional or disconnected you can make yourself when your put in the position to walk down a row of injured and dying people including children and you haft to decide which to use your resources on and which to ignore and let die. That kind of thing follows you and I really don’t want a ‘haunted’ doctor doing surgery on…

        1. I understand on a battlefield with limited resources a doctor might have to make a choice. Someone who is clearly going to die or someone who can be helped. This isn’t a battlefield, this is a hospital.

          1. Advanced triage is used mostly in large natural disasters such as hati tsunami don’t see it to often on the field these days. I was just stating its bad enough of the ones trained for it and I’m in agreement with @nutsnack that hospital doctors don’t need to be put in a position to make this decisions in response to the many people saying the doctor should just OD him or something.

  13. there was one time if i’m not mistaken of a man that had cancer on his face basically had to carve it out surgically and ended up healed with a gaping hole on his face similar to this..but he strives to live with it and actually made an prosthesis of a face mask. However this fool wanted to end his life if he makes then he might try it again chances that his life is really ruined probably had no value from the beginning!

  14. now he can’t even attempt to aim better for a next shot. maybe he has lost forever hearing, sight, taste, capabilities of drink and eat, the nose is gone, he will look like WW1 wound picture you find in google, a “sans vie” man, with 1million more reason to suicide.

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